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  1. Its September fellas, Sept and Oct are about W and learning how to win. No what you have and where to build. Its a long season and its great to be off to a 2-0 start, but we have seen this many times before.
  2. Its like watching the game live. I tend to follow the secondary to see if it looks like a run or a pass. I really like it. However, if you are use to watching the majority of the games on TV, its a big adjustment. I hope it sticks
  3. ???? Good for him, at 78 he could be in a nursing home with S@#t in his pants
  4. Tasker. Kyle or Eric Wood!!
  5. Sadly the Bills are a scandal, heart attack or tragic accident away from being back on the "auction block". We were very fortunate/lucky when the team was sold to the Pegula's. The only long term anchor is a new stadium. I agree downtown would be a great investment into the city, but I am okay with Orchard Park as well. Call me selfish, but all I want is a stadium up to today's NFL standards that can sustain the Bills for the next 50+ years in Western NY.
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