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  1. LOL. One way sign in the background. Apparently there is more than one way...
  2. They also replaced the Bills as the team with the longest playoff drought.
  3. Scherzer has consistently been one of the best this decade. Strasburg gets a 2nd chance at the playoffs after being forced to sit in 2012. Sanchez throws a gem for 7 2/3 innings of no-hit ball in his last start. Good pitching and defense usually beats good hitting. Congrats Nats. And I am a Yankees fan ⚾ PS Saw Frank Howard hit a home run in Yankee stadium in my youth
  4. I had an x-fix for 2 weeks after fibula surgery waiting for the fracture blister to heal before they would operate on my tibia. Took antibiotics for those 2 weeks. I now have a bionic leg. They are overrated. Alex Smith is a lucky man and should retire at this juncture.
  5. Thanks Jerry, it was great live. Also thought the Department of Reproductive Rights would be another waste of taxpayers money.
  6. "No Nats tickets for you" Justice Kavanaugh
  7. Portland anti-fascist activist killed after crash, shooting: ‘It looked like road rage’ https://www.oregonlive.com/news/2019/10/portland-anti-fascist-activist-killed-after-crash-shooting-it-looked-like-road-rage.html "Darryl Perez, who lives less than a block from the site of the crash,... Perez said he was in his tent across from the Democratic headquarters, 232 Northeast Ninth Avenue, ..." It has been confirmed - you can live in Portland in a tent.
  8. Per the United States Coast Guard: What is a Good Samaritan Vessel? A private vessel that renders voluntary aid without compensation to a person or vessel who is injured or in danger. Good Samaritans are expected to exercise reasonable care to avoid negligent conduct that worsens the position of the victims and to avoid reckless and wanton conduct in performing the rescue. Is there a duty to assist? • For centuries, sailors have voluntarily assisted others in distress. This maritime rescue doctrine encourages seafarers to go to the aid of life and property in distress. • Good Samaritan vessels are usually the first to arrive on scene, and are often critical in saving lives, especially in Alaska with its vast coastline and limited SAR facilities. • Federal statute, 46 USC 2304 requires a master to render assistance if the master can do so without serious danger to master's vessel or individuals on board.
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