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  1. No! I don't hear you! (Fingers in ears) La La La La Amen Here in Charlotte we watched him Cam's first year was good. He definitely isn't afraid to push the ball down field. Cam's second year he was heavy option and the offense looked like crap till they got away from it. Also, apparently he is a SUPER Weeny which is the main reason he got canned after one season in Cleveland. Not sure if that matters as OC when you only crap on players but as a HC he ticked everyone off. GOTTA be better than Hackett
  2. Like they had Woods and Urbik and Williams in the dog house. Like they kept putting Spiller in game after game because of his nifty North South skills. Yeah, they have a keen eye for Offensive talent. Pun intended:)
  3. We are NOT going to beat the Packers. We don't have a "Best chance" we have NO chance. Putting Orton in there won't make any difference. Good God, are you guys auditioning for the next HC job by demonstrating your mindless BS in front of the press skills?
  4. Uhh,The Bills are eliminated.....Have been for a while......like a chicken with its head cut off they keep moving but their fate is sealed. Put EJ in and start planning for next season. This one is over, in terms of playoffs. We just lost in the pre first round yesterday to a good team playing bad football and still having their way with us. Define failure. Lose games while looking like crap? Then they are setting up Orton also. It's called getting him real reps. It's called planning for the future. It's a chance to see who else on the team keeps playing for pride(keepers) and who packs it up early (Trade bait ).
  5. How many pics did he throw? How many more were dropped? Not flukey, tipped ball pics but looking(Staring) right at your guy and chucking it to the other guy. How much of his yardage was YAC? And how about a little, maybe just a smidgeon of hustle when you are down by 14. Fatboy can't move that fast apparently. Remember all the talk about the fastest offense and most plays per game. How about just doing it in your two minute drill and not throwing check down after check down. PA- FING-THETIC . Keep crowing about your moral victories. Did it occur to you that they knew we couldn't win and they just rode it out with their run game because they felt no threat? I'm sure Manning is feeling pretty bad about having to take such a bad win into next week.
  6. It pains me to no end to read Orton backers on this page. He is brutal. He missed so many wide open receivers today, most on over throws. And the fetal thing he does where he turns his back and hunches over preparing to be hit....FREAKING PANZY. A complete wasted season with him behind center. We don't have a thing to show for it....NOTHING. UGGG I honestly believe Tuel could have had a comparable season with this defense. I won't bring up the other guy because apparently he is inaccurate?!
  7. Yeah, Like that Steelers game when their second string wore out our starters. 8-8. Whoo Freaking Whoo.
  8. Overall, the Bears had a record of 10-5 in games that Orton started, including an eight-game winning streak after a 1-3 start. Despite the team's success, Orton finished with the lowest quarterback rating in the NFL (59.7) among all "qualified" quarterbacks (those with 224+ pass attempts).[ EJ Manuel has a quarterback rating of 80.3 through four games. Maybe, just maybe, it was the team in Chicago and not Orton. We aren't making the playoffs with Orton. We will NEVER make the playoffs with Orton. EJ needs the reps and experience.
  9. What did Orton look like when he had 14 games under his belt?
  10. Maybe you aren't comparing them but have you watched the suckathon that is Orton's ball placement. He makes two or three well placed passes a game, PERIOD,Exclamation point. There are sub genres to his passing: The back shoulder slant, The Feragamo-esque into the dirt in front of the open receiver(usually reserved for Sammy in the red zone) The jump ball dump pass(stops the outlet backs momentum when they actually can catch it, The Delhome chuck anywhere near Woods and gets his ass saved by Woods on the pass, and finally, The feet of stone third down blitz coming wounded duck, especially good when done out of the end zone for a safety:(
  11. Brees sucked, Kelly sucked, Aikmen sucked, Rapelisburger was brutal in his first superbowl which they won in spite of him, Sanchise couldn't play himseldf outta a wet paper bag......and EJ is a bust because this worthless excuse of an offensive staff didn't make him an all pro in less than one season? You sir are a Twit:)
  12. Testify Brother Biscuit. Orton looked like crap AGAIN. The run game looked like it always does....BAD. It kills me with how good this D could be with a top 15 offense. TOP EFFING 15!!!! 8-8 is a JOKE. And going into next year with Orton as the starter would be the cruelest joke of all!!!! UGG!!! Have some damned self respect Buffalo.
