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  1. Another very solid depth move by Beane!
  2. Very solid depth move after losing KJ. Good job Beane!
  3. NIce post OP. I'd would add the ? marks to RT and TE as well. I'm truly pulling for Knox and Co. to take that next step along with Ford at RT. These are still big unknowns at this phase though. Injuries are always a obvious concern to any team as well. I still think the Bills need to get at another solid BU QB, with Josh's playing style he could be lost a few games here and there.
  4. Nothing involving $$$ is easy. We have some cash available now so why not get it out of the way now? We either open the talks and give him large investment/contract or have to do it after the season is up. I know the have the 5th year option but that is going to cost what he's going to get paid by us or something else at some point. I don't want to see another Gilmore situation here.
  5. White needs a new contract which is going to be large $$$. I think the Bills should just get this done now.
  6. Take him over all at age 32.
  7. Get the Red rifle hear as BU? I honestly feel like we need to address BU QB sooner rather than later. We all know Josh's playing style can lead to injury for a few games. I guess I just don't have faith in Barkley at all.
  8. Yes, they deserve a crack at another QB if Allen doesn't work out. Playoffs 2 out of 3 years should say it all at this phase IMO.
  9. investment into the O at WR is exactly what I been waiting for. Diggs, Brown and Beas are nothing nice to defend against now. This is a huge year for JA.
  10. Wow, unreal. Watson has to be pissed.
  11. I like this move for depth. Norman will surprise a lot of Bills fans in the scheme he was shutdown in.
  12. Ugly like the Sabres slug when it came out
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