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One big reason for optimism - the QBs


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13 hours ago, NewEra said:

Some contenders suffered some worse luck than us.  I ain’t sad about it.  Just keep the bad kick away from us and win some games. 

We can make a run.  Next week will tell us how serious of a team we are


Agreed. Every time someone complains about the Bills’ injuries I ask them if they’d rather be dealing with what the Browns, Jets, Bengals or Colts are. That’s 1/4 of the AFC without their starting QB.

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winning the division outright seems the only way.    Phins have 


Jets 2x twice (no qb)

Commanders (rookie qb)

Titans (really rookie qb)






If Bills go 3-2 and Phins  go 3-3 , then it all comes down to week 18 in Miami.   They need to lose one lousy game between the Jets, Titans or Ravens.


This seems the only path, unless Bills run the table (which they won't) 

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It’s scary to think what Cleveland and Pittsburgh would be if they had better than bottom 5 qb play. 

we have been deliver an absolute gifts with this crop of afc qbs. And the best one, Mahomes, might have the worst weapons. 

2 hours ago, boater said:

I love this bipolar place.


After loss, it's all knives and pitchforks.


After a win, it's land of milk and honey optimism.


It's been a pleasure to read today. Last week was rough.

You’re saying people are more happy when their team wins than when their team loses? I think you should get a major university to sponsor a study on this phenomenon scientist. 

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"Beating the teams you should beat" has really been a nemesis for the Bills in recent years.  Usually, we have one loss on the schedule that is a head-scratcher; this year, we've got a few.


We put ourselves in this position, and now we just have to fight our way out.  Outside of division leaders, I feel like we're significantly better than all of the teams we have to surpass - especially the teams who would get the WC if the season ended today.  


What a weird season.  All we can do is hope.  It's been awhile since I had a Sunday like yesterday, where I was watching at least 4-5 of the games w/ keen interest.


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12 hours ago, Riverboat Ritchie said:

Too bad we are not playing any of those teams.  Instead we have






Mac maybe



thats are tough stretch. We need at least 30 each outing. Will be tough but still alive. Go Bills. 

Not against KC. 24 ought to do it. They’re pedestrian this year. 

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I’m of the opinion we get in.


NYT Playoff Machine Odds:

8-9, 0% W PHI, DAL / 2-4

8-9, <1% W KC, MIA / 2-4 

9-8, 2% L PHI, DAL, MIA / 3-3

9-8, 2% L PHI, KC, MIA / 3-3 

9-8, 3% L KC, DAL, MIA / 3-3 

9-8, 4% L PHI, KC, MIA / 3-3 

9-8, 6% L PHI, DAL, MIA / 3-3 

10-7, 44% L KC, MIA / 4-2

10-7, 57% L PHI, KC / 4-2 

10-7, 69% L PHI, DAL / 4-2 

11-6, 96% L MIA / 5-1

11-6, 97% L DAL / 5-1 

11-6, 97% L KC / 5-1 

11-6, 98% L PHI / 5-1 

12-5, 100% / 6-0

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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