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  1. Yeah, LAC overcoming that 2.5 point spread and beating the team that just lost to Brock Purdy would be the upset of the century.
  2. In this scenario CIN would also need to lose one more for us to secure the one seed.
  3. @Logic post in postgame thread- Thought this was really interesting, from Joe Buscaglia's Athletic article today (paywall): https://theathletic.com/3960194/2022/12/02/bills-patriots-result-thursday-night-football/ "The Cook and Hines package returns with a vengeance Against the Browns in Week 11, the Bills flashed a personnel package including both Cook and Nyheim Hines as a means to put pressure on the defense in different ways. They did it on a handful of snaps, but it wasn’t a heavy piece of their game plan. Then against the Lions in Week 12, the Bills mostly went away from that personnel grouping, and Hines himself as the back had only four snaps total. But offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey may have been keeping it in his back pocket for the Patriots game, as they used Cook and Hines on the field together a whopping 12 times throughout the game. While it doesn’t seem like a lot, that’s far more two-running back sets than the Bills had ever run previously. The Bills effectively used Hines in a similar way Brian Daboll used Isaiah McKenzie as a gadget receiver several years ago. And despite some plays that were duds, it was highly productive with some chunk plays. The Bills gained 78 yards on those 12 plays, for an average of 6.5 yards each time. Considering the Bills only averaged 4.6 yards per play on their other 60 plays, that Cook and Hines group gave them a major edge as it was sprinkled in throughout the game." On top of things as always Bull!
  4. A short week of practice with more illness mixed in. I'm concerned about having 3 road games in 12 day.
  5. His strength is also his weakness. He plays with such reckless abandon with regards to his body that I've always had concerns with how long he can hold up physically with that style.
  6. Often times in this scenario the kicking team attempts to pop-up the kick short of the goal line and play coverage. I think this is the best play since the coverage unit gets such an advantage
  7. Oliver seems to be the DT version of Hughes when he was here. Wins incredibly often at the snap and flies full speed at the QB only to miss when the QB moves laterally. Very disruptive but I think he needs to be more under control or something to be able to finish plays.
  8. Beyond Kelce those are just names. Juju has had nice production but check the stats on the others.
  9. You are really gearing up to have a big day in the shoutbox tomorrow! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!
  10. Then people can make their third set of plans for this game!
  11. I mean Dorsey also has a fully developed veteran Allen. So you are giving the OC credit for the offensive production, now???
  12. Is that for the whole season last year with the most incredible weather games in memory?
  13. Not a secondary one. No way this thing is close to selling out.
  14. I've had to listen to the first half of the 1:00 games on the radio this year, Murph is terrible. I never know the yardage on any given play, drives me crazy.
  15. By morons that don't understand that the in-game weather has no bearing on this decision.
  16. Are they doing to dome the entire region so the roads are not closed?
  17. Unless you are doming the entire region it would have very little effect. If the game gets moved it's because of the storms impact on the region, with road closures, too much snow to handle, and general unsafe conditions. Has nothing to do with in-game conditions.
  18. Agreed. But again though, two plays where he has his hands on the ball and doesn't come down with it. His inability to secure the big play is borderline incredible.
  19. A dome would make very little difference in a situation like this. It is not the in-game experience that's the problem A dome wouldn't help everyone driving to and from the game, or parking, or any number of things that make hosting a large event while dealing with this much snow impossible.
  20. He was on a heater last postseason, for sure. And that carried over into this season leading me to believe we were beyond the wild swings and hero ball. Maybe this is just a little bump in the road. Josh has shown the ability to attack his flaws and continually improve. I think he's very self aware and understands his emotions can get the best of him leading to inconsistency. I've heard him mention that he's a big negative self-talker, which I do not find to be a very effective approach for high performance. It's probably natural to gain perspective and smooth out emotions as experience is gained. I see this as the final step in his evolution to QB1 of the league.
  21. He's also incredibly emotional. They talk about not "riding the rollercoaster" but Josh clearly does. The postgame press conferences yesterday were a great example. Listening to Von and Diggs you almost wouldn't have known if they won or lost. Von had a particularly good comment saying- "I won't let a team beat me twice", referring to not letting this loss linger. They exude confidence and positive energy- win or lose- and I think that carries over to in-game situations and consistent play. Josh on the other hand is despondent after losses. And I think you see that emotional ride within games as well- the Josh Allen experience- and it leads uneven play.
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