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  1. No idea but Deshaun Watson is not real high on my guess list.
  2. I thought he was a WR at Tennessee (Could be wrong). Did he workout or eat his way to a position change?
  3. Do we have the two shortest tandem of backs in the league or the two slowest----->or BOTH?😟
  4. I want to see the video to see if he actually completed the clap.
  5. I haven't read any of the comments but I said last playoffs that we were a Najee Harris away from being almost unstoppable. Doubt we get him but we need SOMEONE to get the first, other than #17
  6. Probably says that to 31 other teams, if asked. Just rewatched Clemson and Alabama games. Uhhh, he really looks like nothing special to me. He was actually playing against future pro players in that one. But, admittedly, That is the only games I have looked at. Seems too small for a LB against the run and (maybe it was the Irish scheme) nothing special in coverage.
  7. curious what incentives a punter would get. Pro Bowl, be top 5 in the league in net or something else. Just curious with WAY too much time on my hands.
  8. We are a Najee Harris away from being almost unstoppable
  9. It's okay for us to be "NOT concentrating" completely on the game Saturday. Just need the players to be focused. Too much still to play for. As long as the altitude and bad refs' calls don't play a factor, Bills should win.
  10. do we know the bills uni's for Saturday ? I may be in a hospital bed but will be able to watch the game on phone
  11. Got to focus and possibly get the #2 seed. could mean two home playoff games
  12. Out here in SoCal, K. Johnson, the former Cowboy and Jets WR seems to really despise the Bills. We'll see what he has to say this morning
  13. Great game and many of the mistakes were caused by the team on the other side. Josh still makes some strange decisions with the ball but no one has a stronger arm or greater desire to win. I've probably been his biggest critic on this site, but I am glad I've made a fool of myself and have been proven to be off on my criticisms. Great team win
  14. Did someone slip or just a coverage breakdown ?My only "working " eye couldn't tell
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