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  1. The 2BD pseudo-experts, you know who they are, post that they knew (insert name) was going to be a stud and said so.....if only the NFL had listened to them. They of course ignore the other 9 guys they touted who suck!
  2. No brainer for Bills if this guy is available. Give Brady something to think about inside!
  3. B..B ..But the NFL Network dropped us in their power rankings after FA!!!! WE got worse I was told.
  4. I think it is the only test of whether you are a TRUE fan!
  5. Hoepfully he doesn't go for any speed boat rides with McDermott!
  6. Yes...Yes ...Yes..More...More ...More...don't stop...don't stop......give it to Brandon!
  7. Yeah because 7 wins is more than 6. You win Mr. Bills fan..... Bills have a better future than Browns mark it down
  8. I don't think so....is this good news for the those of us who want Tyrell!
  9. MrEps wanted this guy over Paradis so I'm down with this!
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