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  1. The goal should be to make the officials invisible IMO.
  2. What you don't like watching a review of a 5 yard pass to the sideline in the first quarter like Rex did? <sarcasm>
  3. my personal wish is for "off the charts" to go away I mean we must need a chart because everything is "off the charts" hyperbole at its worst
  4. Interesting, and this kind of sounds somewhat similar to what I was thinking as well. The great Bill Walsh once said that rushing atts. plus completions were important to him. I believe he was referring to getting the ball in the hands of the playmakers. Some background stats from the last 5 yrs. I've researched: Over this period the Bills have averaged 29.5 rush/atts./game, the league has been 26.4. Yes of course we are running team, but we had only 18.8 comp./game, where as the league was 22.1/gm. Totals 48.3 atts+comp/gm. vs league avg of 48.5. Now our divisional rivals from the coast: 27.9 rush and 24.1 comps for a total of 52.0. Interestingly, the one year the Pats didn't make the SB and lost to Denver, the numbers were slighty above average at 49.2 . They are typically at 52-53. Their playmakers get an extra 3-4 chances a game to make a play. So, I'm thinking with an increase in accuracy due to the offseason improvements on offense, fewer drops and increased experience by Allen that we can add 3 more comp/gm. I believe getting the ball in the hands of our playmakers those extra times can only help. How many times did we drop a pass that could have been a first down that keeps the drive going and leads to points. Finally, at 12.5 /comp (last year 12.3) and 3 more comps for 16 games it equals an improvement of 600yards. I think 3500 yards or around 220-225 yards a game is a reasonable expectation.
  5. Pool boy! Don't see both Fisher and DiMarco making it. Add a receiver and he did a decent job. Oh and Lacey being gone is something I will be pleased about.
  6. I don't live in Buffalo, but I'm within a reasonable driving distance coming from the Southern Tier. I love a good BBQ -not so concerned about price. Recently, a guy who works for me went to visit his son at college in the area. He came back singing the praises for Smokey Bones. I looked at the reviews online and it got a 4.0 not bad. I really want to hear from some of the experts on here. What is your favorite place? Best Ribs? Pulled Pork? etc.
  7. IMO Jets have been overrated and Bills underrated. I'd bet both if I bet.
  8. Probably because he's a workout warrior not a football player. He's a one trick pony right now and with his tight hips it's like trying to turn a semi in a cul de sac.
  9. Great signing! I'll be rooting for him to give us a big red zone option.
  10. Rooting for him and it never hurts to have a 6-5 receiver who had 33TDs.
  11. If he is even 90% of Aaron Donald we are in for a real treat!
  12. I gotta think a guy with 33 TD in like 24 gms didn't get them by accident. He can play just like Thielan and Cupp.
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