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  1. Meh, this joker only looks decent when he back tracks from his own mistakes
  2. Might be a VGK Sabres Stanley Cup! That would be fun
  3. I haven't read any replies yet, but I can relate. This is the first year I don't make make my kids pose in weird stances to bring good luck on Bills drives. I just have confidence in our ability and I don't need to pray for luck. It is not a wing and a prayer, more like talent and cohesiveness.
  4. To quote the movie Rudy, you just summed your entire sorry career here in one sentence. Too bad we can’t send you from the third team to the prep team.
  5. Shut down this thread! Lol, kidding... you’re alright, but could you imagine?
  6. Oh, it seemed like a VERY back handed compliment. I am sorry if your only intention was to compliment our D
  7. Open your eyes and turn off your biases is always a good tip I wish I knew how to post the SNL debbie downer meme... I will figure it out someday
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