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  1. I pray Singletary or Moss run for 2k just so we don’t even consider talking about a running back
  2. I’m positive this was posted earlier this week but check out this article about drafting 1st round RB’s https://www.nbcsports.com/edge/article/offseason-research/teams-are-never-first-round-rb-away
  3. I should have also stated I’d be ok with a CB in the 1st. It just seems as all of the SuperBowl winning teams have RB’s that weren’t drafted high or they found on the waiver wire.
  4. Yes if it means not drafting a RB in the 1st. Having already drafting 2 3rd RB’s in back to back year it would be a terrible use of assets to draft another in the 1st. The RB out of Iowa St is faster than Etienne. He is predicted as a 7th rounder. Draft him if you want a home run hitter. We also have Brieda. The game is won in the trenches. It’s non debatable
  5. Drafting a RB will definitely help with getting pressure on Mahomes and beating the improved Chiefs o-line
  6. I honestly would rather they wait and do it after next season. I’d like to see Josh replicate last season. Maybe not with the exact numbers but something similar. I’d like to see continued growth for another year. I don’t want to end up in a Wentz situation. If that means having to pay more next year so be it.
  7. Honestly I’d rather spend a 7th on a developmental prospect on the o line or LB. I’m positive that there will be undrafted running backs with speed. If they really want one they can sign one of them
  8. Yeah I wouldn’t mind a running back with speed as long as they didn’t draft him before the 8th or 9th round
  9. Harris is a beast. I’m sure he’ll be a good player in the league. I just think it wouldn’t be a smart idea to draft another running back when we can’t run block. They need to upgrade the trenches as that’s where the game is won.
  10. That would be an awful pick especially since they drafted RBs the last 2 years. It’s not a smart investment
  11. While he is a fan favorite I’m not sure he’ll return. During his press conference Beane specifically mentioned getting more athletic upfront. Athleticism is not Mongo’s strength. He’s more of a win with power guy. I could see Beane offering him a 1 year deal similar to McKenzie last year. (Obviously at a way higher rate)
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