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  1. Jesse James and Tyler Bass Man resurrecting the New Age Outlaws in Buffalo.
  2. You mean in San Diego where its sunny almost every day and barely ever gets cold?
  3. It's the playoffs. Every game is primetime, there's only one at a time. Time slot is ratings based, and in a year with limited fan attendance, TV money means more than ever before. Indy was the worst possible draw from that perspective; two of the smallest markets in the league. No big deal. Take care of business, win your 2v7 game and you have an extra day plus of rest over your next opponent. You finish playing at 4:30ish on Saturday and the other AFC teams don't kick off until 4:30 Sunday.
  4. Looks like the same crew to me except the side judge - Walker looks to be the regular on the crew (9/11 weeks) and Dominique Pender who was SJ for Bills/Rams looks like a guy who bounces between crews
  5. That's because Cam's the 2021 backup! Barkley and Fromm are the physical opposite of Allen. Cam isn't playing poorly enough to wash out of the league entirely, but not well enough anyone will want him to start either. Removing the Panthers connection entirely, it makes sense. Play style wise there's not going to be anyone available any more similar to Allen than Cam, and it makes it so you don't have to completely change the offense to bring in one of the noodle arm mayo sandwiches they have backing Allen up now.
  6. At least once a year this happens. They just show up completely flat and look like it's the first time they've played football. It doesn't even have to be against a particularly talented team. 2017 it was the Saints running for 300 yards and winning 47-10 2018 it was the 1-5 Colts winning 37-5 2019 was the Eagles running at will I don't understand why it happens, but it happens. I've learned to just accept it and move on to the next game
  7. It depends how Phillips returns from the ACL tear, but he was *thisclose* to permanently taking over the majority of the snaps from Star when he got hurt. He was playing really well. Week 1: Star 30 snaps, Phillips 23 Week 2: Phillips and Star 28 snaps each Week 3: Phillips 26, Star 21 If he can get back to that form sooner rather than later, that's good. The Bills certainly positioned themselves to move on from Star sooner than originally thought when they restructured his deal.
  8. I'll go ahead and circle week 5, 2021 for my return to Nashville then
  9. Don't tell me what to do. Ever. Even if there's a fire
  10. Well they already kept week 1 more or less the same as last year so... May as well keep this one too
  11. I posted a few pages back on Sunday where Jim Nagy, the guy who runs the Senior Bowl, said something to the effect of this: NFL coaches would rather have guys with the monster leg and work on the accuracy. In their opinion you can teach accuracy, but the booming leg is something a guy has or doesn't. His NFL.com scouting report also mentions he has a "repeatable process" to his kicks which is something working in his favor. Should Bass not work out, I could see the Bills also circling back on Chase McLaughlin. Seems the Colts have a 3-way battle between Vinatieri, McLa
  12. Seemed crazy at the time and then by the end of the draft the 49ers lost Joe Staley to retirement and traded for Trent Williams. For all we know, they could have been open to taking Wirfs, but then decided to just trade for Williams and figure out a long-term solution next year
  13. The shanked punts are one issue. When he's having a bad day, his punts also have only two options. Option A is a very long punt, but he out-kicks his coverage and there's usually a decent return. Option B is hangtime with a huge sacrifice to distance. The ideal punter would be able to do something in between. Like 50 yards with good hangtime is better than 65 with none or 42 with too much....and I'm not sure he's got that in the tool bag
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