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  1. But you are an orphan! They left you on the steps of The sisters of Saint Peters, you were then traded for a box of tissues to the Carmelites who then in turn pawned you off on your current keepers.
  2. You and your family are on the list Hang tough
  3. Well, I had to go incognito to see what the ascot crowd does on these events, so as master of disguise this was this years outfit. The goal post incident was when I tried to do a few chin ups, unfortunately it couldnt quite hold my weight. I will be back for the opener, although I may not wear this getup.
  4. Thus the phrase "Barfed his brains out" was born
  5. Wow, talk about drinking your face off or I guess he was headed in the wrong direction or He really didn't use his head that time or What were the local headlines? Or where was he headed ? Im sure we all can expect Ed to chime in on the importance of diligence when conducting assaults with telephone poles.
  6. Coleman 5600 Thats what I got, Love it
  7. Maybe he's too hung over to respond.... Happy birthday you old curmudgeon
  8. You have to put one of those sticky things called "stamps" on the top right corner
  9. I've seen him park more than that, check the TBD tailgate board for reservations. My guess would be the lot holds at least 50 cars, but I may be wrong (as usual)
  10. Thanks Cindy, How was the general mood of the camp? Any slowdown, or cautionary proceedings due to the previous days events? Was it still upbeat, busy practices, or a subdued type atmosphere? How did Drew look, How did Travis look?
  11. They should have retired it after my illustrious career --Walt "Pancake" Patulski
  12. I am looking for wallpaper that resembles the fans in the stands at a stadium. I have seen different versions of baseball fans in the stands, I am looking to cover two walls and would like to do a floor to ceiling wallpaper that looks like a crowd shot from the stadium. Black and white or color, preferably to look like RWS, but I can't be choosey. Let me know if anyone has seen this type of wallcoverings. Thanks
  13. Sorry, the Bonnies grads are still using typewriters and chalkboards. Several Niagara grads here though.....
  14. For those obsessive compulsive users of this site, please let us know how many times you have attempted to get on since the last rosen... I'm at about 45 attempts
  15. Dear Pittsburgh Pete, I have researched the issues pertaining to the sample 04-17728882, our records indicate that our corresponding sample number is 2004-8837-99876. Further research indicates that we faxed the results on 8/12/04 at 12:23PM EST to your fax #(614) 555-8377. The amazing thing about a fax is that in addition to allowing us to transmit documents to other parties, it also has the ability to maintain a log file detailing the time date fax # and moron to which I sent the fax to. Because you have misplaced the aforementioned fax, you have asked me once again to re-fax the same information again. Not only is this a waste of your time, it is a waste of mine. If you were a reasonable individual, faxing a document would be a simple procedure. While your inability to look in the fax bin for a document with your name on it is representative of your overall abilities, you somehow choose to blame your incompetence on the person providing you the information you seek. I will be leaving the Abbott laboratories, and have taken the liberty of saving all of your snide remarks and emails and will be faxing them to (insert his superior’s name here) as well as to (insert major name in his company). Lets see how well they do at the fax me if you can game.
  16. I think he's one of the trainers....or the short yardage specialist
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