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  1. Happy with the DE picks, and don't mind the OT. I think the DB, TE, RB, and LB are the weakest positions on the roster. I think Tampa won by having fast athletic LB's. Our best LB is Milano, and he is a beast! Would like to see another similar LB, JABRIL COX, Isiah McDuffie?
  2. Stupid comment. Brown proved he could run all routes. He was injured a bit last year, the year before he was toasting people and he burnt Gilmore who shut all the top WR down. Well, I think the chiefs should cut hill, small and fast.
  3. Brown was awesome, should have kept him. I would rather have brown than Sanders, especially a 34 year old Sanders.
  4. We were weak at LB. Milano stud, Edmunds left a ton of plays out there in my opinion. I still think Edmunds can be a BEAST, however, I think last year was awful and some how he made the pro bowl. Who steps in if one goes down, Klein, he was so-so.
  5. Always trying to improve. I get it we were 13-3, but not good enough to make it to the Super Bowl, nor win it.
  6. Wish list: Would love to see Chris Carson in the backfield! Shaquill is a solid corner, and Van Noy always made plays against Buffalo when he was with the Pats. Plus with the Pats being 4 deep at the TE position we need another solid LB. Sign Isiah McKenzie not only does he have potential as a slot WR, he also takes care of the return game!
  7. Should have restructured or found a way to keep him. I like Davis but he is not Brown, SPEED! You cant just plug anyone on the roster and match Brown. Jefferson was a good release, not impressed with him.
  8. He is a keeper period! I think he would be a great slot wr, and he is young 25. He also makes Roberts expandable, and Roberts is not as good as a weapon on offense. Definitely sign him to a 3 to 4 year contract! I would give him 5 million a year!
  9. Not over McKenzie! McKenzie should take over Roberts spot for returns and is a good weapon when used.
  10. Milano is the best LB we have period!
  11. I guess so, to be elite you have to show up for the big game and give your team a chance to win. Buffalo offense was terrible and Josh Allen played an average Defense, not a top 5 Defense, completing 58% of your passes is going to make it pretty tough to win the big game. Again, I do think they were out coached on both sides of the ball, just like the first game against the Chiefs. I do think Josh Allen is going to get to the great/elite level. He showed it all season long for the most part.
  12. Yeah, 1 game away from the Super Bowl and your talking about the longest season made him look worn out and defeated sitting on the sideline. Silly response, embarrassing response! Josh Allen is going to continue to grow and be a stud! With that said he definitely look defeated with a ton of game left. We simply got out schemed/coached on both sides of the ball. Played too safe, especially on defense.
  13. Josh Allen looked defeated sitting on the sidelines when the camera was showing him, and there was a ton of game left. He usually is on the sidelines going up to his teammates with some enthusiasm to get back out there.
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