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  1. All I keep hearing about is Tuckers 2 missed FGs which is starting to bug me. How about G.Davis dropped TD and 2 missed FGs by Bass.
  2. For me all this shows is how good Beane and co. are at doing their jobs. We can't keep everyone and they know how to bring in serious talent. It's been way, way to long since we could say that.
  3. Josh is ready for anything
  4. I was really hoping Brees would outlast Brady and just beat him in all passing categories. He can still play the position at a very high level.
  5. Kelce and Mahomes are on a completely different level than LJ and Andrews.
  6. Bolded and we lose IMO. Tre just needs to cover Hill all game man on man. Kelce needs the safety help with Edmunds.
  7. Agree. Block was prob 20-30 yards behind the play but the refs had to call it I guess.
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