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  1. The night of the Josh Allen NFL draft - my wife and I were on vacation in Charleston, S.C. We went to dinner at a place that had a large TV that they changed to the NFL draft for us...ummm - l mean for me lol. Honestly l was not happy because l read all the negatives about Allen and was concerned he could be as good as he has been. The trading up to get Edmunds made me feel better. As a fan - because l am happier when we are winning - any Bills player is an extension of my personality maybe Allen a little more because he is a likable guy and hard worker. Ironically, his last name is my first name so hearing my buddies yell "Alright Allen!" sounds a lot better to me than "Awe #&#^% Allen!" lol
  2. Local news interviewed the season ticket holder from Rochester who caught the ball, said he was tracking it from the throw and it came right to him, hit him right on the numbers and fans went crazy!
  3. It would be interesting if he went to another team to help answer the question: Is it Brady or is it Belichick's system
  4. Are you Sean McDermott ? šŸ™‚ Great forecasting sir!
  5. Did you ever catch when Lorenzo and Donald Jones would go at it with during segments hurling funny insults at each other? You could tell they were just busting chops but hilarious how Lorax always got the best of him lol
  6. Everyday I'd listen to Shopp and Bulldog to hear Bills talk and because L had five fantasy football teams but now with Radio.com - I'll instead listen to earlier WGR segments or a podcast. It's easy to call John Murphy a homer, since he is paid by the Pegulas, but he knows his team's stats from being the play by play guy - so why fault that knowledge? If you listen long enough - - you'll pick up that unlike Shopp where it's a job - with Murph - he is a Bills fan first. i remember when we traded Sammy Watkins (on air) Murphy was as shocked as the listeners and questioned management instead of saying it was a good move - It's also cool that he acknowledges the fans on the way into the booth on Sundays -seems like a good guy and has good guests, for the most part. Personally i prefer hearing SAL! Cappacio ....SAL! Cappachio ...;-)
  7. May have been referring to the Dolphins management staff - sure seems that way.
  8. Sal Capaccio said it is a groin injury...
  9. Wife and I are getting ready for a 2 hour drive from Rochester (listening to PreGame on Radio) to Cuba NY area, to go to my son's girlfriend's family for the first time - They are great people and also Bills Fans so we will all watch the game together. Our first time visiting them - l get antsy during the game so pray l don't scream too loud - lol. They are cooking a Tailgate Theme so hope they understand and scream with me... Go Bills!
  10. I won a contest and was able to help annonce him (John Waite and Lou Gramm ) at CMAC concert in '15 - he (and all) were nice guys -Eddie signed a shirt for my wife and we became even bigger fans. So when he put on a musical story of his life (with all his hits). in '18 called Two Tickets to Paradise - we went and saw it. One thing it talked about was when he almost died from partying too much (hospitalized for a while) and that was when he became sober - no drinking or drugs. Did it for his family and his health. RIP Eddie Mahoney Money - Heaven will have a little more Music this week...
  11. You may feel the same way -On Kick-off Sunday - l wake up like a kid on Christmas morning! Go Bills Baybeee Go Bills!
  12. Blast from the recent Past...Google search this morning on "notable nfl cuts" brought me to a link on all teams. I started to read AFC East and quickly realized it was from LAST year - lol. Still thought I'd share to recall some memorable names on here from Last Year's Training Camp final cuts..... LB Tanner Vallejo, DE Ryan Russell, WR Corey Coleman, DE Mat Boesen, OG Ike Boettger, DB Breon Borders, DB Ryan Carter, WR Kaelin Clay, OT Gerhard de Beer, WR Malachi Dupre, RB Keith Ford, DT Rickey Hatley, DE Albert Havili, OT Josh James, DE Mike Love, DB Dean Marlowe, TE Nick OĆ¢Leary, WR Cam Phillips, OT Mo Porter, WR Austin Proehl, C Adam Redmond, WR Brandon Reilly, RB Sam Rogers, LB Corey Thompson, TE Keith Towbridge, DB Levi Wallace, OT DeĆ¢Ondre Wesley, LB Xavier Woodson-Luster, RB Travaris Cadet, DE Terrence Fede, DB Kelcie McCray, P Jon Ryan, WR Rod Streater, DT Tyrunn Walker
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