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  1. I'm cool with the vax, I've already had my first dose. My only concern is more with the smartphone app being the way you are granted access. Two people within my gameday group don't even have smartphones, and I know of at least one other who is uneasy with the app itself.
  2. Sounds good. I'll take one, hold the coffee and toppings.
  3. How dare you? Lee Smith is barely out the door, good sir.
  4. I think they went into last year thinking that they could still sign quality FAs at a discount, and by the time they found out they were wrong it was too late. This year seems like they are overcorrecting.
  5. Yeah, he's a minimalist. There was a whole article about it a while back. Very interesting.
  6. Those two releases are WAY different.
  7. Imagine Kyle Williams asking for a release to go to the Patriots.
  8. My friend has only one seat on his account, and he'll probably end up getting a pod of 2. He wants me to go with him, since we sit together at games, but I already went with the person who normally uses the second ticket thats on my account. I feel like a jerk going to both games, but I figure it wouldn't be taking a seat away from somebody else since there are two seats in the pod. Anybody know if that's allowed?
  9. My test just came back clean. I've been doing my best not to get too excited, because I'm not sure how I would have handled the let down of a positive test. I don't think Mike Tyson could beat the smile from my face.
  10. This is the one I was most worried about.
  11. Probably the most disappointed man in the room when the Fitzy news broke.
  12. I got mine at 1:30. Still a lot of end zone 2 seat pods.
  13. So they've already deviated from what they posted on their own site. I'm sure they know what they're doing, but now I'm questioning any info I've seen so far.
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