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  1. As bad as they might be we have BY FAR the most difficult schedule of the bunch fighting for the WC spots. Also, seems like some combination of these teams are playing each other each week down the stretch so someone has to win
  2. lol, right. Like he would have released this if we were sitting at 10-2…. The timing was clearly opportunistic
  3. Might want to check his TD production including in the postseason. The guy scores TD's and is a much needed RZ weapon. He's also the only complete TE we have, the hate is ridiculous.
  4. We are also down Von Miller as he is completely ineffective with that $100M salary. Lot of defensive cap dollars either on IR or ineffective due to injury
  5. LOL, the guys wired to get to the pinnacle of their profession are wired a little different
  6. No, but it puts the winning teams in great position and overall we seem to have the toughest remaining schedule of the bunch.
  7. The problem with the "guaranteed help" games is that someone is also going to win that game. So many of these teams play each other down the stretch and someone is winning these games.
  8. Unfortunately I don't see it. Wish I did, and I would love to be wrong, but it is just not setting up well. I think we are far to inconsistent to expect to run the table especially considering the quality of opponents we have remaining. It's just so damn sad considering that the AFC seems up for grabs and we are in this position. Come next year I'm sure KC will be retooled at WR and Burrow, Rodgers, Watson, etc. will be back... Sucks. All because we lost to Zach Wilson and Mac Jones.
  9. Yep, I just knew Josh and Gabe would miss a wide open game winning TD... Damn you McD!!!
  10. Pretty bad scenario with Lawrence going down. We're not likely to catch JAX as they are 3 clear of us because of the head to head. And the Jags play CLE this week who we need to lose as well.
  11. He was also rolling Lance out there until he got injured.
  12. I've thought about that. Honestly I don't think Josh is a great fit for Shanahan's system. He's not exactly a "point guard" making quick decisions and distributing the ball.
  13. I see 8 fumbles in 8 playoff games. To go along with 56 regular season fumbles. It's very hard to argue that he hasn't been a turnover machine.
  14. Didn't he have that ridiculous lateral fumble against HOU? Looks like he has 8 postseason fumbles to me?
  15. The offense left a lot of meat on the bone in the first half+ when the defense was dominant. The game should have been put away.
  16. LOL. Not suck for half the season?
  17. Bills had a chance to run away with this game. D was dominant in the first half and gave up 14 points through 3 quarters. Yes, they completely folded at the end but they gave the offense plenty of opportunities to build a much bigger lead early but many of the opportunities were squandered. But, of course, no talk of how the defense played for more than half of the entire game.
  18. Let’s not pretend like elite Allen has carried this team to 6 wins. If the Allen from these last two games was here all year we wouldn’t be in this situation. He has certainly been part of the problem this year, I don’t know if it was all Dorsey or what. No shame in losing a tough one to the Eagles, the problem is that we put ourselves in a situation where we can’t afford any losses by losing to crap teams earlier.
  19. If Josh from the last two weeks was here all season we’d maybe have two losses
  20. Chiefs tackles kind of suck. Their interior is great
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