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  1. She testified that she met players at Marriott Harbor Center, which is only four years old. So conceivably, if she was meeting active players at the time, those players could still be on the team.
  2. I hope so. I also think that most of the Giants passes were quick-hitters, which may account for the stats showing minimal pressure from the Cowboys. Given the Giants lack of wide receivers and the strength of our D, I expect we will see more of the same on Sunday.
  3. Sterling Shepard in concussion protocol. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/09/11/giants-bringing-back-wideout-t-j-jones/
  4. The article was updated at 4:57 - Sheppard is now in the concussion protocol.
  5. Having Mosley and Williams out certainly would not help their cause. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/09/09/jets-dont-expect-c-j-mosley-quinnen-williams-to-practice-wednesday/
  6. The NFL Network reported that the Giants defense registered only one quarterback pressure against the Cowboys this week.
  7. The flag was thrown after JA released the pass. The pass is intercepted before the flag hits the ground. So JA did not know there was a penalty when he threw the pass.
  8. It stinks he’s on the Pats, obviously. That being said, I wish he were active for the Steelers game. That would have made for some good opening-week action.
  9. When using the college streaming option can you start the games on a delay or otherwise “record” them and watch them from the beginning at a later time? Thanks.
  10. September 12, 1982 Bills v Chiefs Bills won 14-9 on a sweltering afternoon. Jimmy Connors won the US Open the same day and I remember watching part of it on a small portable television in a parking lot at Rich. I went to an earlier Bills home game in ‘80 or ‘81 but I can’t recall the date.
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