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  1. I really love how he assumes that Gettleman does something what nobody expects I think he may be onto something with WRs taken lower than generally expected and more QBs taken in first round than expected. Interesting scenario for us with Higgins and Shenault still the board.
  2. Good read as always. As for Armstead, since he's been mentioned quite often - I know a guy who is 49ers fan and he said that this year Armstead > Buckner, so he is pretty sure they won't let him go. He says they are probably not able to keep them both, so they might sign and trade Buckner. He said its not just his opinion but that it is common opinion on their forums. I have no idea if it makes sense just selling as I bought it.
  3. Cmon man. You started your OP by saying that there is always a guy "you just cannot believe he was there when the Bills pick". So for me, when we are picking 22, in order to qualify for this, it has to be somebody who is constantly mocked in top 10. So in my view, we are talking about guys like Jeudy, Lamb, Thomas or Epenesa (considering out needs only). Right now Swift is 14 at CBS, 18 at Walterfootball, 31 at Sportingnews, PFF doesn't have him in the first round at all, Tankathon has him 39 (I picked random mocks I found first, feel free to add more). So him being there at 22 is no surprise at all, let alone some shocker.
  4. Yeah but AFC cheated 6 times when winning SB's so NFC will be still superior
  5. Swift isn't even top 15 pick in most mocks I've seen, so it hardly can be any surprise fall at this stage.
  6. Major reason why we are able to take him in this draft is that they have other teams draft Chaisson and Gross-Matos before him. Just saying for those of you who didn't check whole thing.
  7. Tankathon made some changes recently and has us taking Jefferson in the first already... with Higgins and Shenault already gone. I don't watch CFL so I have no idea, just wanted to share this for some perspective. Apparently they think he might go in first even.
  8. I keep hearing Spain has given up zero sacks this year. Where is this info from? Is there a free source for these kinds of stats? I'd like to obtain some context here. How many sacks our other olinemen gave up? What is league average for all OL positions?
  9. Get ready it will get only "worse" in the years to come...
  10. I guess you are not familiar with Fitzmagic cycle...
  11. I partly agree, with two comments. First, they might draft OT in first, but I think WR is more likely and EDGE is also a possibility. And even if we do draft RT and move Ford to RG, you still want to have good OT backup, which Nsekhe is. He seems little to expensive for that role but I don't think we will have cap problems next year (or can use all those money more effectively for that matter).
  12. Yetur Gross-Matos. Random feeling with no reason at all. This time last year I had same feeling about Ed Oliver fwiw.
  13. If you were the man in charge you'd probably lock him out of OBD. We get it. Fortunately there are much smarter people than you running this show so he will get at least 2 more years as each QB taken at 7 should get.
  14. I hope he is, and believe in him, but nobody knows obviously. However, it is actually completely irelevant what anybody, including our front office, thinks right now. They took him at 7 just two years ago as a project QB. Unless there is 100% certainty he is a bust NOBODY SANE gives up on him after two years. And in my mind nobody sane can be sure he is a bust. So he is our only option at least for another complete season. Which, again, is fine with me, since I love him and expect him to be franchise for next 15 years.
  15. Your post is horrific. There are tons of factors in each game so saying JA cost us game is stupid no matter what. I am pretty sure I can name like 20 other things which cost us game. Defense not stopping 3&18 in OT. Neal not sacking Watson in OT. Daboll not calling single run in OT. 3 OL missing block on Cunningham in OT. Watt's sack in 3rd Q. Allens fumble. Failure of defense to stop at least one 2pt conversion. Daboll's decisions to run Gore couple times in 2nd half. Daboll's decision to send DiMarco to run deep. Etc.
  16. Now everybody panic! Or no. Yes we could've been and maybe should've been up 20 or more, but it is not like it is over yet. It was one drive. Josh will make plays as will defense. Chill out.
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