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  1. My dad used to bug me in the late 70 s to go to a game when I was around 8 yrs old. The year the Steelers won the SB and some of my friends were all jazzed about it and I recognized the excitement they held but didn't understand how the game of Football got them there. My Dad was a nasty drunk, not physically but I was afraid of him but still looked up to him. I also realized as a kid , going to the game was important to him so I agreed to go to a game. We took a bus from the Transit Hill drug store run by Paul Scavone and got to the stadium. We sat in the old NN section, upper deck, second row from the edge. The game? MIAMI!!! First win over them in a decade. Are you freaking kidding me. I was nine or ten at the time and instantly hooked. Between the atmosphere in the stadium that day and my mean, impatient old man taking the time to patiently explain the game to me , Inever looked back. We went to every home game for the next two years. I missed the Pittsburgh game where we held Bradshaw to 9(!?) yards passing cause I was sick. I also remember watching the San Diego game with Fergy on a bad leg. My first taste of Bills disappointment 🤔 I skipped the Kay Stevenson/ Hank Bullough years though I do remember beating Dallas in one of those 2 win seasons. I was 16 when Kelly came to town and was absolutely spoiled over the next decade of Bills fandom. Had season tickets in 88 and 91. Was on the field with my best man, Tim , for the tearing down of the GP after the Smerlas FG block Jets game. This last year I finally reached my breaking point, no Sunday ticket( I live in Charlotte NC) . I've seen so many iterations of this team dysfunctionally sucking that I just couldn't anymore. Am unwarrentedly optimistic that Whaley and Pegulas will get it right this time and will get the Sunday Ticket next year because, What choice do I have? I'm a lifer as a Bills fan. A nasty, soul draining addiction 👍🏻
  2. I would be shocked if Jones didn't see some time.
  3. Like Bledsoe got from us..... except he had excellent football ahead of him( if only a year).... TT has nothing in front of him.
  4. Same thing they said about Montana, Brady, Prescott, Carr, Wilson...,,You don't know until you do. Sure am glad we passed on all of them because they weren't good enough to be drafted high. Also, agree we HAVE to start C. Jones against the Jets.... which we need to lose for draft position.
  5. I'll own that😜 But this team isn't doing jack$#i+ in the playoffs NEXT year even if they were to sneak in under this regime which they won't. Which I guess is an opinion/ prediction until proven true..... like a bunch of us correctly did over the last 11 months.
  6. And guys that look like Flacco sometimes play with All Time Defenses..... unlike our 19th ranked total D....... and how bout that rush D. A first for me Your an Idiot
  7. Please what? This is not a quality playoff caliber team. Woo freaking hoo!!! We sneak into the playoff as the 6 seed( which we didn't do!!!) and get our asses handed to us by any other team. You're happy with that? Having watched this team since the late 70s I'm not. I want a team that I consistently believe has a chance to make the layoff and make a run WITHIN the playoffs. If you think this team did before the season you are a " koolaid drinker" If you think keeping Rex or TT will give you a chance at this next year you like drinking said koolaid.
  8. The " I told you so" is they are a mediocre team, because Rex is a mediocre coach. They would not have meaningful wins. They haven't. They would not have a good passing game as TT is not a QB. They didn't. The D wouldn't be much improved as Rob is a joke. How ' bout that vaunted Bills D🙄 Jerry Hughes was an ass ( Who asked me how old I was ) and would miss time for being an ass. Hughes got yanked by his own coaches. We should tank the season at the midway point because we weren't going to make the playoffs and the only way out of this QB hell is higher draft picks to use or trade. Yup. Not getting the Sunday ticket didn't make us trolls in the Sunday ticket thread. It made us reality based decision makers. Rex and Rob are bums. Rex and Rob ARE bums. MERRY EFFING CHRISTMAS
  9. There is a difference between chubby and fat and what is pleasing to the touch isn't always pleasing to the eye.... He had a team that was sloppy but was starting to learn to win.... something Williams, Jerkron, Gailey and Ryan have never had. Coaches need to learn their craft too and I think he's coming along. I would tAke him in a heartbeat over this buffoon we have
  10. I still think he was the best coach we've had since Wade
  11. It is exactly the same place we find ourselves every year.....no chance at all being paraded as a glimmer of hope.
  12. Nope, Gailey and Jerkron never hit 8-8.... just the same old mediocrity that too many on here talked themselves out of forbthe umteenth season in a row...... we even have the requisite " The Bills can still make the playoffs" thread going......
  13. None, with Freddie Jackson being the only possibility........ the price that's paid for this much mediocrity with a smidgen of crappiness throw in here and there 😳
  14. Bledsoe second year we had a good D but he SUCKED. Thread said best player, the only other consistently dominant ant player for at least a season was Teddy Washington. Favorite player is a different thread
  15. He willed the 2002 team to 8-8. Greg ( Rex Ryan) Williams' vaunted D was putrid. He was the only QB we have had since Jimbo who I believed always had a shot to make a first and Or score no matter the down and distance. He smoked Kelly's 91 passing yardage record. So, yeah, I guess he was a joke..... what was I thinking🤔
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