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  1. They all suck. TBD is my pre-game, in-game and post-game show.
  2. Yup but the canning comes after Turkey Day when the Bills demolish them on national TV.
  3. I rank them at a distant 5, the other 4 are playing at a whole different level. I don't know how to rank the 1st 4 though but here goes. 1. NE 2. Bills 3. 49'ers 4. Bears 5. Vikings
  4. The Cowboys not kicking that FG in the 1st half did it. Also, the Refs calling a BS O interface on Witten TD.
  5. Refs screwed Dallas out of 4 pts already which will most likely decide the game now.
  6. no doubt. 4 really good D's this year that I can't rank in order yet Bills 49'ers Pats Bears
  7. That front 7 is scary good. Berman used to call/predict a Bills vs 49'ers SB. Could this be the year?
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