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  1. To me this is the biggest offseason question. There are talented CB's in the draft. I am sure we can move money and cap to get needed FA's. But a DE difference maker is what we need. A game wrecking dude. Honestly I would trade 2 #1 picks to get one. At this point I am tired of watching our D-line not get it done. Side note Gronk s a FA. Wouldn't hurt adding him as much of a tool as he is. Great blocker and red zone threat.
  2. Is it just me or does this guy look just like Tom Green and sound like him too?
  3. I’m guessing he gets a scrotal tuck to make it easier to run with those massive brass balls he’s got dangling between his legs.
  4. I think the worst play on defense may have been the screen in overtime on 2nd and 10 or 3rd and 10 when the whole defensive line recognized the screen except 57 which was the side they were running it to. If he had realized what was going on and reacted accordingly that could have dropped that play for a loss. The 13 seconds to allow them field goal range is brutal. Josh really deserved to celebrate tonight as well as the rest of the team. I do think the defense played better than everyone will remember. We did force a few field goals in the red zone. To their credit. Also they were on the field a ton because the offense had way too many three an md outs. They must have been exhausted by the time the end of the game/OT rolled around. That really is on the offense (maybe play calling). It is a team sport and you win and lose as a team. Still with 13 seconds left you have to be able to keep them out of FG range. This game made it obvious how badly we need speed/difference makers on the defensive line to me. People will pick on the secondary and LB’s but they covered well on lots of plays. Sure another elite CB would be great. I still think a top tier DE makes a bigger difference though. I also wouldn’t be opposed if we leaned into offense more at this point and went the way of KC. Just try to out score everyone. Josh I think proved he is next level elite. This was as good of a chance at a Lombardi as I can recall. Very frustrating. I will walk away though with a ton of confidence that we will go toe to toe with the big dogs for the foreseeable future. We should win some of these. Josh has ice in his veins. Very much being overlooked after that finale but not by me.
  5. We need an impact pass rusher. Stud Corner would be great but an impact pass rusher makes a bigger difference in my opinion. Josh Allen is going to win us a super bowl. That was an amazing two drives he put together. Sucks to be done for this season cause this may have been as good of a shot to win a super bowl as ever. Still that was as good of a game finish as the Chargers/Raiders regular season game. We have the QB. Really a lot of good pieces but we need playmakers on defense I believe. Difference makers. Von Miller showed up big today. We lack that kind of player on defense.
  6. That 3rd down scramble for 35 yards probably should have been called back for holding. Obada got tackled. It was pretty blatant. Eventually that will be caught I’m guessing. Our D line is getting there. Just need to get him down.
  7. I think Josh is about to throw for 400 yards. Bills going to put on a clinic.
  8. He left out Tom Brady, Ryan Tanehill, and of Course Patrick Mahomes ironically…
  9. The reason this fan is so epic is because he has a laminated menu in his hand instead of a play sheet.
  10. Everyone is so quick to forget we have a great defense. Just cause we don’t have the marquee names on our defense and KC does does not mean that they are better. We have the better team even if Bills fans are scared to admit it. I feel like Josh is about to go on a heater like he did last season. Only this time it’s in the playoffs. Like the year Flacco or Rogers won the Super Bowl. They were unstoppable. The stars are aligning. This board needs to buck up and get excited for this game. It’s going to happen!
  11. I’d say the Titans yes is on Josh. The play call is still argue was right. But Dawkins got blown up and Josh slipped. First NE game Josh put a dime on 3rd and 19 to Dawson Knox in the end zone in 50 mph wind. That game wasn’t lost on Josh. I wouldn’t even put it on coaching as the plays were there to be made but the players didn’t deliver. Several times. Tampa again Josh went for Diggs on final drive in 4th quarter. Diggs should have drawn a pass interference but that never happened. Yes we lost in OT but again plays were there to be had. I put that on the players. Jags our offensive line was horrendous. Not sure if Josh wasn’t checking to the right plays or what. I felt like that game he was trying to win the game with one throw and kept making it worse when all he had to do was play us into FG range. Agree or disagree with how those games played out we are where we are. But the Bills have been playing really good football lately. Even the games where Josh hasn’t been dominant. The O-line looks day and night different. The defense has been playing even better. That doesn’t translate to an automatic win this week but I feel really strongly about our chances. I feel more confident about Sunday than I do last year’s championship game. Im going to smoke some brisket, sit back, and enjoy the show as the rest of America learns first hand that we are the team to beat in the AFC. We’ve got a date with destiny. Enjoy being a fan this season cause Josh is about to turn it on for a run to the super bowl.
  12. Last year coming off the bye Josh went on a several game heater starting with MNF vs SF. Perhaps last week was the beginning of another heater? https://www.espn.com/nfl/team/schedule/_/name/buf/season/2020 This is going to happen Bills Mafia. It’s best to relax and just embrace this championship run we inevitably are on! Go Bills!
  13. I don’t know what it is but I have the same feeling about Josh Allen this year as I did watching Joe Flacco his super bowl run as well as Aaron Roger’s his super bowl run. Both of those years with both of those players I remember watching the playoffs live just thinking “he’s unstoppable”. They just kept ripping it and dropping dimes the whole playoff run. Coming up big under pressure on game winning drives. I just feel really good about him this run. We have the team to do it this year. I truly believe that more so than last year we can do this. Obviously I could be completely wrong. It’s just my feeling but put me down on the record as thinking we go the distance this year. Chiefs can’t stop destiny!
