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  1. Real McCoy

    Bills Release Peterman

    He sure loves EX Bills QB's. Maybe he will trade Carr for Barkley?
  2. Real McCoy

    Three Holding Penalties on One Play?

  3. We need a 6th Peterman post?
  4. Real McCoy

    Comments about Nathan Peterman being a "good guy"

    EJ was a good guy, Tyrod was a good guy and Peterman was a good guy. I don't wan't a good guy to be our QB anymore. We need the Bad Guy!
  5. Real McCoy

    Bills Release Peterman

    KB next please
  6. Real McCoy

    Ronald Darby Tore ACL. Done for the Season

    Could work for the Bills who have a bunch of $$$ and need a true CB2.
  7. I'm honestly ok with whatever decision McD makes in a couple weeks.
  8. Real McCoy

    13-7 Baby!

    I always support the optimism but the Pats and Texans losses killed us. Both were very winnable games if we only could've shed an ounce of Offense.
  9. Real McCoy

    How about Matt Barkley huh?

    He's been playing this way all year. We just finally found a QB who would actually target him 10+ times for once to make a real impact. My bad actually said Pancho Power. Even better!
  10. Real McCoy

    3-7 and staying optimistic

    Position no doubt is always a plus but, if you draft correctly like the last 2 years it doesn't matter as long as they contribute and develop into better than selected. if 2017 draft had a "do over" where does Milano and Dawkins fall? 1st and 2nd rounders? Early to say on T.Johnson and Teller but both look like they should have been selected before the 4th and 5th rd this year. It's early and I'm trying to keep the kool-aid away from the cup but I can't help to see the promise in these players we drafted the last couple years. Just refreshing and how you build a real team.
  11. Real McCoy

    How about Matt Barkley huh?

    Was a very pretty play. Too bad the camera did not show that Zay's towel said Pancho Power
  12. Real McCoy

    Barkley expected to start

    Screw it I will go plain