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  1. I'm replying to tibs. So I have talk to him like you would a 2 year old. Was Mueller conspiring with the Russians as well? After two years and thousands of information collected, he didn't find any collusion? He came out and said no collusion. Do you know something Mueller doesn't know?
  2. Lol Whatever. Hypocrite I don't remember you calling for HC to be arrested when she used her private email account.
  3. Now Trump is really going down!!! This is the bombshell that will destroy him!!!! Stop being a f'n hypocrite
  4. You're right. Half the DNC will probably either serving prison time or kicked out of Gov't by 2020.
  5. What's the next target when no obstruction is found? Why don't you hold the left to the same standard as you do President Trump?
  6. Had to go through years of therapy after his mom painted over his booger collection.
  7. Get some help, TDS is bad in you. Does the laundromat have psychological treatments under its healthcare plan? It does have healthcare right?
  8. I would never do that!!!👍 I enjoy trash talking with you. Lol 😁
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