  14. It’s one of the reasons I wanted us to draft him. He plays the mobile QB’s well. Holds the point and gets off the block when they try to escape. Contain rush is how we are going to beat Mahomes.
  15. Have to believe the Bills can gain more first downs than the Steelers. This is brutal watch this game.
  16. I rewatched the first game vs the Pats last night and holy smokes....Josh put some dimes right into our WR's/TE's chests that were dropped. If they had come down with any of those that final score outcome is significantly different. That game could have easily been a 2 score victory in our favor. Also the faux delayed game penalty on the drive we were moving the ball into the wind. Could of, should of, would of. We lost I get it. But that game Josh looked like a super hero and unfortunately the story was written differently. Similar in my opinion to last year when Josh drove us down vs the Cardinals and threw a TD to win that game. Then our defense blew a hail Mary and all anyone will remember from that game is how we lost. not the fact that Josh had an impressive come from behind drive. I would never say I am overconfident about a win but I feel like our team has found itself and they will do whatever it takes to win this game. I feel really good about tomorrow night. That being said not much sleep for me. It is like Christmas Eve. Go Bills!
  17. Looking like Sunday would be the best forecast for a home game in Buffalo next week. I want the Pats but really don’t care when all is said and done. Our defense was on fire today!
  18. Chiefs lose and Bills win tomorrow and we at the very least move to 3rd seed. If Bengals lose I’m not sure if we bump up to 2 seed but I believe so.
  19. Did anyone read Beasley’s Instagram post? Not trying to bring that topic onto this one but it does crossover. He stated that one of his vaccinated teammates is hospitalized. I sure hope that not Dawkins after being hospitalized his first go around.
  20. I have not suggested to know which strand. I suppose I did imply that he had the most recent strand so mi culpa. A lot of the players in the NFL are vaccinated and now testing positive. So I think if anything Beasley’s point has more merit to be argued if anything. I don’t necessarily agree with it but I’m also not just looking to fling crap at someone because they don’t agree with me. Unless that person it’s a Patriots fan 😂 He’s probably missing 2 games unfortunately. At this point every game counts so yes it’s a real issue.
  21. Not to be a tool but your statement is kind of out of context. I mean it’s not implied being young and healthy won’t prevent him from getting Covid. The argument would be that if he gets it, he believes being young and healthy will help him fight off the Covid just as good had he been vaccinated. Assuming what you said was what h Beasley said originally. I didn’t follow all his tweets. Just saying if everyone is going to pile it on Beasley because he got it when the vast majority in the NFL have been vaccinated and it’s spreading like wildfire amongst everyone. Hard to say he’s in any different position. I suppose we can wait and see how bad of symptoms he develops over the next few days and put his theory to test. Im not too concerned other than he won’t be available for a longer time for not being vaccinated. This strand doesn’t seem to be very bad compared to the first one.
  22. His first holding call was him tossing a speed rusher upfield. It didn’t look like holding to me. It looked like he embarrassed a speed rusher and the ref saw it late and assumed it must have been holding. I thought that was a horrible call.
  23. Ford isn't going anywhere unless he is traded. He is under a 2nd round rookie contract. Not to mention he has played better as of late. Daryl Williams has been up and down unfortunately. But he would be good to keep around as a swing tackle. I am not saying Ford starts for us next year. But I wouldn't be shocked to see him bright back or if he won a starting job with a good offseason. He has had some horrible games but has had some decent games too. We need Center and Guard beef. Wouldn't hurt to draft 1st and 2nd round interior talent this offseason. More than likely we can't get an impact pass rusher where we will be drafting. Also we should look into FA to see if there is a dominant player. I think our biggest needs are interior OL, Interior DL, Impactful DE, CB. Maybe not that order but I would place higher value in protecting our QB than the other positions because our franchise will succeed/fail purely based on his success. I know everyone here thinks a RB is priority but if we had better OL play I think all our RB's would look passable. Singletary gets a bad rap here when he has been pretty consistent. His fumbles are the biggest concern. Every offseason RB is an easy position to get passionate about because they have the best highlight clips but ultimately if we get the right interior dudes our pass game and run game both improve. I realize game breaking speed at RB would be nice but it is hard for me to think that we need to put a high draft pick in that position when we have people that I think can produce on a consistent basis if not being hit behind the line of scrimmage. Get the interior talent and watch this offensive line and defensive line dominate. It is frustrating watching the DE's get upfield only to have the QB's step up and then find an easy running lane up the middle. That practice squad DT at least got off his block this last week to tackle Brady.
  24. This team has moved the ball against some really good defenses. Like one poster mentioned above it comes down o red zone offense. More specifically penalties in the red zone. Maybe that fix is to simplify the snap count in the red zone. Maybe it is more creative play calling. I don't know but every game we lost we could have won. Including the Colts game. So to all the pessimists saying it is all over I strongly disagree. As long as we squeak into the playoffs then there is a chance to make a run. We have the offensive firepower. We have the QB. Despite what all the "sky is falling" fans say we have a great defense. If we make the playoffs then I like our chances as much as any other team in the AFC. Especially NE. That rematch is one I feel confident about. Bucs is a tough match up no doubt. But if we can get to 31 points then this game is as much of a toss up as any.
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