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  1. It depends how Phillips returns from the ACL tear, but he was *thisclose* to permanently taking over the majority of the snaps from Star when he got hurt. He was playing really well. Week 1: Star 30 snaps, Phillips 23 Week 2: Phillips and Star 28 snaps each Week 3: Phillips 26, Star 21 If he can get back to that form sooner rather than later, that's good. The Bills certainly positioned themselves to move on from Star sooner than originally thought when they restructured his deal.
  2. I'll go ahead and circle week 5, 2021 for my return to Nashville then
  3. Don't tell me what to do. Ever. Even if there's a fire
  4. Well they already kept week 1 more or less the same as last year so... May as well keep this one too
  5. I posted a few pages back on Sunday where Jim Nagy, the guy who runs the Senior Bowl, said something to the effect of this: NFL coaches would rather have guys with the monster leg and work on the accuracy. In their opinion you can teach accuracy, but the booming leg is something a guy has or doesn't. His NFL.com scouting report also mentions he has a "repeatable process" to his kicks which is something working in his favor. Should Bass not work out, I could see the Bills also circling back on Chase McLaughlin. Seems the Colts have a 3-way battle between Vinatieri, McLaughlin and Goggles McGee from Georgia
  6. Seemed crazy at the time and then by the end of the draft the 49ers lost Joe Staley to retirement and traded for Trent Williams. For all we know, they could have been open to taking Wirfs, but then decided to just trade for Williams and figure out a long-term solution next year
  7. The shanked punts are one issue. When he's having a bad day, his punts also have only two options. Option A is a very long punt, but he out-kicks his coverage and there's usually a decent return. Option B is hangtime with a huge sacrifice to distance. The ideal punter would be able to do something in between. Like 50 yards with good hangtime is better than 65 with none or 42 with too much....and I'm not sure he's got that in the tool bag
  8. Bass’ kicking caught the eye of Senior Bowl executive director Jim Nagy, who invited him to play in the annual showcase in Mobile, Alabama and caught the attention of NFL scouts in attendance. He shined in practices, booting a 55-yarder that would have been good from 60 yards-plus. In the game, he kicked field goals of 41 and 50 yards and was 4-of-4 on extra points. “The dude has a crazy leg. So I think he’ll be the first kicker drafted this year,” Nagy told The State. “My time in the NFL, the special teams coaches I worked with, they want the leg. They feel like they can hone a guy’s technique and get him more accurate. But their thing is, it’s hard for us to make a stronger leg. Tyler can absolutely boom the football. That’s why we brought him in. He really showed up well out here.” From Bass' hometown newspaper. https://www.thestate.com/sports/nfl/article242168846.html
  9. I don't buy into the train of thought that the Bills need a hammer back to pair with Singletary. He was so, so good at navigating through piles last season and popping out the backside of a mess of players for an extra yard or three. His weakness is long speed. He's never going to break a 50+ yard TD unless the entire D trips over each other or something. I would rather see them pair him up with a guy like that instead of a between the tackles plugger. If they don't want to go with a rookie, Fournette and Coleman both work. They aren't world beaters but they're UFA after the season which means you're trading a late round pick for a year of their service and then you can LIKELY recoup that pick via a compensatory selection when they sign elsewhere
  10. There's no statement of desire in that post. PSE flat out missed deadlines with the NHL. They were going to switch to royal blue and didn't submit on time. They were going to wear the throwbacks on theme night like Vancouver did, and didn't submit on time. Those are concrete examples of the failings of management. Meeting deadlines is business 101.
  11. I'm very much in the "don't pay a premium for RB" camp but when you take the strengths and weaknesses of Taylor and put them next to Singletary's strengths and weaknesses? My goodness. They would be an absolutely devastating backfield pair. Taylor has that break-away speed that Singletary does not. Singletary has that knack for wiggling through the pile, where Taylor does not. Both of them had a ton of college touches so you could balance out the wear and tear worry. Taylor thrives with more carries whereas Singletary may never be a 25 touch guy in the NFL due to being a little on the small side. I don't love the idea of an RB at 54 but if Taylor or Dobbins are like #25 on the Bills board and the next guys are 40-45? Yeah man that could be electric
  12. Perry is supposedly a good STer in his own right. Not going to pretend I'm an expert on special teams play but that's his reputation.. anyhow; it's Perry's replacement but also they have different roles on the ST units. IIRC Jones lined up as the return man in his last stint here, at the very least on kick returns, can't remember if he fielded punts too. Perry definitely didn't do that. I *think* Perry was the up-back on the punt team but I'm not even entirely sure of that either. Could be a very big shuffle of the ST roles in 2020 which is needed considering their performance. I also think Jones provides a little more juice if pressed into play on offense
  13. You're talking potential. You hope #22 is a player as good as Diggs WHEN they hit their ceiling. It was moved for a known commodity to hit the window before Allen monopolizes the cap
  14. Every trade in the NFL history is bad when compared to the Hopkins trade. If that's your standard for evaluation of value you're going to be disappointed for the rest of your life. BOB has poop for brains and would trade anyone for an Egg McMuffin, as evidenced yesterday. It DOES matter what picks they had before the deal. Again, let's just pretend it's Cleveland's 5th and 6th going to Minnesota. Those picks were acquired for the low, low price of trading Wyatt Teller, who they were possibly going to cut anyway. Like you said, every pick has value. To the Bills, the value of the mid-to-late round picks was usage as trade pieces. 9 draft picks were NOT going to make this roster, especially when 5 of those 9 were in Rounds 5 and 6 where every pick is a dart throw. At #22 you're not getting Stefon Diggs. Jeudy, Ruggs, Lamb? More than likely off the board before 22. I like Tee Higgins a lot, but he's likely not going to be Diggs. Shenault? Not Diggs either. This is a move you make when you have a QB on his rookie deal. You have to hit that window to win before you retool the roster to pay the QB.
  15. Bills had three 5ths and two 6ths from the Teller and Bodine trades. Let's just say Beane moved the Cleveland picks to simplify it. Buffalo sends #22, the Wyatt Teller picks (CLE's 2020 5th and 6th) and a 2021 4th Buffalo gets Diggs and a 2020 7th Projection guys think the Lawson signing could net Buffalo a 2021 4th compensatory pick also
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