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  1. westside

    Sessions Resigns as AG

    You mad bro?
  2. Not like this. How many threads have been started about him? You seem like the type who is a complete failure living in mom's basement. Would explain your anger issues.
  3. I still don't understand the reason to act like that. It's just a game. It really opened my eyes. Some of the posters I had respect for. Not so sure anymore.
  4. One thing Peterman did, he brought out the ****heads in TBD. I never understood the hatred against him. It's just a game. There are a few posters I would never want to meet, just because of the vile hatred they displayed against someone they don't even know!
  5. westside

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets second half thread

    So you're saying we still have a chance?
  6. westside

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets second half thread

    You can always root for the Jets? At least for this week.
  7. westside

    LAMP: .DC Stuff

    Spend a day with politicians and lobbyists? I'd rather watch Peterman start the next 8 games.😕
  8. 56 yards, 3 interceptions 2 fumbles and 4 sacks.
  9. Says the guy who sees racists everywhere.
  10. You're more embarrassing to us on PPP.
  11. westside

    The Thread For Greg's Stashes

    That f'n sucks. I hope she has good insurance policy
  12. She'd have to get in line behind Hillary and Barry.
  13. westside

    Any comments on Wyatt Teller's first playing time?

    I didn't realize he was playing. When was he put in and for how long?