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  1. I think Phillips has been good the past 5 games. I think he has confidence that his knee is going to hold up. I do feel his knee at the beginning of the year was affecting his play.
  2. I get your point, however, watch the 4th and 1 and tell me if you think an average LB would have made that play. I still think Edmunds will turn out to be a beast in the middle, just inconsistent this year.
  3. You are a fool if you think we are crapping on this team. Just pointing out a weakness from the game. Settle down all or nothing! The Defense played a terrible 1st half of the season, the 2nd half of the season they started playing closer to the last couple years, a top 3 rated D. GO BILLS!!
  4. Taylor's momentum was already stopped, he was not exploding through the hole, Edmunds had the momentum. No excuses on that one! Tell the great LB's that, they will laugh at you.
  5. So many missed tackles! Edmunds has to do a better job wrapping up! I don't know how he made the Pro Bowl this year! The 4th and 1, Edmunds should have easily stuffed it, but somehow ends up on the ground face down looking at the RB's shoes move past him. IT WAS BAD!! T White also needs to tackle better. So many times they had the Colts RB's for no gain or for a loss, but couldn't seem to hold on or plain whiff when the RB has nowhere to go. Watch the game again and you will see a ton of missed tackles that resulted in big runs. Someone give Edmunds a re-run of the Darius Leonard tackl
  6. Terrible idea! Promote within!!!!!!
  7. Edmunds has been terrible this year PERIOD! Too inconsistent! Misses a lot of tackles. Milano is a better LB
  8. Simply one of the best coaches in the game PERIOD!!
  9. I think MCkenzie is a great resign!! He has speed and quickness in the slot position! Can be a good special team returner too.
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