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  1. Been living in Florida since 1959, Miami to Daytona beach. Saw what Donna did in 1960 when in Mia. Went through the triplets in 2004, that was scary. All Canes are dangerous. If you live in low lying area find a place to get higher if it's on track to you. Otherwise stock up, stay inside. Make sure your generator is working and not inside your house. From there trust whatever God has planned for you.
  2. In years past starters would play for three quarters actually trying to simulate an actual season game. There was game planning, potential starters at each position, and an actual attempt to win the game. IMHO, not so anymore. After watching many games this week, I have come to the conclusion there is no more emphasis on this preseason game than any other. Starters go for maybe an entire half. Some players are being thrown in for the fist time, just to get reps. And as always players who are not going to make it get tape, hopefully to entice another team to pick them up. Dress rehearsals are supposed to be for perfecting performance for the actual event, not for still trying to figure out who will play, and who needs to see action. Forget game 4 and just practice for two weeks in preparation for the real deal.
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