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  1. Nobody else in the car would take the wrap to save their boys NFL career? I wouldn't call those sumbiches ever again
  2. The taunting afterwards tells you everything you need to know. Cheaters gonna cheat doesn't matter the expense.
  3. Not me. Our defense just put the league on notice, and the pats had to knock out our QB to ensure a victory. That special teams play was the difference in the game and brady looked like *****.
  4. If we gave Beasley cocaine and steroids he would be just as good as Edelman
  5. It's so hard to understand what the hell that man is saying that they had to put closed captioning on.
  6. I just went to the website because This thread had me wondering, and it said "available as soon as live broadcast ends". If I can watch the game at 4 I'm in
  7. Love that they got rid of Thomas for no reason. They aren't better without him
  8. I personally prefer them to the show that's on before them. They're insightful, and they don't put too much sugar in the Kool aid.
  9. Yup. A 6th round pick for our playbook is what really just happened.
  10. His motor is ridiculous. I think your wrong. We will find out.
  11. Well he has to do something different we don't need another Murphy and Tasker. Murph. Autocorrect stinks.
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