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  1. That's how 7 teams would work. #1 in the conference gets a bye.Other division winners are 2-4, Wildcards 5-7. #2 hosts #7 #3 hosts #6 #4 hosts #5
  2. I'm absolutely jaded. I'm 31. The first game Ir remember going to, Todd Collins was the QB. Or in another way to phrase it, I don't remember the glory years any more than knowing they were good and my dad enjoyed watching them. My entire life has been watching the Bills with awful offenses. It's been a ride.
  3. Being a good fan should mean being realistic about the state of the franchise, not predicting a 13-3 season every year despite obvious warts. I voted 0-20% for each. I would need to see significant growth from each to have confidence in being a Super Bowl contender. Without that growth I think the ceiling of this team is similar to the Chiefs with Alex Smith. With the right mix of schedule and roster makeup, you can make the playoffs, even do so consistently. But there has to be something to push them over the top. Allen's flaws are obvious and have been gone over time and time again. Pre-draft I saw him as a prospect with a sky high ceiling and an incredibly low floor. What he has done through 20 games, in my opinion, has raised that floor. I now think the worst case scenario is average to below-average NFL starter, kind of like Andy Dalton or Alex Smith over the last decade or so. Perhaps he becomes a poor man's Stafford if the gunslinger tendencies come back. That would be his floor, it's not great but at least it's not all time bust bad. The ceiling still exists but the likelihood of him reaching it lowers with each start. Sure, Daboll isn't an elite play caller, but he's also missing open receivers and/or not seeing them at all, so there's fault on both parties. McDermott needs to grow also. He is 1 for whatever on challenges and that 1 came back in 2017. Either he's going off his gut and is wrong frequently, or whoever is in the booth telling him when to challenge is immeasurably awful at it. That needs to change. You can also count on him to take a knee and jog to the locker room if they get the ball back with 75 seconds or less in the first half, even if they have all their timeouts. The two minute drill is the slowest I've ever seen. There's often no useful on the fly adjustments made if a team is beating the D or stopping the O until the half. Why can't someone upstairs assist here? At least he has shown some progress this year in going for it on 4th and short.
  4. Yes, the reason is that he tore his Achilles last November
  5. Assuming he has a medical visit coming up or something like that. I think it was right around this time last year that he tore his Achilles so maybe there's a check-up scheduled for 1 year post-surgery that would get him a clean bill of health
  6. It shouldn't take much. Landry and these Bills haven't got along basically since the AW hit. If I recall correctly the last time he played against the Bills was the 2017 season finale, in which he and Kenyan Drake were ejected for trying to fight the entire Bills defense on their own
  7. Passing offense is different now than it was in 1993. Marino and Fouts chucking it around the yard in the 70s and 80s is irrelevant because no one else was doing it. After the 1993 season, there had been 21 4,000 yard passing seasons in league history. #21 was Joe Namath in 1967, with 4,007 yards. That very same Namath season is now #172. That means there have been another 151 4,000 yard seasons from 1993-2018, or roughly 5.8 per season. There's been 11 5,000 yard seasons since then. #21 overall is 2001 Kurt Warner, with 4,830 yards. 18 of the top 20 seasons overall have taken place since 2011, with the exceptions being 1984 Marino and 2008 Brees (5,084 and 5,069 respectively.) Marino held single-season passing yards record from 1984 until 2011. That season is now #9 overall, and has been surpassed by Brees (4x), Brady, Big Ben, Mahomes and Manning. Times have changed. Comparing passing yards from 1993 to 2019 is akin to comparing points in the NHL during the late 90s/early 2000s, when every game was 2-1, vs the 70s and 80s, when every game was 7-6.
  8. This applies to flexing times on Sunday only. For the week 16 block it's a different set of rules because the league/NFL Network is choosing 3 of the 5 games to be played on Saturday instead of Sunday. From the official league schedule announcement: https://operations.nfl.com/updates/the-game/nfl-announces-the-2019-regular-season-schedule/ “Flexible scheduling” will again be used in Weeks 11-17. In Weeks 11-16, the schedule lists the games tentatively set for Sunday Night Football on NBC. Only Sunday afternoon games are eligible to be moved to Sunday night, in which case the tentatively scheduled Sunday night game would be moved to an afternoon start time. A flexible scheduling move would be announced at least 12 days before the game. In Week 16, three of five possible matchups currently listed as TBD will be scheduled for Saturday on NFL Network: Houston at Tampa Bay, Buffalo at New England, Detroit at Denver, Oakland at the Los Angeles Chargers and San Francisco at the Los Angeles Rams. Start times and Saturday games for Week 16 will be announced no later than following Week 8, with the non-Saturday games to be played on Sunday. A couple of weeks ago, they decided to move that deadline back to "following week 10" as noted in the blurb above the matchups here: http://www.nfl.com/schedules/2019/REG16
  9. I wonder if they could use Liuget as the 3-tech with Oliver and then play Jordan Phillips out of position at 1-tech instead of Star. I know it's not ideal, but I suppose it could work, and if it led to an improvement...
  10. Agreed. Depends on the length of Brissett's injury in Indy too. I think Hoyer having to start 2 or 3 games will allow the Raiders and Chargers the chance to keep pace. Should be very interesting since the Raiders and Chargers play each other on TNF and if I remember correctly, the league has to make the decision on these games next Tuesday.
  11. I think Rams/49ers gets the primetime slot. Makes more sense for the league to get the LA media market on as late as possible but I think BUF/NE could be the 4:30 Saturday game depending on if the NFLN chooses to take HOU/TB or OAK/LAC. We all know that a Chargers home game won't start at 1:00 PM Eastern so that is probably the deciding factor. IMO it will be one of these two lineups BUF/NE 1:00 OAK/LAC 4:30 SF/LAR 8:15 OR HOU/TB 1:00 BUF/NE 4:30 SF/LAR 8:15 I'd be interested to see if they do the Raiders/Chargers and have both LA teams playing on Saturday. I know they don't play in the same place but I'd guess that it's less than ideal when they have the ability to dictate who plays when. Of course the problem there is that the other two games kinda stink.
  12. That game is almost certainly going to be on Saturday that weekend. NFL Network gets to pick 3 of the following 5 games and set them at what I am assuming will be 1:00, 4:30 and 8:15, the other two stay on Sunday. Houston at Tampa Bay Buffalo at New England Detroit at Denver Oakland at LA Chargers San Francisco at LA Rams Not really a great slate. BUF/NE and SF/LAR are easy picks for the best two. Really unsure who they will take as the 3rd game, but I think DET/DEN can be safely eliminated
  13. With KC/NE in the 4:25 slot already I think we can lock BUF/BAL in at 1 to be honest. CBS will be more than happy to show Chiefs/Patriots to the entire nation
  14. There's no chance they're flexing the LA market out of primetime for Buffalo. It's not a slight against the Bills either. Same reason you'll almost never see an NFC East game removed from SNF no matter how bad the teams are.
  15. @ CLE -- W @MIA - W DEN - W @DAL - L BAL - L @PIT - W @NE - L NYJ - W 11-5, first wild card, face the AFC South winner (likely Houston if Brissett misses any time for the Colts)
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