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  1. At best, the Sabres are in the early stages of the kind of rebuild the Bills experienced. I get that early vibe, The level of competence that hasn't been there for a while . I'd like to think they make the playoffs this year. That shouldn't be too crazy of a goal
  2. Here's a little something from Live Stock:
  3. Rockplaast is AWESOME! And it just reminded me, if another live album yet to be mentioned. Roy Buchanan, Live Stock! Here's a Rockpalast sample, not one from Live Stock:
  4. Pretty good venue. Sound can be iffy depending on where you are sitting. I try to sit close to the sound board. But it's hard to find a better audience. Very appreciative! I've also seen him twice. Both times at the St Augustine Amphitheater. In his 80s and awesome.
  5. Not to mention there's a possibility it isn't for anyone he even knows. Perhaps a disabled fan who really wanted an Evans autograph, for example. It looks like two officials running to Evans, one handing something to the other, before Evans signs. Like could be on a mission for someone. One can simply assume the worst, or think of possibilities that put the action in a better light. The point is, we really have no idea at the moment. It looks like two officials running to Evans, one handing something to the other, before Evans signs. Maybe just wait for the explanation before damming him for abusing his contact with the player for any personal gain. If that turns out to be the case, then by all means bash the guy. Now, if you want to say it was handled poorly, potential bad optics, that's fair, IMO. I'm guessing there was a better way/time/place to go about that. But understand, bad optics aren't nearly as bad as bad actions. It would behoove the league to issue a statement ASAP to address this, IMO.
  6. He just forgot to sign his scorecard. Pretty obvious. 😜 Honestly I don't think it's a big deal. But you'd think he would wait until later to get it in a more private place. It is a bad look, IMO.
  7. I would have LOVED for the Bills to draft Breece. But he was LONG gone by the time I would have made that move.
  8. Excellent tip. Thanks. I plan to hit TB Downs at some point, so may turn it into a weekend and catch the Bills somewhere out there.
  9. Ever been to the Buffalo City Bar and Grill in St Pete? I was there several years ago and had a good time. Do you know if it is still there/good?
  10. I can't say I'm 100% behind the STFU part, you are right about PLAY FOOTBALL. I have no real issue with a player not being happy with how they are used. And if they aren't getting any playing time, the should be upset. Tell the coach if you must. But in the meantime, PLAY FOOTBALL. That's your best path to more playing time, getting traded, etc. IMO
  11. They are starting to look like a competently run organization. Something I haven't thought for quite a few years.
  12. Played for the Bills for a year, maybe. And he wasn't 88 or 98 (whatever Goat's icon is wearing). So I'm thinking he is busting our chops.
  13. I do feel bad for Breece. He was fun to watch, even if he was a Jest. And this isn't going to help my fantasy team. Fortunately he contributed to my win this week before leaving the game.
  14. Can't believe I forgot this: Too Late to Stop Now, Van Morrison I'd also consider A Night in San Francisco. But I'm biased as I was at one of the two shows they recorded for that album.
  15. Great choice. Haven't heard this one is quite some time.
  16. I have seen them twice on the same tour only once, I think. Of course the songs sound remarkably similar, from show to show, but the solos are improvised and vary. If you are paying close attention you can hear that. I think of SD the way I think of Duke Ellington. Solo improvisations inside of tight compositions. And here, "compositions" is the key word, I think. You might notice band stands, with the music sheets on them, for many in the band. They aren't just freelancing a "tune" or doing a jamband thing. Too many complicated chord/time signature changes in the music. They aren't as locked in as a symphony orchestra, but far more than a garage band. Their biggest influences are jazz and old school R&B. Duke Ellington meets Ray Charles. Gotta have a great rhythm section that can play funk. I'd have mentioned Snarky Puppy's live in the studio albums, but I didn't think that was really in the spirit of this discussion. But still:
  17. Bootlegs tend to have poor sonic quality, no doubt. It's to be expected, IMO. Some more tolerable than others. Especially if there is something a little different/extra/special in the performance But I have to say, if the band isn't tight, then I probably won't be a big fan. Then again, I'm not a big fan of bands that aren't tight live in person, or on recordings. And just to be clear, a group like The Band, was what I'd call "loosely tight". It sounds loose, but the musicianship is as tight as can be. Gotta have a good rhythm section. While not heavy on my current playlist, I do still love the first three BOC albums. The 4th is OK for me too. After that, no thanks. Though there may be some later albums I haven't heard.
  18. Where did you get the idea I wanted the live album to sound like the studio versions? I never said that and certainly didn't mean to imply it. I didn't like the BOC album because it was SLOPPY. The sound wasn't all that great, either. They were far better in actual concert, back then., IMO. Horrible take, IMO. Listen to the two new Live recordings from the 2019 tour (post Becker, RIP). They are very good, and most of the cuts don't sound like the studio versions to me. Different arrangements, different solos, etc. Fagen has even scolded a player or two for playing note-for-note solos from the recordings. Some of their "hits" have been completely rearranged for the live band. Here's just one example: But I do expect QUALITY musicianship and a tight band. And overall good sonic presentation. I would expect, if this version was released on an official live album, the sound would be (should be) far superior
  19. No kidding? That's pretty f'ed up. Most every other provider has an option to add it. I guess DTV is just trying to force the Sunday Ticket on subscribers who want to get the RZ. Thanks for the info.
  20. What I'm saying is, you can get the RedZone, without getting the Ticket, on most systems. Perhaps your DirectTV package already comes with RedZone. Do you get the NFL Network?
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