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  1. If either CJ or Peterman were close to TT , I'd rather have them start. Dennison's offense is what Peterman potentially has going for him. Add a healthy Sammy, Zay Jones earns his keep and Shady is still at the top of his game and it could be top 15. The guy I have no use for is Yates. He puts the ourneyman in journeymen!!!! The only way he should be on the 53 is if TT is injured in the preseason and even then as a backup.
  2. TERRIBLE idea!!!! Hurney is a " Cap Guy" who blew the cap up by giving exorbitant money for past glory(Delhomme) or over paying for talent (Charles Johnson) His ability to make the obvious pick in the first round( Cam, Kueckley) is not noteworthy as the reason he had those high picks is the Panthers sucked every other year. His one Great pick up was Olson in FA from the Bears. Bringing him back would be somewhat analogous to bring Marv back to the Bills to chase past glory. Richardson is a crazy old fool( Ralph Wilson) who wants to do it his way because it's comfortable... results be damned. If they bring Hurney back, I predict the " interim " label will come off if they have a playoff season thus dooming the Panthers to a fairly quick demise
  3. There is talk here about there being blowback in the locker room for the way he handled the release of some good or well liked players The Steve Smith release could have been handled better( though I liked it) The release of Josh Norman also was handled weirdly, and was a disaster for the team. Then he cut Bene Benwikere and last years D backfield was brutal. The o line hasn't gotten the attention it needed and Cam was running for his life last year. Couple this with the fact that Jerry Richardson is a strange cat who likes to be boss and is a " Southern" guy dealing with a yankee who probably told JR what he really thought w/o sugar coating it. This is a shock but understandable
  4. While, I agree that statistically it seems we are due to have the ball bounce our way and sneak into the playoffs: Which would point up the absolute pro ability of our new coaching staff. I'm also concerned it would doom us to continued mediocrity and the potential to trash another coaching staff when TT isn't the answer and it is year 3 that they are drafting a franchise QB. I agree with much of what the OP said. If we were to lose a bunch of close games but have a bunch of rookies gain experience. If our HC/GM combo used the season to find "their guys" on this current roster and use the info to strengthen it next year. If next year we were a 8-8 to 10-6 team on the way to a decade of legitimate contention..... that would make this a successful season. Kinda like the draft, it may take a few years and hindsight to know for sure
  5. It might get us a good QB????? 🤔 I'm sure that wasnt what he was going for but couldn't help myself
  6. It's that hopeful time of year and even I'm dreaming a little dream but...I swear there will be a " Here's why we can still make the playoffs thread" every week until we we can't even though the ship will have sailed at least a month earlier🤔
  7. For me, it is all about Dennison. Can/will he create an offense that uses TT's strengths and hides his weaknesses. IMO he will never be good at anticipating throws. It was painful to watch him scan the field and miss opportunities down field. If this quick short passing scheme works, maybe we have something. Couple it with a good ground game and IF(!!!) Sammy gives us 10+ good, healthy games maybe, just maybe.....
  8. Absolutely!!!! Let's hope we finally have a Manager/Coach duo to get us there
  9. Who's job is it to win? It's the Bill's job!!!! Remember when EJ almost beat them? The last time I legitimately thought we had a chance to beat them was.....? It's an attitude that I hope changes under McD. So, I agree, it's a beyatch having them in our division but if we are EVER going to win a Super Bowl we need to win against any team. And now you have me dreaming......Just think about us getting a bonifde win over the Pats this year. Sweet Baby Jesus, that would make it a successful season right there💕
  10. I'm a fan too Brother, just a little too much "Best case scenario" in th OP's post. Doesn't mean I wouldn't be an insufferable pain in the arse to all the Dallas, Pittsburgh, and Panthers fans I work with if the scenario turned out😍😍😍 It's that time of year..... we are ALL chomping at the bit for it to start. Last year, I couldn't because of Ryan. There was NO hope!!! This year, I see a glimmer. It might be a mirage but it's still shiny until it's not.
  11. has to be The Pats haven't kept us from winning a Wild card for 17 years....,.
  12. I see your point but the wildcard is a lower bar with 8-8 getting you in during a fluke year. If you are in a crappy division( Colts or 2014 Panthers) it clearly does help though..... Here's to Brady aging overnight!!!!
  13. And there it is, that Unbridled TBD pre- preseason optimism 👍🏻
  14. Both teams are going to continue to run the same schemes under the new coordinators. Both teams have better talent than the Bills IMO. I don't want the Bills to lose these games but think they will.
  15. Atlanta and Carolina both have systems that have been in place for a while. Buffalo is playing in Carolina the second week of the season. The Bills will still be in the process of learning their schemes in all facets of the game. Every prediction is a guess. Some are just more educated than others.
  16. " TT Sucks". " The D let us down." Maybe they are both equally to blame. Maybe, while not Jets bad, we have just been a bad to mediocre team and That is why it is so easy to predict their suckiness. Some of us remember when The D, or O , or ST used to win games for us while another part of the squad was having an off day. That was back when we had a good team.......a Long time ago.
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