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McDermott a finalist for COTY


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1 hour ago, Wayne Arnold said:


The Bills were the best team in NFL through the entirety of the regular season. He's not being nominated because of his team's success?

Wut?! Pretty sure the Eagles had that distinction. The minute the Bills lost to the Fish, their stock started going down, then the Jets loss continued the decline, and the choke job vs the Vikings sealed it...they were a good team, with many flaws. Looking back at it, how they strung together that winning streak going in to the post season was astounding, since anybody with eyes, and who has been watching NFL football for a while, realized that they were pretenders, and nowhere as good as their record was...and barely getting wins against weaker opponents.


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1 hour ago, ArtVandalay said:

By lead the team you mean not show up the rest of the year? Escape NE with 2 kick returns, escape Skylar Thompson by the skin of your teeth, get destroyed by Cinci? 


The team crumbled in the fallout from Damar.

You’re welcome to see it how you want.  I don’t think McD should be the COY amongst the other nominees, but I get why he was nominated.  Many have the opinion the Bills faced more adversity than other teams (myself included), yet still finished 13-3, and that’s why he was nominated.   

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