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  1. Blacksheer will make the team. I bet we only keep 7 or 8 oline. We cut Hamlin instead of Lewis. We keep 7 WRs Tavin Austin will make the team over Hodges. We only Keep 2 TEs on 53. The other two go to PS
  2. Bell can acually fight. He has been boxing for a long time.
  3. Yes. You must take full advantage of the opportuity. He didnt. Simple as that.
  4. Get that CB from UTSA! Double down!
  5. No! If your 40 time made you a good football player the radiers would have more rings than the pats right now.
  6. Kinda have to take a CB first. I would love a WR tho. But CB falls off so bad after the first 4 guys.
  7. I dont want it to happen. But we have need at DB so. That might be the only reason.
  8. He will be a KC chief. Along with Calvin Austin. Both first round.
  9. I think safety is a position you can get away with having a older player. If the money makes sense we should extend him no doubt.
  10. Only Buffalo would draft a safety and expect him to change a franchise lol
  11. Watson should have demanded a ttade to Pitts. Thier fans would not be able to do that after sitting quitly though big ben.
  12. I think we can trade up with NYG #7 pick with our #25 and #89 plus next years first Round pick, and grab a top CB. Then draft WR round 2. I like the kid from memphis.
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