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  1. NFL Sunday Ticket Price Increase for 2018

    Please share how to do that? I'm tired of the expense, had the ticket for about 15 years, strongly thinking of bagging it. Thank you
  2. Another in a litany of blown, wasted picks, by Whaley, and his mentor, Buddy F-ing Nix! Nix passed on Russel Wilson, because, and I quote him addressing me on WGR, "we thought he was too short, and besides, we had Ryan, and he was our guy." Just be glad the idiocy at One Bills Drive is gone, and we have real football minds in control.
  3. Josh Rosen has "Bust" written ALL over him.

    Have you watched him play? He looked pretty damn good everytime I saw him. Who do you like better?
  4. Josh Rosen has "Bust" written ALL over him.

    I think Mayfield has to be the pick. Fiery Leader Accountable Winner Uncanny Accuracy This is the guy, I'm sure of it.
  5. That's like saying lung cancer is better than brain cancer.
  6. Post-Combine QB Poll

    And Rudolph gives me Tyrod flashbacks.
  7. If the OC is Bevell I see 2 Things.....

    I don't care what they do, who they hire, I want nothing to do with Taylor returning to this team! The single strength he may have is the ability to run, which he rarely does anymore. And some of you think he would be a good mentor for a young quarterback? You can't be serious? You want him teaching all of his bad habits (hold ball too long, don't go through progressions, don't throw down middle, check down 99% of the time, refuse to throw a guy open) to a new guy? He has no business coming back to this team. His stats speak for themselves, and I know, I know, he doesn't turn it over. BFD. He doesn't do anything else with it, either.
  8. Could we change uniforms?

    I like the white helmets so much better than the red ones, and the blue pants with white jerseys. Those blue uniforms when Bledsoe was here were god awful. I vote for no change.
  9. Fact: TT has led us to Jacksonville tomorrow

    If you watched TT yesterday, and STILL think he can play at this level, you are seriously dilusional! That was as bad as it gets! 3 points? 3 FREAKING POINTS!? And to think he audibled out of a run on first and goal from the one? He will be lucky to ever see the field in the NFL again. Good riddance, TT, you never should have been brought back after last year!
  10. Fact: TT has led us to Jacksonville tomorrow

    totally agree.
  11. Fact: TT has led us to Jacksonville tomorrow

    What are you saying?
  12. Fact: TT has led us to Jacksonville tomorrow

    You couldn't be more accurate, Redneck.
  13. Fact: TT has led us to Jacksonville tomorrow

    Why are you pitting the two against each other? Peterman made two critical throws in the snow that TT wouldn't have even considered. And, ponder this: Had the Dolphins cashed in on the final drive and won last week, the four points TT left on the field missing a wide open O'Leary would have been the difference. I don't see how some of you morons think he is a good quarterback. He misses way too many plays. And, I know, I know, he doesn't turn it over. I wouldn't turn it over, either, if I only threw it if a guys was open by 20 yards.
  14. Fact: TT has led us to Jacksonville tomorrow

    Yes, his 140 ypg passing paved the way! We didn't get there because of him, we got there in SPITE of him! Get off the rookies, ass, by the way, you have no idea what he is capable of! If you think TT is gonna get you anywhere, you know nothing of what you are watching.
  15. The End of the Nathan Peterman Era...

    Or cut...........