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  1. Just WIN......Beat the Jets & the Fish twice, split NE and go 5 and 6 for the balance of the schedule and the division should be ours. Easier said than done and the Jets will be better. but its a tough schedule for everyone! GO BILLS Finally, to be the best, beat the best!
  2. Are the owners greedy, YES, is it a monopoly, YES. But if you love the Bills and want them in Buffalo for the next 50 years for your kids and your kids/kids then they need a new modern home. Significant rebuild of NEF of a DT stadium is the only way to ensure they are where they are meant to be. And it does not matter what any of us want, we don't own the asset, we did not spend over $1B to buy the team. This is the reality of the NFL and business in general.
  3. $375m upgrade investment about 10 years ago. That is also an option for the Bills. But major dollars need to be spent
  4. We may not like it, but the only way to ensure the Bills are here or the next 50 years is a new stadium or massive renovations to New Ear Field, like those in GB or KC. If a deal is done this year, next year or 5 years it does not matter, it just needs to be done.
  5. Cause soccer was already taken 😎 PS can't really believe I am responding to this
  6. 2 time SB MVP. Brought Giants back twice while down in the 4th Q in each game Only team/QB to stop NE during its peak years 7th all-time yards Probably the best QB in NYG history, one of the most storied franchise in NFL history Was he perfect no, but based on the above stats, I don't think there is not much to argue about
  7. My guess for what its worth, he ends up in Indy. It will be great to watch him behind an average OL. NE never gets enough credit how great their OL always is. Will love to watch him get slapped around.
  8. How the hell does the "Saint" still have a job. Terrible coach, worse human. He would send his mother to the Taliban for 50cents
  9. VT DC Bud Foster retired. It this a step to be the Hokies DC?
  10. During the National Anthem I sing "And the home of BILLS". Been doing it for 40 years. I just don't do it at the Bills game. I do it when every I hear the National Anthem, this included my kids sporting events, school assemblies, I mean everywhere 100% of the time.
  11. If it comes down to week 17, it will be Miami's Super Bowl. No one thought they would win a game. They have played well all things considered. They will be highly motivated to beat the cheaters
  12. Sure, lets start the back up QB, let him have a stellar game and then start the wild card game
  13. Also, routing for the Ravens today, sounds odd, but really don't want the Pats with the # 1 seed. Does this make sense?
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