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  1. 1973, it was the magical trifecta. Rich Stadium was a new jewel, OJ ran wild and the NFL lifted the local blackout rule if the game sold out 72 hours before kick-off. So all of the games were on TV. Growing up in Toronto during that period, we really just watched the CFL. But seeing that new stadium drew me in and I watched every game. The next year a friend parents took us to Bills vs Miami, Bills lost, but I was hooked. Been a die hard ever since.
  2. While completely incensed is a bit of an overkill, I must say, yesterday's officiating was the worse I have seen all season. The call on Knox was terrible and I think really changed the outcome of the game. Singletary's penalty was pure BS. I never blame the refs when we loss, even after the Houston playoff loss. Only the losers blame the ref and good teams don't let the refs control the outcome. That said, yesterday's strip performance was a D- Go Bills
  3. Frank Reich takes a knee on January, 20th 1991. Bills beat the Raiders 51-3 and are headed to their first Super Bowl. I ran out of the stadium crying, jumping, dancing and spinning. It was a long drive back to NJ and I felt like it only took a few hours. Nothing will ever compare until we finally win one!
  4. OJ '73 2,003 yards. Rich Stadium was a brand new jewel. The next year I had family friends take us from Toronto to Buffalo for Miami vs Bills. Hooked for life
  5. This clearly makes sense, I have always thought that the playoff (Minus LA-NO) game and especially the Super Bowl are much better games because of the lack of yellow flags. If it's a clear cut penalty it should be called, but no one ever went to a game to watch the refs.
  6. I never understood why the NFL does not mandate that all players wear knee braces. I know they say its speed and the ability to cut, but if all the players had braces it would be an equalizer. Perhaps a more modified brace for the skilled positions. If they made it a mandate the technology would evolve.
  7. Why would you want Nate to throw the ball when you know its just going to the defense?
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