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  1. Nope, 10 minute quarter. No sudden death. Then extra points starting from 45 yards and going back until a team misses it. It more fare, exciting and less chance for injury
  2. I am good with it, we need to develop our own talent. We have a ton of young players and can only get better, we hope, with time. We are much better than we were, but ideally, not as good as were we are going to be!
  3. Our defense has been really solid and progressing nicely. We seem to be getting more sacks and turnovers as the year progresses. Turnovers that have turned games around. The next step, to be a dominate defense, is defensive scores. Lets hope this starts to happen in the 2nd half of the season. Go Bills
  4. Nope, too many moving parts and they are just coming together. We literlly have 9 new players on offense and 4 new starters on the offense line. It can take years to build solid chemistry. That said, I think we will start to see significant improvement in November and peak performance in December injuries pending of course. It you follow the NE model. Sept/Oct (wins) Nov (know who you are) Dec (peak and get on a run)
  5. Josh is too driven and too tough to let that concussion ruin him. The one on Trent was a brutal hit from the blind side while in the pocket. I am sure he heard footsteps after that as captain check down emerged.
  6. Happy and nervous. Happy- our defense played light out yesterday. Outside of 3 players, the offense is brand new and will only get better unless we get the injury bug. Nervous- because my heart has been ripped out in the past, stomped on and thrown into the bay as fish chum.
  7. When you consider that 66% of the starters on offensive where not on the team last year, their start is pretty impressive. Long way to go, but they should continue to jell as the season progresses.
  8. Its September fellas, Sept and Oct are about W and learning how to win. No what you have and where to build. Its a long season and its great to be off to a 2-0 start, but we have seen this many times before.
  9. Its like watching the game live. I tend to follow the secondary to see if it looks like a run or a pass. I really like it. However, if you are use to watching the majority of the games on TV, its a big adjustment. I hope it sticks
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