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1/17/21 Division Round: Browns at Chiefs 3:05 pm on CBS

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I kinda feel bad. Could be a crappy way to end the season for a team.    I know if that was Allen I'd feel sick as hell to my stomach right now. 

It appears the chiefs can be run on    Daboll: “Not on my watch”

The Chiefs are the new Patriots with the refs. They can basically get away with whatever they want

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1 minute ago, njbuff said:

The USPS would have been jealous of that airmail.

It was so bad the defender almost put his hand up for a fair catch

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Looks like all the same people that were so worried about us beating the Ravens are scared of these two teams.  Give me a break.  Bills will beat the Brown by 14+ and the Chiefs in a higher scoring affair.  Both teams are just not good defensively.   After playing the Colts and Ravens D, it will look like we are playing high school defenses. 

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My concern with facing the Browns is they have a balanced offense like the Colts did which is what we struggle with. But there are no cupcake teams in the AFC championship and they're certainly not as good as the Chiefs. So good luck to Mahomes on his recovery but this could be a huge opportunity for us.

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Just now, TroutDog said:

Mahomes will probably be back should they pull this out. 


Unless he turns into a great defensive player overnight it won't matter.  The Bills are not losing to this KC defense.  Might put up 60 on them.

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