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  1. What happens in deep blue counties stays in deep blue counties
  2. Hahaha! That’s so funny, last time I heard that I fell off my dinosaur
  3. I’m a bit disappointed that a troll hasn’t even popped in with unrelated cartoon of Trump being a Nazi... That happened with a thread I made awhile back, because we all know the Nazis promoted personal freedom, right to bare arms, limited government, and denounced socialism... oh, wait, that’s the opposite of what Hitler did and what the left is opposed of. Weird
  4. I was told multiple times every year(by coaches and players who were black) of my college career that I played corner really well for being white. I had to fight through racial discrimination just to play a game that I was FAR better than those in front of me. I have seen racial discrimination first hand, but because I’m white, it probably doesn’t count in your book. My teammate and friend was pissed when a fellow student in our class said he speaks well. I asked him if that was any different than him saying I can play corner well because I’m white... he said it was different because there are different rules and things you can say. He was my friend, and I gave him crap about that whenever I could. But the bias is still there
  5. Both skip and Shannon are clueless, political hacks. I’m glad that they have you fooled though. They need the ratings
  6. This worked when the Baltimore police stopped patrolling the streets... oh wait, crime sky rocketed and the populace demanded that the cops come back. Dems have zero brains that bring actual solutions. So dumb. So dumb.
  7. My parents were Norwegian’s who barely had a cent to their name. During the Great Depression, my grand father worked an entire day for a couple potatoes. He became a steel worker and carpenter. Built his own house and added on as his family got bigger. My dad and uncles were all told that if they wanted a better life, work hard in school and get a scholarship because he couldn’t pay for college. So they did. My dad did the same with me. I payed my way through college and learned how to depend on myself. I don’t know why this is an odd idea to relay to other cultures... but you usually are labeled insensitive. I don’t come from old money and had to scrap for my way of life. Why is it bad to recommend to others to dig in and build a better you?
  8. Orange man bad... lol, I get ya. Ridiculous but true for most.
  9. No, Shannon is a race bater who love’s racial controversy. He also said the hardest job in America is being black... his words are ignorant and biased at best
  10. I love Shapiro... always uses facts to base his arguments.
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