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  1. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/buffalo-bills/ Other than Groy, I don't care if they let everyone on this list go. John Miller has proven he isn't an NFL caliber player, should be able to easily replace him.
  2. harv shitz

    How Much Pressure Was Doug Whaley Under To Win?

    I remember hearing an interview with Ralph, who commented, I am paraphrasing a bit, "the problem with other guys, I didn't know any of them, and Russ didn't know them either." That's how Nix ended up in the job. Brilliance. Hiring Marv as GM was just as bad.......
  3. harv shitz

    How Much Pressure Was Doug Whaley Under To Win?

    You wonder where the team would be had they not hired Nix, who I always felt was a bumbling bafoon. It's been discusses here adnaseum here, but his miss on Russel Wilson really set the team back. And to pass on a high rated quarterback, and take a wide receiver is simply ludicrous. But, "Ryan is our guy." Just typing this pisses me off. Nix and Whaley both sucked.
  4. harv shitz

    How Much Pressure Was Doug Whaley Under To Win?

    I think he was a horrible hire, going right along with his pal Buddy Nix. I couldn't stand either of the two, they were both very pompous, in my opinion. Sure, Whaley made some good moves, but, most of on here could have done the same. His misses hurt more than his hits helped the team, and the Watkins trade will go down as one of the worst trades in league history. Glad he's gone, we were never going to win with him. And, the mess he made of the salary cap tells you all you need to know.
  5. Wow. No wonder he signed! I wish he had worked out better than he did. But, no quarterback to get him the ball
  6. I remember the Cousineau pick, and him never signing, but never knew about the failures that went with it. Interesting.
  7. I kinda lump he and Buddy in together, as they were two peas in a pod. I barely remember Barber, was still pretty young during his tenure.
  8. Great point. At least he never traded a #1 and then used two #1's on a very over rated receiver.
  9. harv shitz

    Mic'd Up: Josh Allen vs. the Lions

    I can't get it to play......
  10. Yes, his 16th overall pick of E.J. Manuel backs up that theory.