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  1. https://www.wivb.com/news/local-news/buffalo/one-of-two-possible-home-playoff-games-for-the-bills-sells-out/ LOL. Wow. Considering one game is already sold out......
  2. I'll be there. Lower level kinda where the pylon is. This night game blows. Have to kill all day long doing something as to not have to sit in a hotel room. Ugh. Could get a little rough for visiting fans in there too. Hunker down. Stay the course! lol
  3. Without prolonging this, because I no longer come here to get in to drawn out conversations arguing back and forth..... The Denver Broncos can do this because they have a season ticket waiting of over 75,000 people I believe. Big difference. That gives them all kinds of advantages when putting policies in place. The Bills would kill their own business model if they did that.
  4. No offense, but WTH are you talking about suggesting that the Bills limit season ticket sales to just local zip codes? I've been a season ticket holder for 20 years and live in Virginia. Before kids, and during the first 12-15 years of the 18 year suck period, I came up to almost all home games. They are lucky to have me hang on for so long through piss poor management. Then, I got tired of the losing and cut back drastically. During those years, I had to practically give tickets away because nobody wanted them. And I'm on the visiting team side, lower bowl, 48 yard line. 19 rows up. Now that we are competitive again, I've been to more games again. The city and region of Buffalo is plenty big enough to fill this stadium full of 90% Bills fans. And that includes season ticket holders and locals that now have secondary market tickets available to them as well. There are plenty of local Bills fans right now that could gobble up those secondary market tix as we speak. We aren't the only cold weather city in the NFL. If the stadium isn't at least 90% Bills fans this Sunday, well, shame on us. It's not going to be bone chilling cold. Plenty of affordable tix are available. And this is the first legitimate huge game we've had in 20 years. Get your asses to the game this weekend. Dress warm. And come fired up. This makes me ill. And no, it's not just as fun in front of your 75 inch TV in your basement. I have one too. That excuse is lame as well. Nothing beats the live experience. Nothing at all. If the Bills pull an upset, those in attendance will remember the game forever, because the energy in the place will be amazing. Something you can't create in your living room.
  5. Romo is unrivaled. He's the best in the business, and again, was terrific on the broadcast. He's probably the best color guy, ever. I'll take Romo any day of the week.
  6. Quickly, off the top of my head.......guys who don't run much sitting their asses watching games this year. Big Ben. Brees. Foles. Brissett. Flacco. Keenum. McCoy. Stafford. Newton. Now, lets list all the "running" QB's that are hurt...... Ummmmmmm. Ummmmmmmmm. Well, ummmmmm. Let him friggin run. John Harbaugh and staff embraced all of Lamar's skills. Let Josh run when he see opportunity to do so. He's our biggest offensive weapon and his running opens up the skills of the rest of our mediocre offensive players, making them better.
  7. If we can get the Steelers, 10-6 looks ok. 9-7 looks even more realistic. However, if we get 10-6....We can be King Schitt of Turd Island. I guess that's better than where we usually are and get us in the wildcard.
  8. I must concur. Some of the most likable owners in all of sports. So glad we have them.
  9. A true #1 WR would make this offense legit. Brown and Beasley are very solid, but they aren't true #1's or gamebreakers. If we added a true #1 to this offense, all kinds of great things would open up making Brown and Beasley almost unstoppable if defenses had to concentrate on a real #1. The Bills weren't all that great of a team 2 years ago when they made the playoffs. This year's team is legit, and could be very potent on offense if we go out and get some help. Benjamin was a PR move 2 years ago. It's time to make a real football move this time and have confidence we can actually make a run with a legit WR. Singletary will add much needed speed to the running game as well.
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