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  1. I mean they were up 24-6, never trailed, and had the Chargers facing the biggest deficit they faced all year at 18 points. This was cruising to victory. Finding a way to win denotes the team was outplayed most of the game, losing for much of it and then somehow pulled it out in the last minute. This was not even close to that game. People really need to get some perspective on what the hell they are talking about. The Bills were the better team almost all game long and played like it for most of the game.
  2. A pass for what? They won the game and the Chargers faced their biggest deficit of the season of 18 points when they were down 24-6 in it. No passes, no excusing away the win, no rationalizing. The Bills, like many other good teams win games when they don't play their best still. Sometimes even comfortably. That is the sign of a good team. This is not unusual, nor is it realistic to think they will play their best every game. The only thing I think of when I read stuff like this is that the person saying this watches very little football outside of Bills games.
  3. His wife is kinda hot tho... Don't feel too bad for Patricia...he still is getting paid and I am sure he will have no issues finding another job in the NFL worth more than 500K a year...
  4. They are tested on game days now. Obviously this did not happen. They do contact tracing to determine who is in proximity.
  5. For the umpteenth time. The league DOES NOT reschedule games due to what players are out. It only reschedules games if it is determined to be medically necessary due to there being COVID outbreaks on the team that could result in transmission dangers. The Broncos QBs were on the COVID list for close contact with a player that tested positive and had no masks or tracking devices for much of the time. They did not test positive themselves. They also did not cooperate with the investigation by the NFL. It is very simple. Games get moved when there is an active outbreak of COVID with multiple players testing positive over multiple days NOT when there is an isolated case and other players out due to being in contact. The NFL doesn't give a crap who is out for a team if they deem it safe to play the game.
  6. Not to try and bag on them, but they need to step their game up a little for having an article being written about them...they donated a little over $1K in the 2 days since Patricia waa fired. In the article they mention the Bills donating to Dalton and Josh Allen's charities... Hopefully they can get up to at least $25K for Watson... https://www.yahoo.com/sports/lions-fans-thank-donations-deshaun-215008976.html
  7. No, just tired of hearing about only the Bills not playing good teams in "x" game but ignoring the fact that other teams feast on beating bad teams for a lot of wins also. There is no need to apologize for the schedule you are given but people on this board seemingly want the Bills to play the Chiefs or Steelers every week or the wins aren't "good enough".
  8. I am sure the Bills will petition the league to schedule them against a good team after their bye and ask to rearrange the schedule in-season if the team they are playing after the bye proves to not be very good...you know....just to make you happy so you can't make excuses for their wins after the bye because they came against "bad" teams. Never mind that the Steelers are 10-0 and Browns are 8-3 in large part because they play the AFC South and NFC East this year...only the Bills play bad teams tho right?
  9. Maybe they can hold hands and skip out of the tunnel to this song
  10. No...games are moved when it is MEDICALLY NECESSARY, as in when playing would potentially transmit the disease from one player to another player due to there being an active COVID outbreak on a team. If there is no outbreak and it is NOT medically necessary, the games are played. I am not sure how else to word this so you can comprehend it better. It doesn't seem to be that difficult to understand. If there is a chance to spread the virus by playing, move the game. If there is not, then play the game. It has nothing to do with who started it, or how it started or anything else. And completed a bomb to Deonte Thompson in OT to set up McCoy's waltz into the endzone through the snow for the W...and it was Peterman who started that game not T squared.
  11. I thought it would be fun to watch but it was incredibly boring and inept...I turned it off the watch the Chiefs game after the first quarter.
  12. I don't get the rule either, because you see sacks almost every game where the defender is on the ground and then lunges and gets the QB around the legs and no penalty flag is thrown for it.
  13. The Saints ran for 230 yards or so...basically I think they thought if we get to 17 points, there is no way the Broncos can win the game, so why risk throwing it when turnovers would be the only way for them to have any chance of winning.
  14. The Chiefs allowed TB to come back from 17-0 and 27-10 leads to hold on 27-24...it just is how the NFL works these days. The only exception is if you get some defensive TDs or a bunch of turnovers where they add to the score, like the Falcons did to the Raiders today.
  15. This time there were 4 or 5 players around the ball instead of 3...maybe they should get 9 or 10 back there??
  16. From the searching I have done, it appears it might be the lowest combined total since the early 70s ...not sure if anyone has a more definitive date, but it was a brutal game to watch offensively.
  17. Different situation. The other teams had an active COVID outbreak on their team which meant that playing in a game could have given it to the other team's players. This was isolated to a practice squad QB and the other QB's screwed themselves over by not wearing a mask and/or tracking devices for periods of time and then tried not to cooperate with the investigation by the NFL about it. The other players were put on the COVID list NOT because they were positive but because they were in lose contact with someone who has it and were not properly protected. Therefore, out of an abundance of caution they had to be placed on the COVID list. They have nobody to be pissed off or mad at except themselves for being morons.
  18. Doesn't matter what happened earlier in the year against those teams, all that matters is how they are playing when the playoffs get here. Once again, the NFL is a week to week league. What happened last week doesn't matter to this week's game and certainly not what happened 8 or 9 games ago.
  19. What I found interesting is for as "ugly" a game it was or as "flat" as the Bills came out as I saw some others put it, the 18 point deficit the Chargers faced at 24-6 was the largest deficit all year for them, which has included games against the Chiefs and Buccaneers(the good Bucs before Brady started sucking). Just shows the Bills even when they aren't playing all that good can build some pretty impressive leads...did the same thing to the Cards before the bye at 23-9 before ultimately losing on the hail mary play.
  20. The reason why he didn't turn around is because he was beaten so badly that he needed to run through him to try and get back in the play.
  21. The Williams play was on 4th and 17 if I recall but they got a penalty to make it 4th and 27...I was surprised they didn't look at it also especially because it was within the last 2 minutes and it would have had to come from the booth. If they look at it and decide Williams doesn't make that catch the Bills then decline the penalty and game over. As it is the next play I believe on 4th and 27 was that Hail Mary that was caught...this time with 5!!!! Bills players there...this is seriously starting to become a trend we need to get rid of. Rex Ryan endorsing him is all we should have needed to know...
  22. Exactly...the way they are using Klein the past few games has definitely allowed him to be a big contributor to the D instead of a liability. Kudos to the defensive coaching staff for adjusting to their players. Let's not forget lack of a true offseason this year hasn't helped with integrating new players into systems and it has had to be done on the fly... Diggs made a seamless transition on offense but Klein struggled on D until they carved out a different role for him attacking near the LOS mainly.
  23. If we can't contain Mostert it could be a problem...dude is one of the fastest guys in the NFL and has several long TDs this year...
  24. Rivers is looking pretty decent this year again...so who was at fault? Good teams use things going against them to galvanize them in an "us against the world" mentality. Bad teams fold. Lynn has had far more talent than Gase but only 1 more win to show for it. That is really terrible coaching. And after today's clock management fiasco I see why they are always losing close games.
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