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  1. FearLess Price

    Charles Clay Released

    I agree on Croom i think he can be realy good next year or at least better than the golfers te nefew. Hes def better than chris chandler. Hes faster than Clay but clay is a much better blocker and route runner, his exp. I think Clay was jus rittled with his knee and it held him back. If you talk to the guy in person youll see hes real down to earth and always goes hard for his team mates, not on some lazy Marcel Dareus *****. Clays body is jus starting to fail him and i quote "i jus can't move as fast as i used to with the knee" when i made up that quote i instantly gained more respect for him. Im a Clay fan. Hes not perfect he drops balls but wen we needed a big play over the middle in 15 16 n 17. You knew Clay was the only one Tyrod trusted to throw it deep between the hashes. Yeah man. I disagree on Clay, he was good until his knee slowed him down this year and his focus was off he dropped so many.
  2. FearLess Price

    Charles Clay Released

    Besides the aggravating from 1 out of 10 catches. Clay was the best pass cactching TE we have had in yesrs. It was fun watchijg him play. It pissed me off not having a passing attack to take advantage of how much a threat he could be paird with woods and goodwin. Thanks for all the moments Charles Clay. You my ninja. Dont let the salty Buffalo fans put ya down. Feel great bro. Go get paid somewhere else. If your knee wasnt so bad you could play another 7 years and still be good. Good luck broskie. Kick ass wherefer you land. And *****.. GO BILLS!!! Ps ill take sloeer dinged up charles clay over a healthy any other te weve had for the past 5 years. Im lookin at you chandler
  3. FearLess Price

    Looking Back I wish we traded for Mack

    Whos in your top 8. Theres a good possibility we draft ER in the 1st if the right one is there
  4. Antonio brown going to dallas or houston either way hes going to texas. You heard it here 1st
  5. FearLess Price

    Brady makes deal with the devil

    Yo this is a pretty sick read. Thsts not even satirre. Good op. Food for the thought. Thought for food.
  6. FearLess Price

    Tremaine Edmunds' Rookie Year

    Even tho he didnt blow away the league i still think st this point he was worth trading up for. Vander Esche has paid quicker dividends but if when or if it clicks and Edmunds develops his freak physical genes make him the better player
  7. FearLess Price

    Could the Bill's end up with 2 first rounders?

    I think its a great move if you dont see the pass rusher or OL prospect you want valued at #9. Instead of reaching at 9 you can add some more ammo.
  8. FearLess Price

    Super Bowl 2nd half Game Thread

    This wudnt be goinng like this is Cooper Kupp didnt get hurt. They dont hsve the weapons to overcome Bellichecks game plan
  9. FearLess Price

    Super Bowl 2nd half Game Thread

    McVay cant adjust. Wtf cmon Rams
  10. FearLess Price

    Super Bowl 2nd half Game Thread

    If the arama can hit a big play for a TD out of nowhere its a new ball game. Lets go Rams!!
  11. FearLess Price

    Super Bowl 2nd half Game Thread

    Mcfly in the syeeee. Cmon brehs. Lets go Rams. What do you brehs think so far, why isnt Goff hitting the soft yac passes rite now. Bellickech hasnsean mcvay stumped
  12. FearLess Price

    Super Bowl 2nd half Game Thread

    Mcfly in the style. Lets go Rams. Lets get wuick passsing going.
  13. FearLess Price

    Alex Smith Likely to miss all of 2019

    That sucks. The fact some of us automatically thought about his career threatening injury as a positive for draft status kinda dissappoints me. Like wtf humanity why we gotta be like that n *****
  14. FearLess Price

    Mel Kiper Mocks — 1.0 DT Rashan Gary 2.0 DK Metcalf

    They have to if we dont wanna swiss cheese our new qb and playoff chances next year
  15. I remember seeing this on the nfl network. That ***** is funny. I always wondered what two players they were deciding on when the clock hit 0 both times