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  1. This kid has every single intangible that you would hope for in a quarterback: Size Strength Great arm Mobility Strong football acumen Burning desire to win, sacrifice all to get it done. We honestly haven't had much of these attributes since Kelly left. Allen is so much more of a quarterback than we have seen in years. To compare Taylor to him is simply laughable, and insulting to the kid. I saw one of the ESPN idiots comment this morning that "Buffalo wishes they had Taylor to tutor Allen." Yes, I'm certain.
  2. harv shitz

    Schopp and Sal going at it hard on wgr

    He is an arrogant douche. And his voice is annoying, also. There is never a reason to talk down the way he does to the very people that are responsible for him having a job.
  3. harv shitz

    Schopp and Sal going at it hard on wgr

    Schopp is an annoying, arrogant, !@#$, and always has been. I used to call in from time to time, but he treats callers like garbage. If he talked to me in person like he does to people on the air, I would knock him out where he stood. Sal is a much better reporter, call host, person. F Schopp, and the Bulldog too.
  4. harv shitz

    Bills Mafia Does Road Rage

    Kinda what I was thinking!
  5. harv shitz

    Jerry Sullivan

    He and Bucky were both negative, at times, but, they had reason to be. How do you write positive stories about teams that continually suck, and make horrible draft choices and FA signees?
  6. harv shitz

    Jerry Sullivan

    Thanks. I don't live in Buffalo, and don't see the BN that often. I actually liked most of his work, albeit a lot was controversial.
  7. harv shitz

    Jerry Sullivan

    This may be a dumb question, but is Jerry Sullivan still writing for the Buffalo News? Haven't seen any of his work lately, and he wasn't on Channel 2 this morning, either. Just curious, thanks for any info.
  8. harv shitz

    O Line help

    what are the chances that we may find one or two decent lineman who get cut, and they can come in and help us?
  9. harv shitz

    Hats off to A.J.

    Hell ya! All day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. harv shitz

    New Helmet Rule & Changes to Kickoffs Adopted

    I've said for years that the league would end as we know it with Goodell in control. I see nothing to prove me wrong yet..............
  11. I wasn't even aware of this program. Thank you for sharing!
  12. harv shitz

    Ever done a Bills game solo?

    I went to a game solo years ago, when Flutie beat the Jags with the bootleg run. We live in northern pa, and the other half at the time was attending a trade show in the Falls for the weekend. We drove up Saturday morning, and I left Sunday morning to go to game, and she hitched back with co-workers. I had no problem doing it alone, lots of people there for the same reason as you to converse with, drink beer, have fun, and watch the game. I would go alone again if necessary.
  13. Agreed. It's a shame, however, as he was a great player, when he wasn't being disruptive. I bet he lives a very miserable, lonely, life. I doubt he's much fun to be around on a regular basis. Very sad.........
  14. He really made himself look like a selfish, crybaby !@#$ not going to the ceremony.
  15. harv shitz

    Who is Brad Riter and Why Did He Leave WGR?

    What ever happened to Bob Gaughan? I miss him on the air.