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  1. These two were Tyrod stans, and Bomani even labeled people who said he wasnt good enough "racists."
  2. Aaaand I lost Barkley this weekend. Three of my top 4 picks. Time to sell off my remaining players for next years picks.
  3. Assuming we get healthy at LB, I feel pretty good about the Rams coming east for a 1:00 game, and the Raiders game.
  4. Blows my mind that in the year 2020, we can't accurately determine if a ball went between two pieces of pipe.
  5. I took moss as a late round flier for a cheap keeper next year,and I took Bass so that I could name my team "Bass-o-matic."
  6. Way too much to pay a receiver who has only recorded two career touchdowns, IMO.
  7. Yes, and its either Friday or Saturday.
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