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  1. But, but, It's only week three. We could still make the playoffs......😳
  2. Threw him under the bus for missing open receivers. Center Kalil was a scratch during pregame warmups unexpectedly. His replacement didn't have any practice at center during the week so he wasn't calling good protections for the line. Hence, The Bills were using rush schemes the Panthers should know but were getting to Cam. Also, questioned Shula not sticking with the deep crossing routes in second half and not having FB on roster while trying to play a power rush scheme.
  3. Which is a point many of us made before the season because this was a very predictable outcome.
  4. Mushin Muhammad and Co. are currently LAUGHING , ( on WFNZ, in CLT)literally at TT at the QB position. NFL receivers making fun of him and the Bills for fielding him. How can it not be seen by all? How could anyone defend him last year?
  5. Cam is Cam. This team under Rivera is notorious for slow starts. The 2015 season started unimpressively also and got the to the SB. Cam seemed to miss some of the underneath stuff to McC , I noticed. This Offense and Coordinator are trying to figure out who they are and what they have. The difference/ between week one and two was noticeable. They and Cam will be fine.
  6. Look at Me.....which it isn't. While the Panthers have a possible top 5 defense, Yesterday's O was BRUTAL. Call it a Tank, Call it Crappy Coaching but don't call it capable of getting us anywhere this year. After seeing Denver clips from yesterday, next week might be VERY ugly.
  7. Having slept on it, I can see Peterman dink dunking us to 9 points. He gets the ball out and some of the short stuff would become longer with YAC. It would also keep them from keying on Shady. Is a Rookie QB better than a non QB? We should find out
  8. EJ hit that pass four years ago to win the game......EJ
  9. Some chick dressed in a Kueckly shirt comes up and me and hands me a Beef in Weck..... that she made the rolls herself. Tasted amazing!!!! Hope she didn't spike it😂😂💪
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