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  1. I saw a bunch of Moonies in D.C. 1976. (I went to see the fireworks 😁)
  2. Which is why I called it a ground fumble (ground can't cause a fumble IIRC)
  3. Just imagine the confusion if we had 2 Josh Allens...
  4. Panther's announcer said Hughes sacked the QB "and oh, Murphy got there too." Hughes was nowhere near the QB /SMH. Oliver being double teamed and batting down a pass was nice to see. Rookie has game. Sweeney's catch, ground fumble and re-catch showed a lot of focus. I like when it looked like Shady scored on his 1st attempt the offense just shrugged it off, gave him the ball again and he went in virtually untouched. Pinch me - I know it is only preseason...
  5. Just a side comment here. I saw a cigarette boat that went tuna fishing last weekend that had 3 350 hp outboards. Captain said he did 45mph on the flat ocean to the tuna grounds - 90 miles offshore in 2 hours. The one boat in the video has 4 350hp outboards.😲 Gotta keep up with El Chapo's mules I guess
  6. My 1st thought was of Epstein, Kenneth Lay and Milton Waddams on a beach somewhere ordering Mai Tais.
  7. More of a french dip with Fendi Onabun...
  8. Postgame he will have to look at the tape.
  9. I recently switched my cell service to Verizon after wasting 4 hours of time on "chat" sessions.. Just ok is not ok.
  10. Maybe Seasick Steve could write a song about it. 😲
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