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  1. Always thought Gregggggggg was a 3-4 guy but yeah now that I have had my coffee they sure were
  2. I've seen that he's only interested in playing 3 technique so unless he has absolutely no suitors I'd actually cross New England off the list since they're technically a 3-4 base. I'm assuming contending teams will be most interesting to him now that he's free of the constant mediocrity of the Bucs. Indy is a great fit. They have money to spend, run a 4-3 and should have a desire to upgrade their defense. Cleveland has cap space and is moving to a 4-3 under Steve Wilks. Dallas is always considered a contender even though they aren't really...maybe Seattle?
  3. Counterpoint: Clowney is miscast in Houston's 3-4 base D and is a much better fit with some monster potential as a 4-3 DE
  4. Take the L and move along Brandon But but but but they talked bad about Buffalo! 🙄
  5. They do have content for both fantasy baseball and basketball as far as I know. I can't speak to the quality of it because I don't play but I know it's out there
  6. Do you follow teams other than just the Bills and Sabres? If so then absolutely, yeah. I'm a Braves fan also so I'm getting daily content on them. There's top notch league level reporting and columns for all of the major 4, plus college football and basketball and pretty good fantasy football coverage too
  7. What week does he retire then?
  8. Guess they should sign him multi year then and just wait until 2020 for production. A one year deal is a no lose situation. Their cap situation is fine and he will be motivated to perform well so he can try to cash in on free agency next year.
  9. They're moving into win mode. Anyone who can contribute positively in 2019 should be in their plans. A one year deal could be mutually beneficial.
  10. I can't think of any interior DL off the top of my head in the 50's but all D-linemen get the same pool of numbers (50-79, 90-99) so it's possible. edit: Of course I thought of one immediately after posting. Vita Vea wears #50. Danny Shelton has worn #55
  11. Trent Richardson who dominated the SEC and Alfred Morris who showed well at FAU would like a word
  12. I didn't read the article just came to complain btw what does the wristband come with?
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