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    The Biggest Whiffs In Buffalo Bills History

    2000 - BUFFALO BILLS Draft RD 2000 SEL # PLAYER POSITION SCHOOL 1 26 Erik Flowers DE Arizona State 2 58 Travares Tillman FS Georgia Tech 3 89 Corey Moore OLB Virginia Tech 4 121 Avion Black WR Tennessee State 5 156 Sammy Morris RB Texas Tech 6 194 Leif Larsen DT Texas-El Paso 7 233 Drew Haddad WR Buffalo 7 251 DaShon Polk LB Arizona

    Sign Jay Cutler Now

    NO THANK YOU!!! Yeah, you would be getting a QB that is a bad example.

    Harrison Philips interview

    BEAST!! I think this is the steal of the draft! Battle Tested!! AMAZED HE LASTED THIS LONG Watch him control the blockers, diagnose and then make the play. He can also pass rush.

    Rank the Bills Remaining Areas of Need.

    1 OL/WR 2 OL/WR 3 TE/DT 4 TE/DT 5 LB 6 RB GOOD AT DE Hughes, Murphy, Lawson, and Yarbrough

    [Vague Title]Swiss Cheese!

    Need more than one LB. Alexander is OLD. I do like Milano, but depth is weak. DB: need depth!

    [Vague Title]Swiss Cheese!

    Too many holes: WR, TE, OL, DT(age), LB, CB, RB(age,need good back up, the back ups were terrible last year). Offensive line needs a starter out of this draft. Losers Buffalo Bills: The Bills traded out of their No. 10 overall pick a year ago, passing on the chance to draft Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson in favor of amassing draft capital. This season, the Bills usedsignificant draft capital to trade up for quarterback Josh Allen (moving from 12th overall to seventh). The kids would call that hustling backward, especially when Allen has an uphill climb just to surpass previous Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor's level of production. Bills fans will point to this being the first draft for GM Brandon Beane, who was hired last May, but that only emphasizes how tricky it is to come up with a cohesive roster when the GM and coach are always in flux. Allen could prove his skeptics wrong, and his athleticism is unquestionable, but Josh Rosen has clearly displayed a more obvious NFL skill set. Allen is reminiscent of a souped-up version of another Bills first-round quarterback: J.P. Losman, a player with accuracy issues who was a star in the pre-draft season because of his measurables. Losman was taken 22nd overall in the 2004 NFL Draft and proceeded to compile a 10-23 record in Buffalo. Give Beane some credit for his conviction in Allen and talented all-around linebacker Tremaine Edmunds(taken by the Bills at No. 16 overall), who should be a tackle machine in coach Sean McDermott's system. I hope I'm wrong about Allen, because a happy Bills fanbase makes for a better NFL.

    Top 5 players taken already set

    Keep the picks, too many holes. MLB, O-line(at least 2 needed), QB, WR, TE(Clay age), DT(Williams age), OLB(ZO's age), RB(need a young stud to compliment aging Shady). The best players on the team are getting too old. Yes, we have White, Milano, Dawkins, Poyer and a possession wr Benji. This is a deep QB class! I think Rudolph, Jackson, Falk are also quality QB's. I would love to get Mayfield, however, not willing to sell the farm to wait 3 to 4 years to rebuild around him or any of these so called Franchise QB's. They will get killed with the current O-line, David Carr syndrome. I would be willing to trade a 2nd round pick for Foles.

    Bills the worst team in the NFL this season?

    I have to think that this is a rough season, especially if they through all the picks in for a QB. O-line is a mess, best players are old, no proven QB. Right now we look like the Browns of the past few years. Speaking of the Browns they will be much better this season.
  9. Frist Round BUST QBs in the top 15 picks since 2000: 2002: drafted 1. David Carr, Fresno State, Texans drafted 3. Joey Harrington, Oregon, Lions 2003: drafted 7. Byron Leftwich, Marshall, Jaguars 2006: drafted 3. Vince Young, Texas, Titans drafted 10. Matt Leinart, USC, Cardinals drafted11. Jay Cutler, Vanderbilt, Broncos(had a few good years) 2007: drafted 1. JaMarcus Russell, LSU, Raiders 2009: drafted 5. Mark Sanchez, USC, Jets 2011: drafted 8. Jake Locker, Washington, Titans drafted 10. Blaine Gabbert, Missouri, Jaguars drafted 12. Christian Ponder, Florida State, Vikings 2012: drafted 2. Robert Griffin III, Baylor, Redskins drafted 8. Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M, Dolphins (couple decent years) 2014: drafted 3. Blake Bortles, Central Florida, Jaguars (not that good) Just because you pick a QB at #1 overall does not mean your getting an amazing QB. Best QB's of all time in my opinion Brady & Montana and they were not first round draft picks. Favre was not a first round pick. Rodgers & Brees were mid to late first rounders. Why toss all your picks at 1 player who could be a bust! The best QB could be Falk or Mason who knows. But saying we got a franchise guy because we picked a QB at number 1 or 2 overall, come on!! How did JaMarcus Russel, Robert Griffen, & David Carr turn out? Do you feel any of these guys are the next Peyton Manning? If so, tell me why.
  10. I think you keep your picks and grab 1 O-lineman with one of your first picks if he is worthy of a first pick. Without a good O-line it doesn't matter who your QB is. Remember David Carr as a rookie, the guy got destroyed and never was the same!! Year Team G GS Passing Rushing Sacked Fumbles Comp Att Pct Yds Y/A TD Int Rtg Att Yds Avg TD Sack YdsL Fum FumL 2002 HOU 16 16 233 444 52.5 2,424 5.8 9 15 62.8 59 282 4.8 3 76 411 21 7

    Zay Jones Arrested

    On a serious note, I hope he gets the help he needs. Unfortunately, he needs to be cut.

    Zay Jones Arrested

    Cut him!

    Is Rudolph their guy?

    McCarron college stats compared to this years top QB's