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  1. Are you suggesting he shouldn't try to do anything to improve?
  2. I hope they don't fire him. They haven't exactly been juggernauts behind him. Oh and keep Tannehill too, you never know he just might break out next year.
  3. Gruden is a genius. He's going to get fired and retire filthy rich
  4. That's cute op. I hope we win next week. This would surely send Brady into a mental depression and guarantee his retirement this off-season. Three losses in a row in December coupled with a loss to the lowly Bills at home is definitely a sign that the Dynasty is over and it's time to hang em up. Five rings is enough to "go out on top".
  5. Romie

    Tom Brady audibiling mid play??

    This is what the pats do on many different levels. Sometimes it genius, sometimes it's cheating, and sometimes it's both.
  6. I don't think your qualified to give estimates
  7. Really I think it was both. Not the best pass, but there's dudes out there that would have pulled it off.
  8. Does this deal include Andy Reid? Because he's the real MVP.