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  1. Because he wasn't the problem. The poster you quoted just wants him to be. Kitchens was a problem. The awful OL and pass protection was a problem. Baker bailing from the pocket because of the awful protection was a problem. The WR were fine
  2. I think he'd be a really valuable addition to the room for a year just like Frank Gore to the RB room this past year. Even if just for the off-field stuff, where he can impart some wisdom on how to take care of your body to last as long as possible in the league, what his routines and fun study habits are, etc. Stuff like that would be way more valuable to Knox and Sweeney from someone like Olsen than a plugger like Lee Smith IMO
  3. https://theathletic.com/733940/2018/12/26/blue-collar-guy-at-heart-behind-the-scenes-with-bills-exec-dave-wheat-who-humbly-keeps-the-organization-running/ Interesting move here. Remember reading about him in the linked article and he seemed like a real "glue guy"
  4. I've only seen some high-level stuff on Love (I mean honestly has anyone seen a Utah State football game lately?) but it's not unheard of for a team to bank on a raw, toolsy small school QB in the top 10 picks is it? 😉
  5. My kids brought it home from daycare this past April. First time I can remember that I had the actual flu and not just a quick stomach bug. My normally super energetic 4 year old was a couch potato for a full 3 or 4 days. I only had minor symptoms; fatigue, some chills and a little nausea but I wanted to do absolutely nothing those days. Didn't even want to move. And this was with the shot. I can only imagine how rough the experience is with full-fledged symptoms. 0/10 experience, would not like to have it again
  6. Football Zebras actually has the full crew and apparently they mix the crews up for the postseason. So it's Corrente as the ref, but the other guys are all from a couple other crews. Assuming they grade everyone out and then re-assign for the postseason. http://www.footballzebras.com/2019/12/corrente-hussey-cheffers-and-smith-are-wild-card-referees/ Assuming there's something like 18 crews to allow for extras, he just has to be in probably the top half at his position to get playoff assignments. Considering how bad some are, it's probably not too hard.
  7. Third game this season with Corrente it looks like... https://www.pro-football-reference.com/officials/CorrTo0r.htm He was last seen in Pittsburgh calling a facemask on Edmunds who grabbed a man by the waist. Also called the Washington game
  8. Came out from a few people on Twitter after the fact it was two-pronged. #1 is that the QB coach, Schuplinski, is someone the Dolphins wanted to keep in the mix. He was supposed to go to Indy with McDaniels, so they must have been worried that he was going to leave Miami if/when McDaniels gets hired. If they also think he's a good QB coach it would be important for them to keep him on staff for whichever poor soul they take in the draft. #2 is that there were at least a few voices in the building still unimpressed with O'Shea's ability as an OC and thought he was just a really good position coach. Still an interesting move
  9. My mom doesn't really watch the games, loves having the grandbabies, and my brother lives right around the corner. Guess who's getting two small dinner guests Saturday? 😁
  10. I'm going to disagree to a point. There's really not a route on the tree or a concept that would call for the route Knox ran there. A deep out would have been a much harder cut to the outside, a corner post would have required any type of move toward the inside which didn't happen. There's just no route that looks like what Knox ran that directs you to the front pylon. I'm not Allen's biggest supporter around here, but he put that ball where the receiver needed to be/was expected to be.
  11. I thought when it happened, and definitely upon seeing a replay, that the first one was on Knox. IMO the play design was clearly to have Knox running a corner route off the left side of the formation. Allen's throw was to the back of the end zone. Knox ended his route at the front pylon. That's..... Not the right "corner", Dawson
  12. Yeah this is it based on the current standings, assuming the Bills do end up #2 in the division. They are likely headed to Nashville 3 years in a row; 2021 is the natural rotation there when they play the entire AFC South, as Jacksonville and Tennessee came here in 2018.
  13. It's definitely got to be some sort of mental issue. His kickoffs are still flying the same as last year, but starting with the first Miami game last season his FG kicking has been pretty unreliable. Last season he missed one in the opener vs Baltimore and then was money through the Jacksonville game. 16/17 for the season to that point. Then 1/2 at Miami, 3/5 vs the Jets, 2/3 at NE and 0/1 vs Miami to finish the season on a 6/11 stretch and 22/28 overall. 15/21 this season puts him at 21/32 (65.6%) since that Miami game. If we want to call the Miami game a normal hiccup and use the cheapshot Jets game as the turning point, that makes it 20/30 and 66.7% which is still....not really good.
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