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  1. Pats-Panthers Carolina Wins Thomas Davis ends Brady’s career and his own on a high note?
  2. We all can’t agree on what’s best for the Bills. 50+% of us don’t think it’s TT. What If TT becomes a real QB and pulls off a 4 TD, 300+ yards performance for a victory over NE? The CoT would be screaming “I told you so” and we might get this albatross around our neck for another season. I didn’t need to see one more game with him as QB 14 games ago and I wasn’t alone. I certainly don’t need 2 more games to learn anything about this team.
  3. My kid( 17) just told me he bumped into an older Bills fan at the gas station here in NC today. The guy saw the Bills sticker on John’s car and commented he was “ too young to be a Bills fan” He was raised on the Bills but didn’t GET the bug until he started playing in 8 th grade. From then on he was addicted to the point it bugged me. We are Panthers fans also but when they lost the SB in 2015 it didn’t hurt at all so the Bills are clearly the bigger fav. There is nothing better than hanging with him and my wife at a live game.
  4. He may well be but he has more potential than TT and I find the prospect of watching him grow interesting. If he turned into a long term , dependable backup for us, I would be happy.
  5. You must be part of the group on here that thinks watching crappy QB play is enjoyable? And Goff will always suck, and Bortles will always suck, etc..... I don’t make snap judgements regarding this team. I haven’t made one about TT.
  6. With TT starting , it has been and continues to be painful. I will DVR this weeks game and watch the Panthers. If the Bills game turns out as I expect, I will delete it without watching it..,. Unless Peyerman makes it in, in which case I will forward to his playing time.
  7. Typical Rising to the occasion Cam. Tell him he isn’t A Rogers and he plays out. A little like Thurman used to be....,
  8. So, yet again, all we need to do is win two games? This means we are playing our first playoff game next week. Betting one and done.
  9. About ten years ago, Richardson did a press conference. He NEVER does them. It may have been when Fox was let go or maybe when he fired his kids, I don’t recall. A local female TV/ Radio personality ( I think it was Kelli Bartik)was in the front row. Richardson started flirting with her and complimenting her as he called on her. At the time it felt creepy and I’m a guy. I told my wife about four hours ago that Richardson could lose the team because of this. Immediate reactions: Panthers stadium is 20+ years old. JR is using this as an excuse to get out. He’s literally living on borrowed time with someone else’s heart and he doesn’t need the hassle. Cams in his prime and they are SB contenders this year with a solid coaching staff. He did bring his comforter Hurney back after letting Gettlemen get the team back on track cap- wise. It all adds up.
  10. THIS!!! All day!!!! What is sad is the complete lack of faith I have that we have a chance next week. A bunch of you are going to try and talk each other into believing otherwise for a myriad of reasons but boys we ARE getting our butts kicked next week. No bold predictions here.
  11. Mostly watched Carolina Green Bay. Newton and company plugging along. Newton 4 TDs( including a beauty to a double covered D. Byrd in back of EZ) and 58 on the ground........ Somewhere I can hear Boyst beginning to grumble?
  12. I think many didn’t expect/ see that coming. This made the Oakland game seem huge at the time which led to a drought loss only eclipsed in my mind by the Second string Steelers debacle.
  13. When was the last time they won a game that was this “ important” this late in the season?
  14. The sad thing is, there are people on here claiming to have watched” Good” football from this team this year. The D had some magic early on in spots but this O has been brutal. For the life of me I can’t see how anyone can defend any part of it. McCoy is the only player I would give props to. I feel sorry for the guy.
  15. I’d like to see NP lead them on a bunch of long drives and through rookie mistakes or Dennison play calls not get TDs and preserve the loss...... Unless NP puts together a 4 game win streak and plays in a ways that EVERYONE starts believing we don’t need to draft a QB next year. IMO this is a single digit % possibility.
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