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  1. This loss is on a lot more people than just McD
  2. There is no reason to go to the airport and celebrate a first round playoff exit, especially after choking the W away. Participation trophies are the worst things ever invented
  3. Absolutely true. Singletary is a nice RB but he has no explosion and that hurts the offense. a WR is a must, maybe even two, and the Oline issues need to be solved
  4. The offense as a whole has yet to show up in what we consider "big games". The O Line needs to play a lot better than today, the WR core needs to hold onto passes and Allen needs a lot of improving before they make the jump to contending status. The D is legit, that's for sure
  5. This....JA has ZERO time which isn't helping his inaccuracy issues
  6. 10 days to prepare off a huge win ad this is the offense they showed up with? Yuck
  7. I cant argue, they are really starting to gel and are putting some nice wins together. This was a great win and they are a much improved football team on both sides of the ball. Love this team
  8. The guy is a single, 22 year old millionaire NFL QB who was responsible enough to have a designated driver and left the club by 1230. This should not be a negative story compared to the other stuff NFL players get caught doing. I live in Jets/Giants country and the local radio was RIPPING the Post for publishing this crap.
  9. He's 9-1....still sounds pretty good to me
  10. I feel like the Pats game is too, but they need to be firing on all cylinders
  11. True, Pats are showing cracks in the armor and you never know which Cowboy team will show up
  12. I would say they have to beat Denver, Pit and the Jets or else 9-7 it is
  13. Name still says it all....you should stop talking now
  14. Nothing has shown us this team can dominate anyone, even the worst teams in the league.
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