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  1. Von Miller has effusive praise for the cafeteria workers.
  2. Lack of development in line that was highly invested in
  3. Clearly some sort of disconnect with how aggressively Beane went after pass catching backs- from McKissic to Cook and Hines- and then their eventual use. You could hear some annoyance from Beane yesterday about the Hines situation.
  4. A new hire would certainly run a similar scheme, that's McD's style, he's not all of a sudden going 3-4. Seems like the play calling is more of the issue- and a lack of aggressiveness.
  5. QB "talent" for me is always hard to quantify. How would you compare Josh vs. Brady talent wise?
  6. How does Josh's athleticism compare to Tom Brady?
  7. Josh Allen is good. I don't want to hear anything beyond that until he at least wins the conference. Not many "elite" QB's go 6 six years in without at least winning the conference. We can make all the excuses we want but an elite big money QB needs to elevate those around him. How are our current weapons and offensive line any different than last years playoffs when Josh was other worldly? I'm done giving a rat's ass about hurdles or backyard circus plays. Learn how to run an efficient on-schedule offense like the one that just ran us out of our own barn with 3 backup lineman and a hobbled center. This far into a career I have my doubts much will change. I think we're the Yankees. Racking up "exciting" regular season wins with the long ball. But when things get tight in the postseason the high-variance approach isn't suited to make a run.
  8. Then use some mobility or something. The approach is horrid
  9. And it’s not only the individual players, but the communication in a loud and hostile playoff environment. Should be really tough on them
  10. I think we might see more of a "NASCAR" package this week with Groot, Boogie and Shaq inside. Get after Joe, they can run anyways.
  11. Thanks. I saw you say Phillips was questionable so I thought it might be out
  12. Do you see the game designations? I haven't yet
  13. If you can't get them at face value as a ST holder, or if they do happen to release any to the public, waiting until gameday is probably you best bet on the resale market.
  14. In my opinion demand will far outpace the supply outlined in this scenario.
  15. Generally they drop up to kickoff. Personally I don't think that will be the case for this potential game. It's a neutral site championship game, next closest thing to a superbowl.
  16. We'll see. They clearly like McKenzie in certain situations and I think he can run away from CIN's limited athletes. Looks like their dime corner will be out as well.
  17. I think this is a McKenzie game. CIN reminds me a bit of NE in the way that they have big, stout LB's- but they're not super athletic in space.
  18. You must not know how pro athletes think. They look for any potential slight to use as fuel. I guarantee they are very aware of Mixon an Boyd's comments as well. There's a reason the Bills, and most other teams, are very careful and complimentary in their comments to the press.
  19. I'm not offended or outraged. Just doesn't seem smart the CIN has no issue putting out potential bulletin board material. I'm all for it.
  20. They all feel that way. Most just aren't dumb enough to say it. The proper response is something like- "they're a great team, we're going to have to play well."
  21. Mixon also sucks in pass protection. We might actually see more Perine with the state of the OL
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