  13. This season, for one. We aren't going to thye playoffs so why is Orton in. Oh, that's right , he's got a great QB rating vs the Nyets:(
  14. The play calling, O-line and QB are the reason we have sucked on Offense. We have numerous run formations and then.....we run the ball right up the gut. Run out of a spread formation and let them pick a hole. Could you imagine what we could gain with a competent coordinator.
  15. Why do you guys do this to yourself? The Bills maybe win Browns and Raiders....That's it. The D and ST would have to score multiple TDs in the other games for us to have a chance.
  16. KO threw a bunch of crappy passes today that Woods caught. The TD was a bad pass, the out route to Watkins into double coverage was a bad pass, the blocked pass to Woods,CB knocked it away= bad, that wounded duck he chucked for an incompletion=bad. If Woods wasn't on a mission, last night, KO's qb rating isn't nearly as good. I will grant you that he is pulling the trigger faster than EJ but his accuracy isn't that much better. Furthermore, Watkins had a couple bad drops when KO delivered it nicely? Same crap he did to EJ earlier. He's got to make those easy catches. Don't know that he is always dialed in the way he needs to be. He needs some veteran getting on his butt about focus on EVERY play.
  17. Yeah, And I just beat up a twelve year old boy. I'm a prize fighter and I look GOOD doing it.
  18. Exactly!!! The Jets are a dumpster fire and we didn't accomplish anything against them AGAIN!!!! Beat a respectable team and then talk. God almighty, the crowing that went on after the last Jets game. This defense is for real and is completely wasted when matched up with Orton and that o line:(
  19. I wanted Robinson or Matthews. I don't know who I want next year but whoever it is, it's better than NO ONE:( I like Henderson butr that was also a swing for the fences that has worked out NICELY:)
  20. I get that the coach/GM tandem thought it was make or break and swung for the fences but I didn't like the trade. I like Sammy, providing we don't trade him away/lose him he will be a great Bill for years to come. However, i would rather we had OB or Benjamin and our 1st rd pick next year. Actually, I wish we would have taken an o lineman, a QUALITY o lineman.
  21. "You paid how much for this sorr, sack of BLEEP?......Sucker!!!!!!"
  22. Courage or lack thereof......The point of having a mobile QB is that he doesn't sit in the middle of a failing pocket but actually MOVES, even a foot or two and extends the play, even for ONE second. Orton+Deer in the headlights. His sacks and that deserved safety(He clearly chucked it up w/o any idea where it was going) are the antithesis of courage. He's a BUM!!!!! EJ needs to start the rest of the games. It's called experience. He needs it. I would wager we would have one at least one of these last two games with EJ.
  23. The worst call was a Non Call at the end of the Houston game. It still infuriates me and it was over a month ago. In light of the new No Contact beyond five yard emphasis; Woods is running up the seam and the defender is jaming him with one hand on his shoulder, causing his upper torso to be twisted, for 20 yards. EJ(Mr. Can't hit the broad side of a barn according to some of you) throws the correct pass, a perfect pass, where Woods either leaps and catches it over the CB or draws the PI. As the screen follows the ball and we see Woods enter the screen the CB has BOTH his hands on Woods' shoulders and has his back to the ball. HOW THE HELL DID THEY NOT CALL THAT PI!!!!!!!!!!!?We win that game if they make that call and EJ has another nice 4th qtr comeback to his young career AND we don't have to suffer through MR. Fools Gold/Capt. Mediocre Orton. UGGGG
  24. So we have watched our hated 'Fins be a suckfest for the last two+ years. NFL pundits galore as well as dolphin fans have thrown Tannehill under the bus as a project gone bad. Too many picks. Doesn't see the field. Not sure if he's ever going to get it. There was talk of benching him.....for Matt Moore!? Point being, this is the natural progression of a young QB in this league. You take your lumps and maybe they pan out and maybe they don't. I would say that Buffalo's D was bringing it pretty hard last night. I realize the PI against Gilmore was crap but that was hardly the play that won the game for them. Tannehill got the snot knocked out of him in the first half and showed he is maturing into a good starting QB. I HATE THIS!!!! but it is what it is. Orton is not the answer, the season is over so PLEASE let's get EJ back in and figure out what we have as this staff is surely going to be the boot post season.
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