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  1. Well, Candlestick is gone. Stanford is still in Santa Clara County.
  2. Since the Bills just had their bye week and McDermott said they’d be working on the running game, I’ll reserve judgment on the RBs until after the next couple games.
  3. Apparently they brought it back, but it’s on ESPN+, which, of course, will cost you more. They have another highlights show on ESPN called Rewind, which was renamed after they brought back Bergman on the new Primetime. Rewind isn’t as good. I watch the NFL Network version, which continues to change and is now hosted by Chris Rose alone.
  4. Great set of pics. My favorite Bill, Brave & Sabre.
  5. Glad to see that “Jethro” is still gainfully employed.
  6. There’s also the Disabled Player Exception, which the Warriors just applied for after Klay Thompson’s season-ending achilles injury.
  7. Yeah, he would be my 2nd also. So, are many of us failing to mention OJ because of his post playing days developments? The 1971 thru ‘75 seasons were fun to watch OJ. I just identified with Chandler more.
  8. It’s because of his feet. He could run for a 1,000 yards and throw for 4,000. I still think somebody is going to cream him one of these days. He also just stated that he hasn’t closed the door on playing baseball.
  9. Man, that 2018 QB class was so highly thought of and got off to a good start. Rosen now looks like a bust. Mayfield and Darnold have regressed and Lamar Jackson may be also. Josh Allen looks like the best right now. From prior drafts, Wentz, Goff and Trubisky have regressed. It’ll be interesting to see if this year’s rookies can maintain their level of play.
  10. Exactly. Alex Smith may have never been more of a Captain Checkdown but the Niners were going thru OCs almost yearly at the start of his career.
  11. I hope the players don’t start thinking the same thing. That’s a recipe for disaster.
  12. I’m old enough to remember Paul Maguire as punter.
  13. Yes, the call on Singletary was bogus as the Cardinal player took a dive. As Ian Eagle said, Singletary is 5-9 and around 200# while the Cardinal weighs over 300.
  14. Also, what the heck happens at halftime that they play so poorly in the 3rd Qtr? I don’t know how much of anything can be done in 12 minutes, which includes the walks to and from the locker room. Do the players take a 5 minute nap, then come out groggy? Obviously, if the coaches are making adjustments, they’ve determined them before getting into the locker room. Not much time to draw it up.
  15. The stoogiest?! 🤪 Nyuk nyuk nyuk!
  16. C’mon man! He’s barely averaging a yard per carry. The Dolphins top RB Myles Gaskin is on IR, yet they still dropped Howard. The Bills playing Gore was crucified here and he was relatively much better.
  17. You can add a 2004 game vs the Jags where Byron Leftwich throws a TD pass on the last play to win the game. On a previous 4th down play, Nate Clements just has to knock a pass down to win the game but he goes for the INT, misses it and a receiver gets a big gain.
  18. I’m 20 years older and I guess I haven’t matured. I had to find some comedies to watch.
  19. I believe the thought was it was not the last play. Arizona could’ve thrown another pass to the sidelines to gain some more yards and only take a couple of seconds. You wouldn’t put a non-defender in at that point. Had that throw not been successful and 2 seconds remained , then Yes, you put some taller people back there.
  20. The other games on the schedules of the Bills, Dolphins and Pats may contribute to the taking of the division and playoff spots but the Bills last 2 games at New England and home vs Miami could be huge, as well as the game the week before with Miami at New England.
  21. Yes, and it was a flop by the Arizona player. As Ian Eagle said, Singletary is 5-9 and around 200# while the D-Lineman he bumped was about 300#. They should’ve considered that. Bad call.
  22. Yeah, there have been big WRs for years, yet most of the DBs end up being 5-10 to 6 feet. Why doesn’t a team take a big WR and develop him as a CB?
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