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  1. I think McD looks forward not back. He didn't pay for this guy and he knows " tough" when he sees it. He doesn't see it here. Reed, Moulds, heck; even Steve Johnson was football tough. Sammy doesn't appear to be. I was talking to a Cinncy fan earlier today. He feels the same way about Ross. All the speed and talent in the world doesn't mean squat if the team ant have a reasonable expectation you can make it through a season.
  2. In a deep RB draft, I'll take the extra pick and good luck to him.
  3. Have been here since the Panther second season. Am a Panthers fan but realized how much I didn't care when they lost to Denver and my response was..., meh. Am getting a group together for Bills Panthers
  4. Game management, clock management, challenge flags, half time adjustments...... etc
  5. Was at the '98 game also. Both games ended with 15000 Bills fans singing " Nah nah nah nah...."😝👍🏻💪
  6. Not this negative.... yet but the potential of this being true exists😳
  7. Was at that game with my Dad, it was his birthday. We left with two minutes to beat traffic and heard the roar from the parking lot as they scored. My Dad always said it was his Bday present.
  8. We just don't know. It feels like we should be better with The Ryan Brothers gone but this whole team is learning a new system. We've seen this enough to know it takes at least half a season to get on the same page. Looking at the schedule with my son this morning , I could make the case for an 8-8 season but have a suspicion it could be considerably less but not more. Hope McD has what it takes to HC
  9. 1988. Freddy Smerlas blocks the game winning Jets kick to send it into OT. We won the game and AFC east and my buddy Tim and I( and half the stadium) made it onto the field and tore down the goal posts.
  10. Buffalo at Carolina. Getting a huge tailgate party going to represent. Last time, Delhomme threw 5 picks, 3 to Byrd as a rookie. Good times:)
  11. Nice, a quick 4-0 start will help build some momentum on our way to the playoffs Apparently it's 420 day at your house😜
  12. Just heard on WFNZ 610 am Charlotte week two at Carolina
  13. " Except stay healthy" is a pretty important exception though I fully agree he's better WHEN healthy. Remember when Kelly called out Greg Bell after he was traded to the Rams? The question is; does this staff have faith in his ability to fully recover? If not, a trade would be good and the best time to rebuild is at the beginning of a new coaches tenure. I don't believe it would happen till next year though A Majority of Ginn's responsibility was to just stretch the outside of the field. If Watkins was healthy in the Panther's O he could put up insane numbers.
  14. Unless they try to fill their other positions and wait for next year to get a QB. There is already a good chance we are drafting around 10 next year. New schemes in all phases .... Maybe, just maybe McD actually takes a slightly longer view and tries to do it right, not fast.
  15. There is a sucker born every minute. You sign him and trade him. Someone will want him!!!
  16. If they got a good deal in the trade I would be all over this. Not sure he was even worth a single first rounder. I am sure he wasn't worth two. If we got second round value for him I would be happy, first round= ecstatic
  17. Some players are not " tough" . Always having nagging injuries and letting people know they do. Sammy appears to be this type.
  18. I think this is true unless McD is vehemently against it.
  19. Hated this pick then, hate this pick now. Keep him for one more year and then use him in a trade to move up for someone, especially a QB if we don't get one this year.
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