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*2023 UB Football Thread*


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1 minute ago, PromoTheRobot said:

Lol, Syracuse. After all that hype, they get throttled by Maryland.

Used to attend a lot of SU football games back in the late 90’s, but I gave up on them long ago. They are much improved, but never really bought into the hype. Syracuse was once on the fringe of being in the elite of college football. There just aren’t enough elite recruits in the northeast to field that type of program these days. I prefer to watch UB play in the MAC where they can actually compete. 

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19 minutes ago, /dev/null said:

sorry to see your TE Lefevere in crutches, he looks like a playmaker


and your punter, yikes :ph34r: that didn't look good


Hope that punter can at least walk by the time he graduates, yeesh.


Would have been really nice to stick it to ***** Towne State



(Close enough to Altoona/State College/Etc)


React harder... I know Pegula paid those refs ;)

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