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  1. yeah, this actually really sucks
  2. That's a great pic. Refs should wear the red stripe throwbacks, kinda cool.
  3. On Offense I agree 100% and why I think they land .500. However, you can easily argue that this current D and ST core is better than the 2007-2008 core no?
  4. I see them as a .500 team. That said, they went 11-5 with friggin Matt Cassel and that D is still a top 5 unit today. We'll see if the system QB thing is real very soon here between the Pats and Bucs
  5. I want to see the pass Nagy was referring too against Florida.
  6. Yeah, but from 2011-2015 when they had D's in the top 10 he was 50-26-1. How does he do with a top5 D? He's easily the best BU $ could buy at this phase. One of the few glarring holes that this team has as well if Allen is lost. It's pretty awesome when your teams biggest need is a BU QB and starting punter.
  7. Would need to see the season unfold but can say he gives us a 2X better chance than Barkley if Allen is lost.
  8. No, follow the Eagles model instead. Do they win that Superbowl without a competent BU in Foles? 100% no The Bills D, WR core, and RB core are good enough to take this team far Trent Dilfer style. There is zero reason for the Bills to not have a highly competent BU in case Allen goes down.
  9. Biggest weakness on our team is Punter. I'm really happy this is our biggest weakness but very surprised at the same time it is.
  10. It means we got him for a 5th rd pick and a steal basically per numerous media outlets. I'm not sure why Bills fan are bashing the pick? Especially at the QB position that we have neglected for so long. All you can do is roll the dice and hope for Brady 2.0. I'm happy with the pick.
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