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  1. That's good and all but our defense really took off when Vontae Davis retired. Best thing that could've ever happened to the unit. We should all thank him for realizing how bad he was and quitting.
  2. First, I do know AB will be a bad teammate on the Raiders because he's shown his true colors. He's all about me and the moment he doesn't get the ball or things go bad for him, he'll complain. Like or hate the Steelers, they've always been a first class organization and have always stayed loyal to their players if it's well deserved. Then AB leaves and he throws tantrums on social media and trashes Ben, Juju, Tomlin. For what reason? Juju has always shown him respect and AB starts trashing him because Juju was named team MVP and AB wasn't? That's childish behavior that I would expect from a high schooler, not an 8 year vet in the NFL. That's who he is. What more "proof" do I have to show? LOL. If you can't see the type of person he is now, then I'm sorry for you. Even when it was revealed that the Bills weren't actually close to trading for AB, his immaturity shows with his bashing of the Bills on social media. I suggest you learn to read. I've mentioned tons worth reading, you just choose to ignore me cuz I get on your nerves. LOL.
  3. What does living in NY have anything to do with the Giants? Most Giants players live and play in the state of New Jersey. New York and New Jersey are 2 different states.
  4. LOL!!!! OK. I love delusional people. Where was I wrong? He was the first Bills QB to bring us to the playoffs since when? How'd the Bills do when we yanked him out and put in Peterman? And sadly enough, Tyrod did show more promise than any QB since Kelly. That just shows how piss poor our QB situation was than anything else. And I love that you went back 3 years and through ALL my posts to find this. You must have a lot of time on your hands. I suggest you get a life. lol
  5. LOL...What a joke. Go blame Tomlin for Brown's tweets at JuJu. AB showing his true colors that I saw a MILE away. I knew the kinda person he was. Some people just can't see things for what they are. LOL.
  6. This class is FULL of solid RBs. Why take a risk on Leonard. No thanks.
  7. It’s not just Josh. You make it seem as if josh is the only QB that has a target on his back. A QB runs and defensive players eyes light up. ANY QB that’s a threat to run faces the same thing as defensive players want to knock them out. Look at what Cam goes through. Josh needs to learn that he can do more harm with his arm than with his legs if he wants to be a successful QB at this level. Beane is building a solid line to also protect Allen in the pocket and with a running game. You’re looking too much into Adams and Kiko.
  8. Based on production and skill. So based off your comment you would've hated drafting Khalil Mack because he dominated the MAC? You wouldn't like Andrew Luck cuz he dominated the great Pac-10? I could care less what conference you play in.
  9. I hate Metcalf. It's well documented in this message board I hate Metcalf. This talk about far superior athlete is total bull. I could care less about who the far superior athlete is. I care more about work ethic, smarts and intangibles. People here wanna nut over Metcalf's combine numbers and measurables but I don't see production. To me, TE is a luxury pick that you can take when your roster is well established. If you have a good line, good RB, great QB, decent defense sure take your shot at TE early. We're FAR from that. I want d-line or o-line. Someone will be there at 9. If not, trade down and take Hollywood.
  10. How many playoff wins between them? How many SB's between them? Now take out Gronk and let me know what your answer is. Is Gronk, Gronk without Brady? Sure they're great players but how much of an impact did they really make? Protect the QB and attack the opposing QB. Line all the way. F the TE.
  11. This draft is ridiculously deep at RB. I'd be happy with Miles, Jacobs, Henderson, Snell, take your pick. I like a bunch of RBs this year.
  12. This draft is DEEP at DL and RB so there's a good chance he waits to draft one of those positions later and take a WR/OL at 9. I would HATE Metcalf at 9 but if he's still there, I think he's the pick.
  13. Vernon Davis, Kellen Winslow, Eric Ebron, and Rickey Dudley made great impacts for their teams. Lets draft a TE with a top 10 pick.
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