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  1. Josh "Real Deal" Allen

    Report: Bills may promote Asst WR coach Chad Hall to replace Robiskie

    I was skeptical at first, but you're correct. https://www.ranker.com/list/famous-people-named-chad/reference Isn't a one worth a hill of beans.
  2. Well, a 104(61% catch rate) catches in 2018 and 1297 yards is good. But, it isn't exactly 136 recs(70% CR) and 1834 yds like 2015. And, yes paying him for what he did in his 20s when he is in his 30s is a mistake. Albert Pujols So your definition of peak value is the season he scores the most TDs. That's fine, but problematic when he had only 2 or 3 more in this season and he had 30 less catches and 600 less yards than in 2015. You started this whole thing by saying it was debatable about whether he was at his peak right now ...you think yes. I'm saying it was 3 years ago in 2015 and he's going to be 31 next year and while he may remain good, he never the less will decline and not be worth the money or the draft picks. If the Bills trade for him and win the Super Bowl I'll be wrong. I don't believe that is going to happen. I'd rather keep our first and get a younger guy and not deal with the headaches of a diva.
  3. That's all I said. When people refer to peak in my world that means when he was at his best. And, Antonio Brown was at his best in 2014-15. No where did I say he would fall off a cliff or become useless. He is clearly declining from where he was in 2014-15. It was the condescension about 15 TDs this year as the argument ender. That is BS and I don't accept it.
  4. Josh "Real Deal" Allen

    Sunday Wild Card Game: Chargers at Baltimore, 1 pm on CBS

    Lamar is not in Josh's league!
  5. And you got personal. Your answer was you think it is debatable we have seen his best because he had 15 tds this year. This In spite of him being 31 next year and with declining production as I showed. I bet you wouldn't put anything serious on the line betting on that one. So no I didn't lose the bet as you said, you just decided to be a BS vendor and act like you're always right. You know damn well that Brown is very unlikely to produce better in the future than he did in the 2013-15 period (his peak established performance level). Have a nice life as a pseudo-football expert who is never wrong and always comes on here to point out crap like........If they'd just picked the guy I said 3 years ago they'd be all set because I'm smarter than they are. So much hubris.
  6. So you argument is that his numbers and his peak were this year....Great argument -not so much Just admit it when your wrong
  7. LOL! You're a joke expert. Claims victory like Trump with no argument.
  8. His career highs in receptions and yards were in 2014-15. Ages 25-27 avg 125rec 1677yds 10tds Ages 28-30 avg 113 rec 1496 yds 13 tds His catch % was also higher. Not a terrible drop off. But, his peak was clearly in the ages 25-27 , as the stats show and you would expect. The saying don't pay a guy in his thirties for what he did in his twenties is applicable here. I would happily bet you that he never never tops his peak numbers again.
  9. Josh "Real Deal" Allen

    Bills fire WR Coach Terry Robiskie

    Dude has more staying power than technology used for a chair....still going
  10. Josh "Real Deal" Allen

    Was the Bills 2018 Defense the Most Schizophrenic in NFL History?

    To me the redzone was the glaring weakness. This needs to improve both from a tactical and personnel standpoint. Edmunds improvement is likely a key here as is the further development of Wallace. In general ,although we were low in sacks, we seemed to get decent pressure and hurries. You can never have enough pass rushers though. Interesting take, I can't remember a team this up and down.
  11. Josh "Real Deal" Allen

    7 out of 10 losses against Playoff bound opponents.

    Not much to see here. We weren't playoff team and lost to them when we played them. Therefore, we don't belong in this class of teams!
  12. Josh "Real Deal" Allen

    End of Season Rank the rookie QB's

    People who have Josh Rosen anything other than 5th are wrong. I've seen nothing from him to show me otherwise. And, this is from a guy who liked him better than Allen coming out. I was wrong and knew it very early in the season. Rosen just doesn't have the athleticism or skill that Allen has. He also looks frail and may be durability challenged. Admit it when you are wrong people.
  13. Josh "Real Deal" Allen

    End of Season Rank the rookie QB's

    Mayfield, Allen, Darnold, Jackson, Rosen
  14. Josh "Real Deal" Allen

    Second half thread: Wk 17 Dolphins at Bills (CBS)

    States your posts perfectly. You are biased and hate Allen. Period.