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  1. JM57

    Ziggy Ansah to visit bills

    Based on the fact neither the Bills or Saints (saw some comments on Twitter from beat reporters) seemed really hot for him following their visits with him I believe it's the second thing you mentioned. If I had to guess, he's looking for closer to market value if he were 100% healthy where the teams are more interested in a "discounted" deal with maybe some incentives based on production if he can get to 100% in time for the season
  2. It's YOUR opinion that his floor is solid starter. A deep ball specialist is not a solid starter to most, and that IS his floor
  3. I don't want a deep ball specialist at 9. That's such a colossal waste of a pick if that's what happens in the future. Like I said before. You got your high variance prospect in Allen. Now you should be surrounding him with guys who will DEFINITELY be good because you don't want to be wasting picks and playing time on guys that won't elevate his game
  4. He was making it happen with his legs more than his arm and that should temper our expectations. I'm not trying to be negative, just being a realist. BB knew he was looking to run and pinned him in and that was by far his worst game in the back half of the season. Teams are gonna study that tape. His floor is as a deep threat specialist if he is unable to develop his route tree at the pro level. That's a pretty low floor especially at #9
  5. If you're basing your 2019 #9 overall pick specifically with an over 40 year old Tom Brady on the mind you're doing it wrong. You should be planning for long term success
  6. You can fall in love with him if you want, but you cannot deny that pinning the hopes of your offense on not one, but two key players with both a very low floor and very high ceiling is not smart. You're taking two huge risks by adding Metcalf to the mix with Allen.
  7. JM57

    Will Shady restructure?

    With one year left on the deal it makes absolutely zero sense for the team or the player. They're parting ways after this season. There's no need to stretch it out
  8. Not worried about it much. He was still allowed to go through testing at the combine, whereas in the case of Maurice Hurst and Star Lotulelei were not able to even do the drills after theirs came up
  9. Yeah I can't remember or find where I read about it. I think it was Geoff Schwartz or another former OL who mentioned it on Twitter basically saying Penn's body would have been very used to doing the kick slide and whatever other motions as an LT and as a result, also used to compensating for whatever "damage" that would cause as a football player. Suddenly Gruden decided to take him at 34 years old and however many years in the league and flip it over to RT and Penn's body was essentially like "Yeah buddy this isn't how we do things"
  10. Yes and that can be directly tied to his injuries last season. Trying to adjust his body on the fly to doing everything he's done for a long time in the opposite direction... Overcompensation injuries last year.
  11. Please let the OP have his narrative it cannot be challenged đŸ˜‚
  12. JM57

    Clay Matthews as a defensive FA splash

    Any time you can add a 33 year old 3-4 rush backer that hasn't performed well in 4 seasons to a 4-3 team you just have to jump at it
  13. Everything I've seen says "some snaps at guard" which isn't really anything. Kind of silly to ask a below average center to just start playing guard 5+ years into his NFL career because he's taken some snaps at the position here and there. Still gonna be below average.
  14. JM57

    Who's your top 9? (QBs excluded)

    Over analysis, plain and simple. When you give scouts multiple years of a guy being hyped as a top pick they'll eventually find something to complain about. There's at least one prospect this happens to every year
  15. Not sure where the Bodine at guard idea comes from, he didn't play there at UNC or with the Bengals