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  1. QuoteTheRaven83

    Corey Liuget DT going to be cut

    Which world?
  2. QuoteTheRaven83

    Is it inconceivable for the Bills to trade for OBJ?

    Fixed. NY only has 1 football team.
  3. QuoteTheRaven83

    What do you want to see this offseason: Free Agency

    Paradis and Trey Flowers (possibly Suh) is all I want in free agency. There's not a WR out there in free agency that I really want.
  4. QuoteTheRaven83

    Would you trade a high 2020 draft choice for AB?

    So adding the best WR for the las 6 years wouldn't help the Bills much? No. It wouldn't His relationship with Ben was fine up til this year? How do you know? Didn't know the 3 of you guys hung out outside the games. Tell me more. So you're saying signing a big time FA will help a team win games? How did Mario Williams work out for us? My guarantees is meaningless? A superstar WR who is used to getting 100+ catches a season will probably get 70+ AT MOST. You think that Brown's not gonna demand the ball more and get inside Allen's head and cause problems? LOL. This is the kinda drama and attitude that can hurt a young QB. Sure he's a great WR but he's not the right fit for us right now. No thanks.
  5. QuoteTheRaven83

    Would you trade a high 2020 draft choice for AB?

    Adding Antonio Brown doesn't make us that much better. He would probably be the worst thing for Allen IMO. An ego like that with a "give me the ball" attitude won't help Allen. Look at his great relationship with Roethlisberger. You think adding that crap will help a young QB like Allen? I guarantee you if he comes to Buffalo, he's not catching 100+ balls. He's not catching 90 balls. I'd be shocked if he caught 80+ balls. Oh, Brown would love that...Would work wonders for a young QB.
  6. QuoteTheRaven83

    Is Dion Dawkins better at LT or LG

    Good o-lines are ones that have continuity because they have a set chemistry. They're not good and need to mix em around until we're set, then we can have continuity. Continuity on something that isnt working doesn't make sense to me. We'll see after the combine.
  7. QuoteTheRaven83

    GM for a minute.

    Easy Matt Paradis, Golden Tate, Sheldon Richardson, Ja'Wuan James
  8. QuoteTheRaven83

    Is Dion Dawkins better at LT or LG

    Teller is fine at LG. I think Dawkins should move to RT, sign a C and RG, draft a LT.
  9. QuoteTheRaven83

    Would you trade a high 2020 draft choice for AB?

    Obviously you haven't been following the situation. No team builds their team by overpaying players. Did that work out for us with Mario Williams? How did T.O. do for us? I forgot about all those playoffs we made with those star players. All those playoff appearances we made with Shady. But Antonio Brown is the chosen one right? Look at all those high paid free agents the Patriots signed over the years. How many high priced moves have the Saints and Rams made? Sure the Rams made a bold move for Brandin Cooks but the Rams were already SB contenders and felt that he'd push them over the top. Ended up to be a great move especially when Kupp went down. These teams built through the draft and signing FAs to fill holes. Best WR doesn't equal Super Bowl. Doesn't work that way. How great would it be if Allen struggles and we have Antonio Brown bitching him out. What wonders it will do for a young QB.
  10. QuoteTheRaven83

    FA Offensive Tackle Daryl Williams

    It didn't work out for us cuz the WR class was just as deep and we needed WR help I don't know what your point is but Jake Matthews, Taylor Lewan, Zack Martin, were all available when we were up. Not my fault our front office was inept and decided to trade up for Watkins. Just because you have that much in cap space, doesn't mean you spend it all on mediocre players to fill a need. Langston Walker and Derrick Dockery come to mind. How confident am I that Paradis would come here? Money talks.
  11. QuoteTheRaven83

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

  12. QuoteTheRaven83

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

    Stop...LOL. You're killing me. LOL!!!!!!!
  13. QuoteTheRaven83

    The AAF Thread

    I don't see this league lasting at all. I think the purpose of this league is to test the new rules and see how those new rules would affect the game. I'd be shocked if it lasted past year 2 or 3. Was interesting to see Ron Brooks and AJ Tarpley out there though.
  14. QuoteTheRaven83

    Which non-Bills draft pick stung the most?

    FINE with me. We wouldn't have to face him twice a year and watch him run the AFC for the last 2 decades.
  15. QuoteTheRaven83

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

    Still laughing...LOL.