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  1. Man I wish we had a shot at Fairley, maybe we'll get lucky and his stock will drop a bit. I am nervous about both Bowers and Dareus - neither of them has impressed me in the regular season games I saw, and I heard the same of their bowl performances. I do know that I would absolutely be furious if we took Gabbert, Peterson, or Green. Chan said "we kinda have a log jam at the position [wide receivers]," which I agree with, so I doubt the pick is Green. Gabbert is just awful - honestly, look at him when he is pressured AT ALL. And peterson is a pick we can't afford to make. I wish there was another DT I was confident about in our draft range. (I should note that I'd rather have dareus over bowers, though)
  2. Oh how I hope that Gabbert is gone before we can make the mistake of drafting him. He has got to be the biggest case of media created hype I've seen in a long time.
  3. I'm on the fence about Newton, let's see what happens tonight. His body of work this year has been incredibly impressive...
  4. hypehypehypehype (I know none of us actually know how prospects will pan out until they play, but I cannot stand gabbert as a prospect)
  5. Every year there are prospects that I like and dislike, and then there is the one that I absolutely don't want any part of. This turns into me watching the Bills pick while thinking "anyone but ___, anyone but ____." Drafting Gabbert would be a horrible decision. I was thinking Chan was talking about Newton or Mallett. Ahh, the wait until draft day. He could also be putting out a smokescreen trying to lure a team into trading up. (or at least I can dream)
  6. Agreed. I trading down would be nice, but I don't see it happening.
  7. I was wavering on Mallett until I watched some of his interviews. I do not want Mallett on the Bills.
  8. Gabbert is all hype. Gimme Enderle in the 3r or 4th, or Stanzi in the later rounds.
  9. I'm glad they put Collie on IR, hope he stays away from more concussions over his career
  10. It's now on espn: http://sports.espn.go.com/new-york/nfl/news/story?id=5946852
  11. Costanzo... What are you too cool to sing?? And stevie too, c'mon. Moats and Levitre remain awesome.
  12. +1 with one modification: OLB, ILB, OT, in any order over our first three picks.
  13. But you guys, we've got a kicking game that strikes fear into our opponents!
  14. This thread is getting pretty funny. Either you think Spiller will pan out or he wont. I think he'll turn out to be a stellar player.
  15. I think Spiller will be a star for us, but I agree with the above statement. Also, as aforementioned, the Pats* have an incredible OLine.
  16. ...I think this is a big deal . However, it is possible that some team may try to trade for him and offer something that many of us would deem "worth it," in return. I don't see that as likely, though.
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