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  1. The first 25 minutes are slow and uninteresting. Does it get better?
  2. Man, if only we hadn’t traded away our 2005 first round pick to move up to get JP Losman in 2004, we could’ve drafted Aaron Rodgers. Then we would never have been in a position to move back in the 2017 draft and thus never been subjected to this interminable conversation about not taking Mahomes. Damn you, Tom Donahoe!!!
  3. In light of the 6 “home games” we previously played in Toronto, we should not have to play “at home” in London until the 2040s.
  4. Singletary was very much the “workhorse” in college. He led the NCAA in 2017 with 301 carries and was 7th his senior year with 261 carries. The NFL is obviously different than college, but Singletary’s history of being a featured back who gets many touches each game is consistent with other backs in the NFL who are considered “workhorses.”
  5. Ford’s block is typical on screens and sweeps, where offensive lineman try to seal inside defenders from getting outside to make a play. It was not an illegal block. It’s extraordinary that a ref would make that call in such a pivotal situation.
  6. Wrong. It was a straight up block. Terrible call.
  7. It would be our first AFC East title since 1995 and our first home playoff game since 1996. I think it would be a very big deal to end both of those very long droughts.
  8. I like the poster who first identifies that the Patriots board was mentioned here and then concludes that we are “obsessed” with them for looking at their board; yet fails to see that he only noticed this by doing the exact same thing: watching our board.
  9. This is not a straw man argument for two reasons. First, the obvious point I was making is that it was ridiculous for Eager to argue that Brown is having an incredible year despite the play of Allen because Brown relies on Allen. That is what Eager’s quote was about and that is what I responded to. Whether Eager actually thinks Allen is “terrible” or just “not good” is inconsequential to the point. Secondly, it was at most a slight exaggeration saying that Eager maintains that Allen is “terrible.” Eager’s comment certainly suggests that Allen is not good, if not “terrible”. A exaggeration is not a straw man argument. If anyone is making a straw man argument here it is you for focusing on the word “terrible.” Learn your fallacies bud. Seriously, how can Brown be having a banner year without Allen also playing well? Brown only puts up good numbers if the QB gets him the ball, right?
  10. The point is simply that if Brown is having his best season, it is ridiculous to suggest that it is “despite the QB situation.” Obviously, a wide receiver can only be successful if the quarterback passing to him is also successful in doing so. That PFF quote from Eager that I referenced doesn’t even mention Hodges, but focuses on Allen and Brown, so your “straw man argument” suggestion is wrong.
  11. Interesting logic here, WR John Brown is one of the “best free agent signings” this year and is having the statistically top season of his career but somehow the guy throwing him the ball is terrible.
  12. I think Roberts has been fairly effective this season. He has had several decent kickoff returns. However, blocking by the return team today was really poor and gave Roberts almost no chance to make a play.
  13. When an offense signals that they are going to kneel the ball at the end of a half or game, the defense understands that they should not hit the offensive linemen. This is to avoid injury. The Ravens faking a kneel down was an incredibly cheap move because it undercut a league-wide understanding that a defense should take a passive stance when an opposing offense takes a knee to run out the clock. Harbaugh has no respect for the game for pulling that type of crap.
  14. Thanks for acknowledging that it is rational to judge a team over the course of a season rather than one game. If we score on 3rd and goal against NE in the 4th quarter, everyone is thinking we are one of the best teams in the league. That would be clearly inaccurate given our performance in the subsequent games. But there is half the season left at this point, and I think it would be silly to want to fire or “put a stake” through McDermott if they lose today. I agree with you that this would be a deveststing loss, and we would certainly be underdogs against Dallas and Baltimore, but I’m willing to at least let the rest of the season play out before reaching a final judgment on McDermott.
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