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  1. There is no way Mayfield WON'T be better than Tyrod! Tyrod was easily one of the worst three starters in the league last year! We would have beat Jacksonville in playoffs had we had even close to average quarterback play! I thank god everyday we don't have to see him in a Bills uniform ever again!
  2. harv shitz

    WGR Hosts Scared Of On-Air Confrontation

    Chuck Dickerson's show was way better than any, ANY, of the bumbling idiots on there now! Basically, the only WGR personality that has any listening value is Sal, or Chris Brown when he is on. Murph is too much a homer, Howard and Jeremy are annoying as hell, and Schopp is a pompous A-Hole. I long for the days of "The Coach," and Bob Gaughan and the guys in the morning.
  3. harv shitz

    Phins are hot for Mayfield

    God, I hope so! This kid is by far the best in the draft.
  4. harv shitz

    NFL Sunday Ticket Price Increase for 2018

    Please share how to do that? I'm tired of the expense, had the ticket for about 15 years, strongly thinking of bagging it. Thank you