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  1. I would like to see the the edge DE/LB always stay on Lamar on option plays and hit him when it's close even on a handoff. Don't even worry about the running back.
  2. It's amazing how little tackle depth there is in this league
  3. His deep throw looks exactly like his pro day, out throwing his receivers by 5-10 yards.
  4. Yes he was cut off their roster, but cleared waivers and signed to their practice squad. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2019/9/19/20874670/chad-kelly-clears-waivers-expected-to-sign-to-ps
  5. Good news is now we can sign Chad Kelly off of Colts practice squad!
  6. Think he's on IR but forgot we have Davis Webb on PS
  7. What qb do we sign? Oh, forgot we had Davis Webb on practice squad
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