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  1. We only managed 10 points offensively last week, largely due in part to our 90% pass to run play calling. I have a hard time believing we can succeed that way against KC especially with Mahomes likely playing. It seems like people think we had offensive success last week.
  2. Balance is critical to a sustained success. If all a team does is pass, DC's will find ways to slow you down. A DC only having to worry about the passing game makes their job so much easier. I think people forget that having a one dimensional passing offense puts your QB in a position to absorb more hits. Defenses pin their ears back when they know it's pass first and ball security is more at risk in a pass heavy offense. Maybe time has passed me by, but look around the league, where you'll see maybe all successful offenses have a functional if not strong running game.
  3. He picked Baltimore, Cleveland, Rams and TB. The guy is too fake.
  4. I agree but I believe the wheels get greased in this situation.
  5. I was very impressed with the game-plan, execution and high energy style of play! Everything just seemed to work in perfect unison for the greater part of the game. I thought guys were trying to rip and strip the Raven runners and receivers a lot more than I remember from previous games. Hughes with the sacks and consistent pressure, and Johnson with another huge pick six that proved to be the play of the game IMO. I agree with others who say it was Edmunds best game of his very young career, as he seemed to have a presence and impact on many plays tonight. I was 27 last time Buffa
  6. I was hoping to see more attention to signing DL? Need to get better on the defensive front. Does Star come back?
  7. Rodgers is top 5 for me, but only one championship and that is his only trip to the SB. I know it takes a lot more than a QB to reach that level of success, but I think he's come up short in some big games. His numbers are incredible but in his 13th year as a starting QB, to be considered the best ever, I need more than one ring.
  8. Similar to last week, Baltimore loves using their TE's. We are going to have to have a much better game plan than last week, but Jackson is nowhere near as accomplished as Rivers at working to his TE's. We had good success stopping Jacobs and Henry this season, but Indy got us for over 150 last week between Taylor and Hines. We should commit to the run completely and make them beat us with their weaker passing game. Obviously if we can stay competitive against their run I think we will be victorious.
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