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That would be like getting to the final 100 yards on Everest and saying "Lets hang out here and then turn around"

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16 hours ago, JOSH HUFF said:

There are more than several good QB's in this draft, take a shot with Bradford.  Maybe draft DT Vita Vea at 12 or top OL, LB.


Buffalo's DT's VEA, Lotulelei with Williams, Washington rotating in.  If not Vea look at Harrison Phillips, Payne or Hurst at 22, if they last that long. 


Do you feel there is a Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers in this Draft?  Hard to say, I look at Rosen, Allen & Darnolds numbers and I am not wowed.  Are you?  Yes, I am wowed at Mayfield's numbers that stack up for 3 years and don't care that he is 6'1", he is an inch taller than Drew Bree's.  


My point is with so many upgrades needed DT, DE, LB, OT, WR, CB, young RB (back up) and yes QB, but I don't want to through a rookie QB in there right away no matter who they pick.  


There are QB's like Mason Rudolph, Mike White and Luke Falk that I think are going to be solid QB's with some seasoning.  


With 5 picks in the top 65, Buffalo could set themselves up for many years down the road.  


What are your thoughts?



Do you honestly think they moved up to notbtake a QB?  It’s not going to happen

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settling on a journeyman and and grabbing whatever QB falls to 12 is not a good plan.  


They have been planning this since last year's draft and they are going to trade up to #2 in a few weeks.  


I love the idea of going up and getting whom they view as their guy.  I just have my fingers crossed that their guy isn't Josh Allen.  

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15 hours ago, Tyrod's friend said:

The Jets now have two QBs. 
Denver just committed $36MM to Case Keenum and are not desperate as they once were.
Arizona is behind us, which leaves Miami. It is entirely possible that only 2 QBs are drafted in front of us. 

2017: You're nuts or in serious denial. DeShaun Watson was playing at an MVP level before being injured. 

2016: Prescott has arguably outplayed Wentz; he's DEFINITELY outplayed Goff; so your truly, truly splitting hairs here. Prescott was picked in the 4th round and the leading case for my argument.

2015: I missed this year, and it is a point in your favor.

2014: I might be wrong, but the two best QBs ranked were picked 1-2, Manziel and Bortles. Carr was taken in the 2nd round, as was Garafolo.

2013: Smith and EJM both considered the best of a bad lot. But again, the second one taken and taken in the 2nd round was best.

Here's what I notice: that the ranking is what you should avoid. Teams gave up tons to get the likes of Trubisky, Mahomes, Bortles, Manziel, Sanchez, Locker, Gabbert. Hell, all the twisting and turning over the two can't miss guys between Rivers and Manning and the best of them all was taken in the second round. I can't recall if anyone twisted themselves to get to the can't miss prospects of Leinart and Young - I do know Bills fans were ALL over themselves because we didn't reach to get Leinart - and Jay Cutler delivered more over his career.  1-2 of Luck and Griffin, and one team RUINED itself over that trade. Of course, leaving behind the 4th round Wilson.

Trading up to get the guy is more often than not a mistake, especially at QB. Al. Most. Al.Ways.


Jets are still picking a QB high. 

Denver is still a possibility.

Miami is a possibility.

Arizona would only need to trade up 2 spots to be ahead of us.


2017 - Watson had the best rookie year.  It's a long-way before you can say he was the better pick.  And guess what?  Houston traded up to get him.  If either Trubisky or Mahomes turn out good, their teams also traded up to get them.

2016 - Prescott was better as a rookie.  Goff was better as a sophomore.  Once again, it's going to be awhile before you can say who was the better pick.  Either way, this draft has produced three potential franchise QBs so far.  Two of them required major trade ups.  Everyone else that waited besides Dallas was stuck with garbage.

2014 - This was an awkward class.  Opinions were all over the place on Bortles, Manziel, Bridgewater and Carr.  All were considered late-1st or early-2nd round talents.  None were considered top guys.  Like the season we reached for Manuel, this would have been a good year to wait.  But the Jags overdrafted Bortles, and the Raiders got the only real bargain.

2013 - This was probably the worst QB class in 20 years.  Smith, Barkley, Manuel, Nassib, Glennon and a few others were generally considered 2nd Round talents at best.  But it was inevitable someone was going to reach and look like idiots.  Congratulations.  It was us.



Here is the thing. 

Quarterback is the toughest position to play in the NFL, with the most difficult transition from college to the pros.  There is virtually no such thing as a safe QB prospect.  There are only a handful of human beings who reach the height, hand-size and arm strength requirements to be a pro QB.  Out of those guys, only a small percent have the accuracy and mechanics to be good at actually throwing the ball.  Out of those guys, only a fraction have the mental capacity to quickly read a defense and react within a split-second.  Not to mention that 99% of college offenses don't use the same system concepts that you see in the pros.

No matter how much homework NFL scouts do on these guys, it's never going to be an exact science.  A large number of QB prospects (even the top ones) just aren't going to make it.  And at the end of the day, the General Manager/Head Coach/Scouts that decided to take the risk will be ridiculed and probably stand to lose their jobs, because they could have gone the safe route and picked a Pro-Bowl tackle or All-Pro linebacker.

Now it's easy to see all the massive QB busts and assume this whole thing is a "toss-up" and you might as well wait until the later rounds.  Right?  I mean, Tom Brady was taken in the 6th Round!  Dak Prescott and Kirk Cousins were taken in the 4th Round!  The problem is, these guys are the rare exception.  Not the rule.  You can almost count the success stories on one-hand of guys who came from the later rounds.  Drew Brees (2nd), Derek Carr (2nd), Jimmy Garoppolo (2nd), Russell Wilson (3rd), Dak Prescott (4th), Kirk Cousins (4th), Tom Brady (6th).  That's a total of 7 guys, out of hundreds of quarterbacks taken after the 1st Round over the last many years.

Look around the league and you will see that most of the successful QBs in the league were the highest rated guys in their draft classes:  Roethlisberger, Ryan, Stafford, Luck, Rivers, Wentz, Goff, Manning, Newton, Palmer, Smith and Rodgers were all in consideration for #1 overall in their respective drafts.  The vast majority of NFL starters came in the top-half of the 1st Round.  It has been this way for almost the entirety of NFL history. 

Regardless of the high percentage of QB busts, it's clear that NFL scouts know what they are doing.  They know which guys have the highest chance of success, and which guys are a long-shot.  Once in awhile, a short guy beats the odds (Brees, Wilson).  Once in awhile, a player manages to improve drastically once he hits the pros (Brady).  But the majority of the time, the best QBs are going to come off the board at the beginning of the 1st Round.  If the Bills have their top choice out of everyone, that will give them the best odds at landing a good one.




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I think the Bills love Rosen. If we do trade up, I think he's the guy. Just speculating though of course.

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