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  1. To respond to the title, I’d say he/him for the most part.
  2. Lol… you know what I mean… chronic hamstring issues.
  3. Great post Buffalo716! Give this man his credit. The crazy thing is that he will continue to develop and get better each year. I could see him as a pro-bowl player sooner than later.
  4. It's legal in Canada. Maybe time to lighten up in the US on this law.
  5. Who did we sign? Had a busy week and missed it.
  6. No, roll that money into safety depth.
  7. I'm all for two TE sets if the matchups work.
  8. Hello! Apologies if this has been discussed (I didn't see it over a few pages). I'm looking at Hyde sitting there waiting while is market value decreases.... Right now we are arguably projected to start Rapp/Bishop at safety. If Hyde can come back on a 1 year contract for a playoff push and at an affordable price, is this something YOU would endorse? And are there any rumors out there with Hyde that I'm unaware of? I love the Bishop pick, but he's still a rookie. I'd rather have Hyde in there while Bishop develops in sub packages (Nickel/Dime, scenarios/matchups) if affordable. Thoughts?
  9. Did Beane speak to reporters about this move? I'd like some quotes of what motivated him for this signing.
  10. Very good signings. This is Chase's last chance. It's do or die for him. If he values any kind of NFL career, this is THE best scenario he's ever been in. GOOD LUCK!
  11. OBJ..... Just retire already. One lucky helmet catch and the rest is history.
  12. Cephus will make the 53 I think. This is a very sneaky good add. Brings more than Shavers, Isabella, Shorter IMO. I liked the Hamler add as well. This is going to be an interesting WR camp battle shaping up.
  13. Thought I'd bump this to review who we "liked" in mocks prior to the actual draft.... I mocked Javon Solomon every time he was available and am PSYCHED that he's a Bill! I also mocked Cedric Van Pran several times as well as Cole Bishop so nabbing THREE of "my" guys, I'm VERY excited to see how they fare in training camp and preseason. So what say you fellow mockers? Who did we land that you mocked most of the time?
  14. I like Davis. That's a great pick, no doubt. I was hoping for Audric Estime as a bigger back, but Davis is a better backup that can do more then push the pile. Well done.
  15. My hope for this pick: 1. EDGE Javon Solomon 2. An interior OL 3. There are some excellent slot WRs in this bracket. More than one. 4. Also like short yardage pounding back Audric Estime
  16. But but how would you bring all your notes and devices? Might be raining and ruin your laptop!!!
  17. I'ts a long list but here is the top of it for round 4/5 Troy Franklin WR OREGON Devontez Walker WR N CAROLINA Austin Booker ED KANSAS Malik Washington WR VIRGINIA Javon Solomon ED TROY Dadrion Taylor-Demerson S TEXAS TECH Mason McCormick G S DAK ST Jeremiah Trotter Jr. LB CLEMSON Sedrick Van Pran C GEORGIA Christian Mahogany G BOSTON COL Hunter Nourzad C PENN STATE Jamari Thrash W RLOUISVILLE Brennan Jackson ED WASH STATE Audric Estime HB NOTRE DAME Brenden Rice WR USC Cornelius Johnson WR MICHIGAN Malik Mustapha S WAKE Gabriel Murphy ED UCLA
  18. What I'm looking for on day three, not that I think we will see it all.... 1. Pass rusher to rotate through. 2. Interior OL depth and hopefully a guy that can compete to IMPROVE upon one of the starters. 3. Short yardage back like Audric Estime (230lb). I like Ty but I think Estime would be great. 4. Another late round safety with versatility at free and strong, but we'll see.... 5. I'd like a middle linebacker but not many prospects worthy on my big board
  19. EDGE Javon Solomon is intriguing here but still prefer WR Franklin
  20. Okay so it should be Franklin. We need a bit more speed in this WR room...
  21. LB Payton Wilson is interesting as a MLB if his medical is okay. My top 2 right now. FRANKLIN by far then Payton Wilson as a consolation.
  22. If Troy Franklin is still available, I'm all about it.
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