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  1. Would a chip be able to track ball tracking/location at all times. Music city Miracle comes to mind here.
  2. Solid BU QB move for us. 5-6mill is about right and no beef on my end, Beane filled another gap.
  3. I'd have zero issues welcoming in Browns fans due to this matter as well. If our FO pulled some crap like this I could no longer stand behind the team that I have been die hard for since 83.
  4. Browns made a deal with Lucifer, but got Hucifer instead.
  5. Baker is still there though. How comical will it be if nobody makes an offer for Mayfield and he is stuck with the team?
  6. Ohh there are some. In fairness, they won't have to pay 1st rounders for awhile so that should help.
  7. There is a chance if I spend 230K on Power-ball tickets I will win as well. I'm sure this deal just divided the entire fan base on so many levels and numerous supporters are gone. This is one of the most epic trades ever that will be talked about a long time I think. Just so happy we have Allen.
  8. All I will say Is watch how this pans out the next couple years. Browns just basically popped them self in CAP hell. You don't throw multiple Drafts picks and 230mill guaranteed $ contract around in a completely stacked AFC. Even with Watson (assuming he avoids suspension) the Browns will still get throttled by like 6 different AFC teams as it stands. This complete deal is just bad Era, he's not even a top 5 QB in the AFC. Complete knee jerk as they swung and missed on Baker, suck it up and draft another QB. Don't throw one of the highest contracts ever to a QB who isn't even a top 5 QB in the league, one that might get suspended by the league???? Yeah they upgraded QB at a very, very significant cost.
  9. If I were a Clowns fan I'd be so pissed off. Epic stupidity on many levels....
  10. He is right up there with Sam Bradford who made like 130mill over 8-9 seasons somehow. Bradford made 1.25 million per TD while playing in the league. https://fanbuzz.com/nfl/sam-bradford-net-worth/
  11. I'm grateful for this site as a whole. I originally started on ESPN team message board forums until that shutdown and went to BBMB. All I can say BBMB at the end was a disaster, anything posted negative regarding the current team affairs was getting you points or Bans by Mods. BBMB was a complete joke that last year and needed to be shutdown. Thank you @SDS and TBD for a great site. The Mods overall are knowledgeable and fair as well here.
  12. I specifically quoted your Hot Rex Ryan take and said to be careful what you wish for. His entire era here is Buffalo was a disaster on D. Overall, I do agree the Bills D needs to be more aggressive when playing with a lead.
  13. How well did Rex do with our D again? I remember a core of players that were a top 5D and Rex making them one of the worst in the league. Careful what you wish for OP.
  14. Why is the truth a reach? Davis was and is playing at a high WR2 level in the prior year playoffs and earned his spot. He is our Woods 2.0 to a T and the staff figured it out again late. I hope he has a solid year coming up. Dude will get paid by someone else even if we try not to target or package him for some aged WR regardless.
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