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  1. My favorites for this pick.... LB Nakobe Dean (still worth the pick, thinking long term?) LB Leo Chenal WR Jalen Tolbert OG Dylan Parham S Nick Cross CB Marcus Jones S Kerby Joseph WR Kyle Philips
  2. My top 17 LB Nakobe Dean LB Leo Chenal WR Jalen Tolbert DT Travis Jones TE Greg Dulcich OG Dylan Parham CB Cam Taylor-Britt S Nick Cross CB Marcus Jones S Kerby Joseph LB Christian Harris WR Kyle Philips WR Calvin Austin III WR Danny Gray OC Dohnovan West DT Perrion Wifrey CB Tariq Woolen
  3. Pretty genius..... Knew Cook would not likely be picked in the second round. Knew who he wanted..... and snagged a number of 6th rounders along the way. Nice. Very happy with this pick.
  4. My top 4: LB Nakobe Dean LB Brian Asamoah LB Leo Chenal WR Jalen Tolbert
  5. LB Nakobe Dean LB Brian Asamoah LB Troy Andersen LB Leo Chenal OKAY.... so we should be pretty happy with one of these linebackers If not LB, I'm looking at TE Greg Dulcich
  6. I am ALL IN on linebacker for this second round pick for the Bills. Fingers crossed.
  7. Shaping up to be some solid LB or WR options for the Bills coming up. LB Nakobe Dean LB Brian Asamoah LB Troy Andersen LB Leo Chenal WR Skyy Moore WR George Pickens WR Jalen Tolbert
  8. Sorry for the jinx Nakobe....... yikes.....
  9. Here are my top 25 heading into the second round: Hoping for linebacker or WR OR Watch for Booth/Pitre to slip further... OR Hall or KWIII if one is still there. UNDER THE LINE = "I'll settle for" LB Nakobe Dean LB Brian Asamoah LB Troy Andersen LB Leo Chenal WR Skyy Moore WR George Pickens WR Jalen Tolbert DT Travis Jones CB Andrew Booth Jr. CB/S Jalen Pitre SS Jaquan Brisker RB Kenneth Walker III RB Breece Hall ____________ LB Chad Muma WR John Metchie III CB Kyler Gordon DT Logan Hall TE Trey McBride TE Greg Dulcich OG Dylan Parham CB Roger McCreary CB Cam Taylor-Britt S Nick Cross CB Marcus Jones S Bryan Cook S Kerby Joseph
  10. IF we draft Linebacker.. Trade Edmunds for a third round pick this year and conditional pick next year. Would be nice to recover a day 3 pick. Sorry I brought up he who shall not be named....... But 'tis the season for speculation.
  11. I don't have many OG's in this second round bracket, so I think that "interior OL" might be better addressed in round 3. Great WR options here! I also like TE Greg Dulcich here! Linebackers look very strong as options in round 2. Would be happy to see Hall or KWIII in the second round as well, one way or another.
  12. They REALLY should be starting the draft at 6:00...... 8:00 is too late!! Anyone care to guess what TIME pick #25 should roll in????
  13. Yeah I'm still hoping Hughes is back..... Injuries happen and he would be great to have, coming fresh off the bench.
  14. THIS IS NOT A MOCK DRAFT....... I conducted 46 first round mocks on the pff mock draft platform to see on average who the BPA would be when we pick at #25. BPA as defined by the PFF big board (take that with a grain of salt). Here is what I found in order of how many times said player was listed as the BPA at 25. What is interesting is that you get a sense of probabilities of higher graded prospects dropping to 25. Note also that it is not reflected in the data below, whether lower graded prospects were still on the board (for example, in MOST mocks, Andrew Booth was on the board). Just posting the BPAs probabilities here: THIS IS NOT A MOCK DRAFT....... OC Linderbaum: BPA 22% of the time: (10 times out of 46) LB Dean: BPA 20% of the time DT Wyatt: BPA 17% of the time WR Moore: BPA 13% of the time (hope this isn't our reality....) WR London: BPA 9% of the time LB Lloyd: BPA 7% of the time WR Olave: BPA 4% of the time DT Davis, WR Williams, WR Wilson, CB Booth (TIE): BPA 2% of the time Of course.... the real draft could fall very differently but still. Interesting to see this I think.
  15. I feel that Tremaine could be offloaded for a draft pick if we pick a linebacker in round 1 or 2. I think a third round pick this year and a conditional pick next year could happen with the following teams: - Denver Broncos - Washington Commanders Both are in need of a linebacker and may feel there could still be some potential there. It may depend on how the draft falls for all 3 parties. Extra note: New England and Miami also need ILB and linebacker in general, but I'm not sure how eager Beane would be to deal "within" our key competitors.....
  16. I agree, but the way it usually goes..... is that QB needy teams go into a bit of a panic as soon as the first QB flies off the board. Personally, I think that one of the only ways to trade down for the Bills in this draft is if THREE quarterbacks are gone before we pick. A "panicky" team may feel the need to recklessly trade up for a second-round-graded QB.... before the next QB-needy team nabs him..... May be the leverage we need to get multiple day two (or three) picks. Personally, I feel that if all the best corners are gone, I hope we trade down for Hall, get extra picks to go after the next bracket of DB's....
  17. Seems to me that there are quite a few teams in the market for a QB this year. That could really shake up the top 25 picks. I have FOUR going before we pick. Fingers crossed! That "virtually" gets us to pick 21 if you exclude QB picks......
  18. As much as I love Hall, I just don't see him jumping up to #25, or even the first round. Crazier things have happened though!!!
  19. Two picks I’d LOVE: RB Breece Hall or KWIII TE Greg Dulcich Two picks I expect: CB Andrew Booth WR Kyle Phillips - UCLA Two picks I’ll settle for: OG Zion Johnson S Jaquan Brisker
  20. And there are other lesser talked about options like ZaQuandre White that are interesting. Interesting running style and very quick. With Hall, he's all over the place, and arguably one of the biggest hyped players in the draft right now. There's no telling how high he could go.
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