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  1. I played 4 years of high school football in the 80s-90s, both offense and defense (and sometimes special teams). I'm not sure that the experience gives me any special insight into the game today, probably not. But while I was playing I certainly learned about and took interest in aspects of the game that I would not have otherwise cared much about had I not been playing. I have concerns about kids playing today given all the neurological studies, but playing on a high school team was really a good experience for me.
  2. It reminded me of the concussion that Joe Montana had in the 1990 NFC championship after getting crushed from behind by Leonard Marshall. Montana's legs were like jello as he walked off the field (with help).
  3. I initially thought it was dumb, but it's taken on its own meaning over time and now I'm cool with it. I don't think the association with the word "mafia," in terms of the criminal organization, is really a thing when the people talk about the "Bills Mafia."
  4. I got a 6:45 gate entry time. I think I might be the first person in the stadium. Way earlier than I hoped, but I’m just happy to be going. Go Bills!
  5. Steelers place Vince Williams on COVID-19 reserve list https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/12/10/steelers-place-vince-williams-on-covid-19-reserve-list/
  6. At the end of the Tennessee illegal forward-lateral playoff game. I kicked what I thought was a bag of garbage in my Queens apartment. Unbeknownst to me, it was actually filled with empty beer bottles, which broke through the bag and went sliding at a high velocity down a long hallway (wood floors) and into the feet of my roommate, who was working at his desk. When he looked at me incredulously, I yelled at him for not understanding. Then I stormed out of the apartment and wandered into a random bar on Ditmars blvd, where three downtrodden looking guys wearing Bills jerseys were sitting at
  7. Aside from impacting the game, the bad calls slow the game down to the point where it is almost unwatchable. The end of the 3rd quarter through the 4th quarter was interminable due to the penalties and commercial breaks.
  8. I believe this would be the first time all season that we have all five starting offensive lineman playing; should that happen on Sunday.
  9. Didn’t McKenzie or another WR play CB last season at one point? Against the Jets maybe?
  10. I'm pretty sure they still have one open roster spot so they won't have to cut anyone to make room for Feliciano
  11. It’s not a political topic. The question is really about whether the Bills are at disadvantage because the league does not have a uniform policy on fan attendance like other professional sports leagues.
  12. The decision doesn’t have to involve the Governor of any state. The NBA, MLB, NHL, Premier League, etc all decided to have a blanket rule of no fans at any games. They made this decision because they believed it to be the safest and fairest policy. The NFL is more concerned about the extra revenue from having some fans at some games.
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