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  1. Do you have a song you love and consider to be an all time great a la Stairway to Heaven or the like? It would be a song where maybe people would say "I've heard that", but that is not super famous or considered an all time great? I think there are a lot of songs in that category. The one I'll link below has just about everything a song could have and you'll barely ever hear it on radio or hear it discussed. I'm guessing most of you have heard it but haven't heard it in quite a while. I doubt it appears on any published "greatest songs of all time" list (but I think it should). Post yours.
  2. I'll throw in two that are about Dylan, written by someone known for guitar but largely unrecognized for his songwriting, which is on par with anyone. Anyone. He toured with Dylan a few years back and wrote these two about him. The first one sounds like a Dylan song to me. The second one is named for Dylan's tour bus. The whole record they're from, Tracker, is full of beautifully written songs.
  3. Do you have a favorite album cover? It doesn't have to be from an album or group you like, it's all about the cover. Mine is below. I like the album itself too. A cool thing about it is Winwood played every bit of music on it and pieced them all together. It's the definition of a studio album. There isn't a single backup musician. I believe he wrote all the songs as well.
  4. I think Smashing Pumpkins were pretty good. They probably aren't in my top 50 though. I find their song Tonight, Tonight cool but the drumming in it is outstanding, amazing or whatever other superlative. It might not be the hardest song ever played on drums but it makes the song and has a sound I find different in a good way. Do you have songs or solos by non-favorites that you love?
  5. Nice start with some great versions. I'll post mine. Ruth Moody isn't too famous, nor is this cover, but she is AWESOME with a lot more great songs, and I like this song a lot. This woman can sing all day.
  6. If you have a cover or remake of a Beatles song that you feel is better than the original, post it here.
  7. There aren't even any words in the whole thing.
  8. Correct. I saw the picture in the video below and thought it would fit this category. In retrospect Strassburg was too young to really tell. The video is pretty cool though. Gwynn was also the manager at San Diego State when Strassburg was there.
  9. He is a starting pitcher.
  10. Correct. He is a (relatively) famous athlete and currently active.
  11. Who is the kid on the right?
  12. This is a list that should have more honorable mentions than just about any other. In alphabetical order my list of four is below. Chet Atkins Buddy Guy Mark Knopfler Les Paul Toward the top of the honorable for me would be JJ Cale, Hendrix, Albert King, BB King, David Gilmour and Prince who is very underrated. Personal preference definitely plays a major role.
  13. 27 strikeouts tonight. Tony Gwynn played for 20 years and averaged a little under 22 per SEASON. If Gwynn were playing at SDSU this year would he even get a sniff from the scouts? Greg Maddux didn't throw 100 MPH. Would he get a serious chance? Baseball is a game of diversity that has inched it's way toward being very uniform.
  14. You can buckle my shoes You can pick up my sticks
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