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  1. QuoteTheRaven83

    My FA targets

    You think he'd get better after losing Incognito and Wood in the middle? LOL... You don't think that had anything to do with his regression?
  2. QuoteTheRaven83

    My FA targets

    Don't put words in my mouth. I NEVER once said RBs weren't important. I said they were a dime a dozen. Meaning you can find one EASILY in the draft. So my point is, why would you overpay a FA RB when you can find one in the draft? You don't win SBs with a star RB. Is James Conner good or is their o-line just that dominant in the running game? And did the Niners skip a beat with Young? No because Young was a MUCH better QB than Montana IMO and wasn't a product of Walsh's system.
  3. QuoteTheRaven83

    Where are you on the spectrum??

    Cautiously optimistic. Allen's shown more promise than any QB we've had since Kelly (which isn't saying much) but I also think he's one of those guys that can be ruined if he doesn't get the help he needs early in his development. This offseason will make or break Allen and this team IMO.
  4. QuoteTheRaven83

    My FA targets

    People like me? Like someone that can back up their own statements? lol Answer my question. How's the Steelers running game without Bell? Conner doing bad? And why'd you delete your idiot comment? lol.
  5. QuoteTheRaven83

    My FA targets

    Our defense had more to do with that than anything. BTW. Give me a list of all the RBs that played in the last 10 Super Bowls. lol. You won't see an Adrian Peterson, Ezekiel Elliott, Lesean McCoy, DeMarco Murray, on that list. In fact, how many Super Bowls have stud RB's have even played in the Super Bowl? Curtis Martin? Ladainian Tomlinson? Eagles, Patriots, Falcons have proven that you don't need to break the bank for a RB to make the SB. Overpaying a RB like Bell will never be the solution. What's Gurley doing for Goff and the Rams? What did he do before McVay? What was Goff before McVay? Don't kid yourself. McVay deserves most of the credit for their immediate success. LOL. What a joke of a comment. Let me ask you another question. Steelers lose a step with Connor running the ball? LOL. This is what people say when they know they were proven wrong.
  6. QuoteTheRaven83

    Can Money Buy the Bills a Spot in the 2019 Playoffs?

    As crazy as this sounds but the Browns are building for success. Hire a competent GM. Sign key free agents like Jarvis Landry and SLAY the draft. Joe Schobert, Myles Garrett, Nick Chubb, Baker Mayfield, Denzel Ward, David Njoku. They're finally doing things right.
  7. QuoteTheRaven83

    My FA targets

    I don't think our OL is all that far away from being solid. Wyatt Teller and Dawkins have proven to be more than capable. We desperately need a center and if we can pick up an OT to play opposite Dawkins, our O-line could be dominant. We're only 2-3 players away from having a solid line. I'm more concerned with CB depth, WR, and RB at the moment. I don't see McCoy coming back next year.
  8. QuoteTheRaven83

    My FA targets

    Let me ask you this. What's McCoy done for us? Enough said.
  9. QuoteTheRaven83

    My FA targets

    Have you seen this list of FA WRs? You'd be STUPID to break the bank for any one of these guys. I don't think Tyrell Williams is that good. With a raw QB like Allen, he needs a good route runner that can run the short and intermediate routes. We get speed and can get a deep threat in the draft. Allen needs a reliable route runner.
  10. QuoteTheRaven83

    My FA targets

    You're really OK with those 3 guys in the interior? None are pass rushers and adding Richardson will create instant pressure up the middle. None of our DTs are anywhere near the level of Richardson. IMO we need a more physical presence at WR. All our WR's are small and adding a 230 pound WR can help and absorb a lot of punishment. Tyrell is not a "work the middle" kinda WR.
  11. QuoteTheRaven83

    My FA targets

    Obviously things can change between now and training camp but here's my list of FA's we need to sign. Number 1, Sheldon Richardson. I doubt the Vikings will let him walk but he hasn't signed an extension yet and if it remains that way, Buffalo needs to pay up. The thought of Richardson, Phillips, and Hughes on the d-line is very intriguing. We have the cap space. Don't be cheap. My number 2 FA target would be a guy that not many are talking about here. Quincy Enunwa would be my number 1 FA priority at the WR position. A big body WR that can work the middle of the field and won't cost much against the cap. IMO the best bang for your buck in this sorry FA WR class. Lastly, sign C Matt Paradis. Desperately need a quality veteran Center that can help Josh Allen on the field. Help Josh with the blocking schemes and most importantly communicate to Josh what he sees when they're lined up. Don't be cheap on a veteran Center to help Allen grow. IMO this fills positions of need and puts us in a situation to draft BPA in the draft. Grab best available player at CB, WR, OT, RB and go from there.
  12. QuoteTheRaven83

    Mic'd Up: Tremaine Edmunds vs. the Jaguars

    Milano looks like he's be about to crack up laughing from listening to the pep talk. How do you know that's not how he spends his off days?
  13. QuoteTheRaven83

    LeVeon Bell: What better fit for him than Buffalo?

    RBs are a dime a dozen. Pick one up in the draft and focus on WRs and o-line. McCaffrey, Hunt, Kamara, Ingram, McCoy, Fournette, Barkley, Connor, Bell, Gurley, Elliott, David Johnson, Kerryon Johnson, Chubb, i can go on and on. There's been SO many successful RBs taken in the draft, so why would you overpay for a FA RB? I don't get it.
  14. Legit question. In 2014, did anyone here think Adam Thielen could ever develop into a number 1 WR? If you say yes, you're a dam liar
  15. QuoteTheRaven83

    Rate the rookie QB's

    Blame this on a coach that doesn't know how to utilize his weapons. What's David Johnson done all year? I'll just say Jeff Fisher and Sean McVay; a coach is everything. I'll let you figure the rest out.