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  1. Great deal for Bills. This cemented my belief that Milano will stay for less than market value too.
  2. I don't know why but I feel little sorry for him (from football perspective). I think he was always in bad situation and didn't get proper chance. I'd say Chicago might be a good trade partner. Trubisky is likely bust and Foles is not a long-term solution. Rosen could get a shot there.
  3. It really sucks that W6 vs Chiefs was moved to Arrowhead. Hopefully we get some other game at home instead.
  4. You're right if the gap is too big he'll probably leave, I just think that money will not be priority for him.
  5. I know many people have this mentality but I don't get it. Money isn't everything. I rather play for 10m somewhere I like it than for 12m in dysfunctional organization like Jets under Gase. And most money for Milano almost 100% won't come from some contender, but from some weak team which is run badly (paying 14m/y to Milano proves this point imo). Would you rather play for Jags for 14m or for Bills for 10m with a chance to contend every year? For me its a no-brainer. For me working environment > money and even moreso when millions are involved. One yearly salary sets you for life (if you are smart enough which Milano definitely seems to be) so additional millions become quite irrelevant. I really don't get what's the point of chasing every penny when you can play with familiar players, in proven scheme, in friendly environment for McDermott in a team which scheme apparently suits your skill set and has a chance to compete every year. But I get that its more likely that Milano might seek money too, I am just saying that my gut feeling is that he won't and signs team friendly deal here.
  6. I still think he stays for roughly 10m. He seems like a guy who values other things over money.
  7. Gunner nice prediction, I think you have solid feel for the possible flow of the season (although you are little to cautious for my taste). I do my own later but couple of comments to yours. 1. One thing that really stands out is Bills scoring. You have us average 21,2 points. In my book it means that either Daboll or Josh really suck, since I expect us to score 25+. If we score 21 on average then Diggs addition was useless or Josh didn't take another step or Oline sucks or Moss isn't an upgrade to Gore or something else was clearly wrong. I am no expert but it doesn't seem to me that we play tougher defenses than last year (tougher opponents for sure). 2. As a result of the above I think we win one game you predict us to lose and we will win some less close than you predict - e.g. Steelers could be 24-16 instead of 17-16 and so on. 3. You didn't predict any blowout other than Jets, and there will be some. I think Chargers are the main candidates, followed by Dolphins, Raiders, Rams or Pats. 4. We will also get our asses beaten somewhere in the season, like Eagles last year. I think Seahawks at home could be the game (after finally beating Pats). 5. I love that you have us win with Bass' 56 yarder. I think that's about to happen. I also agree with you that Bass misses some shorter kicks which we were used to be perfect by Hauschka (and we might even lose a game mostly because of this). 6. I agree with your take on Chiefs game - close loss in a shootout. I guess I might predict a win but shootout loss is most likely. Esp. after slugfest in Nashville which is to be expected. 7. I didn't understand your take on W17 - do we play starters, including Allen? EDIT: Ok I see you already reacted to 1, so I expand a little on it. You have slightly misleading numbers, since overall you predict 25 points more than last season, which is only 1.5 more than last season. And if you predict starters to play W17, it is even more, since Barkley led offense managed to score 6 points W17 last year. All in all, you predict roughly 1 more point than last year, which means you almost don't predict our offense to be better (which surprises me). As for defenses we face - 6x division, Steelers, Titans and Broncos remain on our schedule and I guess they might be equal or slightly worse (mainly Pats and Jets, with Broncos and maybe Dolphins being better?) On the other hand, NFC East and Browns, Ravens and Bengals will be replaced by NFC West, Raiders, Chiefs and Chargers. I agree that on paper those defenses look slightly better, but it is close - at least Ravens, Cowboys and Eagles were also top 10 defenses. I appreciate your opinion on this.
  8. I guess I missed it but what's the reason for the reporting limitations this year? Why can't they report who lines up where? (I know there are some guidelines but I don't know why)
  9. Can somebody explain this to me? I have no idea how it works, but why there are like 6-7 kicks a training? Why don't they kick something like 20 kicks each (Hauschka and Bass) each day? Is it because it is not good for the leg? Or do they practice is 11 on 11 so they need lot of players to practice it?
  10. OP, I had same idea about kickers today but decided not to post it to avoid inevitable flame I think it has some merits if Hauschka looks better / more effective on shorter FGs but does not have a leg to kick 50+, and Bass looks good enough over 50. I can imagine have two punters with different skillsets but I guess thats just too much given roster limitations on game day.
  11. Not arguing with you but any positive mention of any player taken in rounds 3-5 during training camps gives fans hope that they got a steal :) And then some of them realize that they are Jets fans and drafted Jachai Polite
  12. I just hope he gets traded somewhere today since I hate these neverending rumors.
  13. Weekly is fine. Everytime I check forum I open last unread post and browse through all the news. We have much less info than in other years so current system is just fine. But daily will also do.
  14. Me! I thought it has something to do with me not being native speaker but apparently not lol.
  15. Here’s mine: NFL: 1. Saints will not make playoffs. 2. One last placed team from NFC will win division, either Lions or Cardinals. 3. Each team in AFC North will have at least 6 wins. Bills: 1. Will lose to Jets in opener but end up 12-4 or better, beating KC week 6 on the way and Pats twice. 2. Ed Oliver will have 13+ sacks. 3. Bills will have 5 players with 800+ scrimmage yards including Knox and offense will average 26+ points/game.
  16. Are they training already? If they do, why don't we get any info? I know there's covid but Jets for example get at least some tweets from somebody who actually watches TC.
  17. I'm just saying that I'd rather get 9m/y playing for competent organization from top to bottom under McD than for something like Jets under Gase or Raiders under Gruden for 11m/y or even 12m/y. I guess there is a chance that especially Milano thinks the same way. There are tons of people who make same decision in other professions (taking less in better working environment), and it should be actually easier decision when even the smaller amount sets you for life.
  18. "Knowing" Beane, McD and Milano I'd say he'll stay under terms very favorable for the Bills. He seems like a guy who wants to play here and doesn't care that much about the money. Beane won't overpay but for me part of the culture is to offer fair deals to all our own, esp. those who were drafted in lower rounds and worked hard through their rookie deals. If I had to guess I'd say something like 4/36 which if we add to this years peanuts he gets will be amazing deal for Bills. My dream is that key players will be willing to stay here for slightly less than their market price in order to allow Beane to build constant contender. I think Dion just did it and it sets good example (same as Spain before). Milano and Tre will, and then JA will follow. One can dream right?
  19. If guys like Alshon Jeffrey, T.Y. Hilton or Allen Robinson get 13-14m/y, I don't get why would Kittle sign for less. I am just a random fan but I'd say he makes bigger impact than those guys. Same for Kelce.
  20. Lock means 99+% in your book Gunner? I'd set the bar on 95% and add Matakevich, Norman and Phillips. I get there might be some doubts about Phillips or Norman but they still count as locks imo. When doing this I'd add 4th color for reverse locks, i.e. guys with less than 5% to make the team. I guess gyus like Easley, Walton, Harrell or Scott are not effectively fighting for the roster spot.
  21. Not sure what you are talking about. Only receiver drafted last 3 years in rounds 1-5 was Zay Jones and if I remember correctly Beane was not in the building - he was hired after the draft. We also fired complete scouting staff shortly thereafter. I don't think we can say he was drafted by "this regime". This regime only drafted McCloud and Proehl in 6th and 7th round and their success in NFL correlates to their draft position.
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