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  1. Who's taking advantage of the megacast offerings? I'm watching the coaches film room and it's great.
  2. I'm embarrassed to admit that this hit me harder than the loss of a few family members. As much as he may have been uncomfortable with it, the dude left a mark on a lot of people.
  3. This is my problem. If the on field ref calls TB, whatever. But this makes it seem like he was pressured to change the ruling for some larger reason.
  4. I don't understand why there should be a rule change. It's clearly spelled out, and putting your knee in the dirt is incredibly simple. If anything, this is a result of officiating becoming incredibly lazy and sloppy during the regular season, and that they need to tighten it up.
  5. Calls Buffalo a city of losers. Appears to be wearing an Orioles jersey in this photo.
  6. Elway is criminally overrated. I woud have picked Brees instead of him.
  7. What else would you expect from a dude who pushed a kid out of the way to get his face on TV?
  8. I believed this until Glazer and the Bengals (assuming they pushed the video leak) pushed the video onto the Fox pregame show. As bad as the NFL could look for admitting that the last 20 years have been tainted by a dirty team, they risk looking even worse for refusing to admit it in the face of damning, widely available proof. Ths fact that this footage was kept, and swiftly leaked by the Bengals shows that at least one ownership group has had enough. They may have forced Goodells hand.
  9. I was at work today and this jabroni saw my Bills hat and told me we're going down this week. I asked him if he was a Steelers fan and he says "Hell yeah, black and gold 'til I die." So I mention how I'm going to be a wreck all day, since the game means so much and that it's a night game. Dude had no idea of any of the playoff implications or that the game had been flexed. "Yeah, I haven't even watched many games since Big Ben got knocked out. Why bother?" This represents at least half of the Steelers fans that I have ever encountered. ***** em.
  10. sodbuster

    NE v KC

    Every team is letting them do this. Either bring your gunners in, or throw it to one of them.
  11. Yeah, those are my seats. I actually noticed my friends growing bald spot before I recognized the view. 😆
  12. I'm sorry for your loss. I can almost guarantee that I had crossed paths with your father at least once, because that is my friend and I sitting right behind you in this photo. I apologize if any pessimistic comments that I may have directed at the team during the game affected your experience in any way. Go Bills!
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