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  1. I want homefield throughout, and I want to dismantle the Patriots* in the second round after they score an upset on wildcard weekend and everybody thinks "I don't know, maybe Brady CAN'T be stopped." Fill in the blank for championship weekend, and beat the Cowboys in the big one.
  2. I gotta get one of those Rochester Jeffersons shirts.
  3. Six home games before Thanksgiving. We have been blessed by the tailgaiting gods, praise be unto them.
  4. Week 8, Sunday 1pm, from what I heard on 550.
  5. Best moment in sports this year.
  6. If he plays it safe from here on in, he'll be due for a fitting.
  7. So, we should be seeing some "insurance file" leaks soon, right?
  8. Jeremy Lin is the only other notable one I can think of. Jimmy Vesey could have a pretty good career too, I guess.
  9. The county clerk's office is swamped with calls from Dolphins fans volunteering for jury duty.
  10. That's a high motor tweet, if I've ever seen one.
  11. Great get. Don't even really care What hes getting paid.
  12. One of the heroes of the 4th and 12 game.
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