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  1. It looks like a planet fitness with bills door mats in front of the machines, and bills bumber sticks on the weights.
  2. This post was brought to you by marijuana.
  3. All good points so far. I also think he's at a huge risk for injury this year especially if he's still fat. He doesn't have the three B's the strectch the defense anymore either. He absolutely benefit from having those guys on his team. Do the Jets have any receivers?
  4. I hope it's a white guy, just to get her racist blood boiling.
  5. The real reason Gronk retired. Edelman should just mail it in now before he's exposed.
  6. This is kinda bad timing. I like it.
  7. It's on McDermott and his staff now. A good coach can develop a quarter back and can plug and play QBs in his system.
  8. LoL, dumb move. If your tanking you don't bring in a guy that could win you six games. You go trade for Nathan Peterman.
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