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  1. Cancelling my DTV this week as well. Will use the current Sat. base for a HD antenna. There is to many ways to stream games free online now a days to rectify the ridiculous cost of DTV when already getting bent over for internet service.
  2. Not sure that is a bold prediction? With the depth we have for the 1st time I can remember in 20 years I have zero problems with our rookie lineman learning the trade from some vets. Not liking the pick in the 2nd rd for a player that should have went in the 1st is the only thing bold or F'ing stupid here.
  3. The HOF QB and WR on the opposite side of the field had no impact at all. If Juju and Jones were swapped I'm about 90% sure your comment would be as well.
  4. No and Bon Jovi can go to hell. If it didn't happen then when it was a slight possibility it won't happen now. Only way I see this happening is if the NFL does a expansion.
  5. Could you imagine Gilmore and White paired together? I just hope this FO will pay White so we don't dump another 1st rd pick because he plays like one and warrants a contract.
  6. Allen playing a full year and getting better and better each game is all that really matters to me in my eyes. The O-line and everything else should come together after the 1st quarter of the season so let's hope to come out 2-2 and start kicking butt the rest of the year. Again, alot rides on Allen this year IMO and crucial to the Bills success and future. If he looks the same or worse than last season we could be looking at another 4yrs. I do have faith in Allen though, he will turn the corner and will be our franchise QB for many years. Go Bills!
  7. Been waiting for the day for a very long time now. If it does happen the Bills future is bright as we indeed have the real thing in JA and company.
  8. Spot on! I don't get the Williams votes either. He had 38 sacks with us his 1st 3 years and along came idiot Rex. I would love to get another DE that averaged 12.5 sacks a year for us. Coach - Easily idiot Ryan Player - Predator Tranny Benjamin
  9. zzzzzzz How do people get paid to do this stuff?
  10. Just a classy guy taken way to soon that helped represent us fans like no other. This is truly sad news for our Bills community Thank you Pancho for being you and RIP.
  11. Gotta admit EJ's hard count was pretty damn impressive. Good guy whom was overdrafted and setup for failure coming to Bills with only raw talent that needed to be properly developed.
  12. I'm crying, Right? I can careless to read crap from media that has absolutely no clue wtf they are talking about. They did get the clickbait they wanted as it was posted here so they won either way. I assume the following teams from the 30 are ahead of us? Az, Denver, Balt, Miami, Cincy, and Tampa? The list is a complete joke. You get real butthurt about BU QB's I've seen? At least consider Tyree Jackson whom was not even mentioned.
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