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  1. FearLess Price

    Prediction: Kyler Murray will be an injured bust. #Mechanics

    Drop the mic and walk away bro. Too much ether in here Honesty. Nice.
  2. FearLess Price

    New Jets unis?

    Lmao "It looks like the ny jets are promoting their new jerseys JR" "By God thats the sasquechuwan rough riders music" The colors are cool. The jerseys look too college like tho.
  3. I can agree we are not one player away. This regime trades up n down every year tho,I see them trading up if they see value. Beane is aggressive i like that. ER is a premium position and position of need. Wow. We still need an er but maybe derm likes dts better
  4. I Facts. Duke is also already ahead of any rookie rb we would take rounds 2 and afterward
  5. FearLess Price

    Gunner's 2019 1st Round Mock v1.0

    I was thinking similar hate to see us not make an attempt to get bosa. Also if we sign LB JAllen, the name space and time paradox should reverse the flutie curse. Its all relative.
  6. FearLess Price

    Vegas has win totals for next year

    Oh hell yeah bro. ***** that baby!
  7. Same. It was only after seeing a few games of him playing hero ball that i was good with it.
  8. I was hella mad after the pick. Took me about a week to get over it. Rook was good. Arrived better than advertised, the shades he showed in the 2nd half of the senior bowl got to shine at different points during the season. Ill take that crow fried with buffalo sauce n blue cheese.
  9. If we could get to 2 without giving up next years 1st and still keep a 2nd or 3rd n 4th, id let it rock.
  10. FearLess Price

    Ivory gone

    This means were looking at taking a RB or two late in the draft and some udfa's too.
  11. FearLess Price

    Who lives in NJ and flashed me A go Bills sign today?

    Awesome story. It wasnt me. I see random fans out here. I haven't seen anyone in Bills gear outside but def stickers and flags on cars. 201 NJ.
  12. FearLess Price

    Shaq Lawson 5th year option

    Bring em back just not with the 5th year option. He def hasnt lived up to his draft spot but he is a good depth player whos been improoving.