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  1. zzzzzzz How do people get paid to do this stuff?
  2. Just a classy guy taken way to soon that helped represent us fans like no other. This is truly sad news for our Bills community Thank you Pancho for being you and RIP.
  3. Gotta admit EJ's hard count was pretty damn impressive. Good guy whom was overdrafted and setup for failure coming to Bills with only raw talent that needed to be properly developed.
  4. I'm crying, Right? I can careless to read crap from media that has absolutely no clue wtf they are talking about. They did get the clickbait they wanted as it was posted here so they won either way. I assume the following teams from the 30 are ahead of us? Az, Denver, Balt, Miami, Cincy, and Tampa? The list is a complete joke. You get real butthurt about BU QB's I've seen? At least consider Tyree Jackson whom was not even mentioned.
  5. Stopped reading when I saw we are ranked 31st at the position. POS brainless article.
  6. I can careless if you agree with my opinion as it will not change. The only fact of the matter is who our QB2 at this point and time is? Fitz would be my #2 QB if not turning 37, so, for longevity it's Barkley. I won't even comment on TT. The starter subject was so beat down around here and only half the forum can recognize truth or facts. The same thing falls under the back up role for me.
  7. 1st - Barkley 2nd - Fitz - dude is 36 or I'd pop him first Distant 3rd - Tyrod
  8. I really love it alot. This is the first time I can remember the Bills truly addressing and Beefing the hell out of the O-line which is so vary important to success in the league! GO BILLS!
  9. Even though the OP was wrong this thread was fun. Based off the Draft results the Bills are much, much higher on our current WR corps than most.
  10. Realized they F'd up at the WR position and it's too late to do anything about it maybe? JK
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