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A Warning for Today’s Bills Fan...

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For anyone suffering From heart arrhythmias, coronary issues or even the average high blood pressure that comes with the delicious foods of western New York, my non-medical advice for you going forward, maybe sit the third quarter out of Bill’s games.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go see my cardiologist.



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Due to where I live (southern Virginia) and my poor internet connection, I am forced to listen to the game via radio on the Bills Mobile App.  It cuts out periodically (usually at the most critical time) and I'm left waiting for the play result.  Not sure my heart will last with this setup.  ;)   At least the Bills rewarded us with a victory!

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Yes, last week a poster got mocked by some for being a bit dramatic about the importance of the 3rd quarter & the weakness of the Bills in that qtr.

Well here we are again! Miami last week almost pulled it out, and now this game!  "Houston, we have a coaching problem."! This malady falls on McDermott and

Frazier.  And speaking of Houston, last season in that playoff game, the Bills had a 16 point lead mid-way through the 3rd and lost. This has got to stop.

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41 minutes ago, Blainorama5 said:

Doubling up on my blood pressure medicine.  Was convinced Josh had pissed away the game.


Josh pissed it Away? Not the d? Interesting.


Edit.. im guessing you meant the sack to make it 3rd and 22.

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