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R. I. P. Keith Jackson

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In this interview he claims "WHOA NELLIE" was his and states the history of where it came from, which flat out contradicts comments I saw him make when he was younger...maybe he started saying it toward the end after everyone attributed it to him anyway?



PS:  Seems like 20 or 30 years ago, there were a ton of great announcers who 1 in a million voices made for announcing and a style all their own.


Where have they gone now!?  Announcers these days are horrible in comparison, and few of them have a great voice or a great unique style.  In fact, most of them are flat out terrible...



He says "I promised it.....WHOOOOO NELLIE!" at the 7:55 mark in this video.



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Pretty much all the legends from my childhood watching the NFL and NCAA are gone. Dick Enberg, Merlin Olsen, Charlie Jones, Keith Jackson,  all the MNF guys (Cosell, Meredith, Gifford), Pat Summerall all dead.


Madden, Criqui and Trumpy maybe the only ones left along with Al Michaels who came a little later.


Getting old sucks, lots of fond memories with those guys.

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