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  1. Bass was only 20 of 28 (71.4%) last season, with a long of 49.
  2. I'm ok with the player, however I think with Hughes, Addison, Murphy and Epenesa they likely aren't looking to add to that position group.
  3. Could add a streaming option for Sunday Ticket. Or some other non-DTV option for Sunday Ticket.
  4. They carried Lorenzo Alexander as an LB who played half his time as a pass rusher, so in my opinion it's not out of the question to carry 9. It may cost an LB, but Klein's position flexibility could help with that.
  5. CBD

    Dimarco PT

    15.53% of offensive snaps. 37.68% of specs snaps https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/D/DiMaPa00/fantasy/2019
  6. 1999 is what I was thinking as well: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/buf/1999.htm
  7. https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2020/4/26/21237260/2020-nfl-draft-brandon-beane-transcript-from-day-2-aj-epenesa
  8. Dead money from Gronk's contract would have been on their cap last season
  9. I think any disagreements and questions on players should be answered prior to the draft. They’ve set a board, I wonder how much communication goes on with scouts etc in a normal year.
  10. Couple of things i'm interested in: Trade calls, communications are typically done by individuals other than Beane, and how they will organize that information via zoom interests me. I imagine they may have multiple zoom rooms, perhaps in prioritized groups. I heard the Schefter interview with Dimitroff. His main meeting will only have 5 individuals. And perhaps one of those 5 will be charged with any necessary discussions with scouts etc. in a separate chat? Their actual draft board. It's typically a large magenetic or touch screen on the wall. They'll have to use a live google doc or something like that to refresh and update the board after every pick I assume.
  11. I was thinking a 6th, similar to Jordan Howard. As long as his fit in the locker room is ok (they'd have this intel from their RB coach), I think he's a perfect fit for what they'd be looking for. They've always carried a bigger short yardage back (Tolbert, Ivory, Gore).
  12. I think Zack Moss is the best compliment to Singletary, I think the Bills will want a larger short yardage back. I think Edwards-Helaire is the best RB in the draft, but has similar style to Singletary.
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