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  1. His intent was made early on "I would say I hate to break it to you, but I am here to piss in some racist cheerios this morning."
  2. I hope you don't fire one to even out the percentages! (stolen from an old Smother's Brothers skit)
  3. You mean you haven't burned Tom Sawyer already? /
  4. We ate this on cheap meal night when I was a kid - .39 cents/lb. That was my indoctrination. Now I have to settle for dungeness crab. .
  5. Good find, I remember this one. Talk him down, amirite?
  6. Leave it alone and call it the Greg Person's Project.
  7. I saw someone refer to reverse racism. Don't get me started on EEO. I have been there, done that. FWIW, since my childhood I have tried my best to live by the golden rule - Do unto others... But if I choose not to protest that is my right as well. And George Floyd died an awful death. I would not wish that on anyone,
  8. Why $945? Is this like the casinos where there is a threshold and then they have to withhold taxes over that threshold?
  9. Yes and he should never play in the NFL again IMHO. I had 2 surgeries due to risk of infection so got lucky that it wasn't an issue post surgery. But I did have to hobble around with an x-fix for 2 weeks (Alex had a halo). I was lucky to have a good emergency surgeon. I saw he also did Blazer center Jusuf Nurkic's leg surgery a year ago.
  10. I am still upright. I saw what Alex Smith went through so things definitely could have been worse,
  11. After I broke my leg 5 years ago one of the key focus in PT was working on my balance. I still need to be careful doing physical chores due to losing my balance. That old man in the video lost his balance and then stumbled, tripped whatever. But at his age he lost his balance when pushed.
  12. Damn Leh-nerd you need 6 steps mister! At your age you probably need 9.
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