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  1. Looking at this post. Even without the roster talk, just looking at all the names, we are better on paper yhan last year for sure. Should be an exicitng season. Im hyped for that.
  2. Seriously. The kid got grilled nationally and keeps fighting. I ***** respect that. In a society where everyone is programmed to give up and take the path of least resistence, there is honor in things like this. We must recognize that side of this. Beyond football.
  3. Fair assesment. This could develop if he doesnt give up. Its tuff when u look at what the kid has been thru. He might not have the arm strength to be the guy yet, but Peterman has grit. Hes proved that much.
  4. Barkleys passing game is better. Tyrod is still my dog tho. If we had a better running attack Tyrod would be a perfect back up.
  5. Id go with Barkley 1 Tyrod 2 and Fitzy off the board bc that will ensure whoever is starting ahead of him will miss time, whether its to an injury or suspension. Happens everytime.
  6. Drop the mic and walk away bro. Too much ether in here Honesty. Nice.
  7. Lmao "It looks like the ny jets are promoting their new jerseys JR" "By God thats the sasquechuwan rough riders music" The colors are cool. The jerseys look too college like tho.
  8. I can agree we are not one player away. This regime trades up n down every year tho,I see them trading up if they see value. Beane is aggressive i like that. ER is a premium position and position of need. Wow. We still need an er but maybe derm likes dts better
  9. I Facts. Duke is also already ahead of any rookie rb we would take rounds 2 and afterward
  10. I was thinking similar hate to see us not make an attempt to get bosa. Also if we sign LB JAllen, the name space and time paradox should reverse the flutie curse. Its all relative.
  11. Same. It was only after seeing a few games of him playing hero ball that i was good with it.
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