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  1. 1% chance at best, and It will take injuries.
  2. horned dogs

    New Bills Scout

  3. The league is filled with low production receivers😩 who just need a chance!
  4. horned dogs

    RIP Chuck Knox

    Excellent coach, I thought his 80-81 teams were terrific teams. They beat some of the better teams in the league, but were hamstrung by injuries at the wrong times. They could have gone much further with a little better luck.
  5. horned dogs

    The Bills teams of late 80s and early 90s

    Same as everyone else the 1990 was the best team in football, unfortunately they got outcoached in the Super Bowl.
  6. horned dogs

    RB Kenjon Barner visiting Bills

    Competition for Ray Ray?
  7. horned dogs

    Terry Pegula Moonlighting?

    No Kim Pegula that's for sure, trying to be polite but Terry did much better.
  8. horned dogs

    Terry Pegula Moonlighting?

    Pretty good! Wonder what his wife looks like?
  9. horned dogs

    My bold prediction

    The areas people are complaining about will see some additions after June 1. This staff is not dumb, they know what they need. I will be at Lambeau on Sept 30.
  10. horned dogs

    My bold prediction

    Agreed. The players and coaching are better than given credit for by many on this site.
  11. horned dogs

    Pegula kids firing back at Buffalo News

    They care because they have a multibillion dollar business and are trying to bring Buffalo a winner. The Buffalo News has a poor relationship with the Bills, and seems to think that continuing it is the way to go. The negativism spewed by some over there goes well beyond objective journalism. They get no leaks and break nothing anymore due to a lack of trust from the team. Has nothing to do with being thin-skinned, has everything to do with the poor PR driven by the BN, and towards the organization. If you want something in vogue its the dinosaurs of print journalism not coming to grips with the reality of the world. Taking pot shots at the new ownership group is piss poor way to have a relationship with the team.
  12. horned dogs

    Pegula kids firing back at Buffalo News

    Would anyone really miss the Buffalo News Sports Department if it completely went away? NO! of course not. They are a dinosaur that is constantly looking for attention anyway, anyhow. They add NOTHING!
  13. horned dogs

    Which position shall we add next in Free Agency

    For me it's LB bar none. An injury or two and our goose is cooked. It is not only a need, but a must.
  14. horned dogs

    Do we have the worst QB situation in the league?

    There are other teams in the discussion with us as the uncertainty of the position is unpredictable. Performance is the key and some teams have more experience but questionable performance. Teams no better, no worse imo Jets, Browns, Chiefs, Bears, Others with more experience but no performance guarantees : Ravens, Bengals, Cardinals, Colts, Dolphins
  15. It was Russ Brandon, didn't want to have to market Josh Allen for the Bills. Guess he doesn't have to worry now!