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  1. It's been stated that each team will play one home game and one away game in the preseason. That is NFL wide. They are reshuffling the schedule.
  2. It's cool, but honest to god, I could care less. I'm there to watch the game not really to glance at the board. I'm with the poster up there ^^^ Who gives a crap about all that extra crap? Waste of money. Their attendance isn't going to contingent on that scoreboard one bit. And after the first time you see it, you'll be over it, and will be a subconcious feature/amenity at the stadium from that point on.
  3. Yet, on the flip side of this.....the Pegula's who earned billions of dollars have no business sense? Really? Leave it to the pros? How'd that work out for the Bills for the 20 year drought? The Tom Donahoe era in particular....wasn't that entire era of pro run Bills football just so much fun? Both on and off the field. Business and Football ops. The pros didn't seem to have a clue either. I get your point. But still. Good players correct everything. The Sabres will get lucky at some point, and they'll be called a model franchise someday.
  4. I'm not sure if I'm right or wrong, but I have zero worry about the Pegulas having enough cash to own and continue to run the Bills. And I'm stoked because between Covid 19 slowing down cashflow for state and local governments for non-essential things like a NFL Stadium, and not a ton of new oil money, it seems to me that any support at all for financing a new stadium these days will be pretty lacking along with just being plain stupid hopefully. Although, New York does harbor some of the dumbest politicians in the world, so nothing is guaranteed in terms of common sense. I.E. use the money to pay for essential needs and services that serve citizens first, not a NFL Stadium. Renovating the Ralph seems much more plausible at this point. Those of us that want the facilities to stay in Orchard Park seem to maybe have things swinging in our favor here. #RenoTheRalph
  5. All in good fun. However, even social media is a competition, albeit friendly, between teams. If I were the Steelers, I would have simply taken a picture of their Super Bowl trophy case with no words needed and tagged back. End of story!
  6. Absolutely hate it. Should be way more difficult than a 4th and 15.
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